“Mam’s talent”: the return of Kamel Chezel. Disabled singer asks fans for help

23 years full chiles in 2015 He left a great impression on the jury and the audience during the audition for the eighth series of “Mam Talent”.

A disabled boy, entering the theater on a crutch, decided to audition for the “One Heart” piece from the Chislau Neiman repertoire. Kamel couldn’t hide his nervousness before the show but she encouraged him Majorzata Formniac.

The full performance was admired by all the jury members who unanimously invited the boy to the next stage of the program. In the program, Kamel reached the finals – in the end he took third place, the second after aerobatics: Alexandra Kidruch And Team ACRO Silesia.

She told him, “You should find your story. I hope you sing more for yourself.” Agnieszka Chylińska.

Such a boy has a plan because he loves to release his album.

To this end, he launched a special online fundraising campaign, through which his fans can help him make this dream come true.

“I am Camille. I was born and live in the beautiful city of Torun. There are days when it is difficult to walk, but my soul flies high. Because what I love is singing. And it is singing that allows me to move between dreams and stars, taking every note to heaven.” – Chisel wrote on the group’s website.

At the moment, the musician has managed to collect more than 3.5 thousand zlotys.

“I want to sing to the widest possible audience – for fans, enthusiasts, romantics, and everyone who plays and sings in their souls. I would like to share this singing with my own album release” – Kamil writes as well.

Prior to 2015, the long-haired singer from Toru was not able to walk alone. Kamel participated in festivals and song competitions for disabled and non-disabled people throughout Poland, collecting prizes and prizes. He has performed with, among others, Kristina Prochko, Artur Gadovsky, Elena Flinta, and Pyotr Kogovsky. In 2011-2013, he was a Torun Mayor Scholarship recipient.

The singer made himself known to a wider audience Presistank Woodstock 2015 – participated in a special project “Flower of Power”, thanks to which he remembered the most popular songs of the flower children’s era Anya Rusovich. The singer invited many guests to participate in the concert.

One of them was Camille Chisel, who boldly performed at the festival Chislau Niemen’s “One Heart”, which was undoubtedly the most influential element of the Flower Power concert. It was complete with Anya Rosovich who reappeared during the last appearance, when they sang the song “Nemen” again.

He said at the time, “I am very touched.” York OsiakFull hugs. The vocalist also did not hide his emotions.

Kamel is Woodstock’s discovery and my own personal discovery, because I insisted on this man. For years I have been collaborating with the “Colorful Integration of Sound” festival in Bochnia, where I met Kamel. (…]A boy sings and goes to reviews with his mother, sister, brother … Everyone gets a chance in life, I got such a chance and I think I have to give it up somewhere – said Interia Anya Rusovich after a full performance.

In 2019, he made a full appearance in an episode “Chances of success” Share Jan BorisvichGuitarist and Leader punk ladyAnd the co-founder of this band – songwriter Andrei Mogielnicki.

On TVP, he sang the entire song “Because That’s It” (Check!), a hit single from the joint album of Borysewicz and Bowie cookies.

He was the winner of the episode last Patricia Miserska (She sang “Where are you always”, Check out the beating!) The whole chisel i I. Szomska He won awards.

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