Keri Maniscalco – “Kingdom of the Wicked” | review

Italia. witches. demons. brutal murders. love. that it The kingdom of the wicked.

Twins Emilia and Vittoria Di Carlo are witches. However, they do not believe their grandmother’s tales of demons from hell. Unfortunately, as children, they violated one of the most important rules of witches. However, they decided not to tell anyone about it. However, years later, this secret returned to them. When Vittoria is murdered and the Dukes of Hell begin to roam the human world, Emilia will have to confront the demons she used to mock as a little girl…

Who killed Vitoria and two other witches? What do the lords of hell want? Will Emilia avenge her sister’s death? What is the blood debt that you bore for years? Is there between her and the Lord of anger more than hatred?

Emilia and the Lord of Wrath characters

I think the character of Emilia herself is backward and created in a chaotic manner. On the other hand, we get information that it is a gray mouse who prefers sitting at home, reading romance novels or trying new recipes, rather than going to a party or trying magic. On the other hand, Keri Maniscalco presents her as a brave girl who is not afraid to approach demons or sneak into the lair of a deadly creature. Someone may argue that the death of her sister and the desire for revenge caused the transformation of this heroine. I dislike. It was hard for me to believe that Emilia from a quiet and calm girl suddenly turned into a brave witch was trying to wrap demons around her finger. It was very unconvincing. I was also disturbed by her blind faith in her actions and in the information she was receiving. She blindly believes what she hears, regardless of the fact that it would be appropriate to have evidence to support the information that was presented to her. No doubt, those that appear fade very quickly. This made Emilia a very annoying figure to me.

On the other hand, Mr. Gniewu is the complete opposite. First of all, it is more credible. Initially cocky, sometimes behaving like a spoiled child, usually acting as it pays off. However, the author did not make him a completely cynical beast without emotion. As we go through the chapters, we learn that the Lord of Wrath knows what compassion and other human feelings are. Just the fact that he saved Emilia’s life and that he helped her in the investigation made him even more human. This is the best character in this book! I get the impression that Keri liked Lord of Anger more than Emilia, hence the differences in creating and showing what these heroes are…

Keri Maniscalco Workshop

After Kerri Maniscalco’s workshop, it should be noted that the author has no problem describing the wide world in which the event takes place. The descriptions of the life of the Di Carlo family, the residents of Palermo as well as the city itself are very clear. The reader can easily imagine the streets alongside Emilia and the Lord of Anger, or the rooms in which the characters are. Keri is able to interest the reader in the world she has created. Had it not been for a few mistakes I made while reading, The Kingdom of Villains would have been a great book! The more the fact that we have seven Dukes of Hell and each one of them represents a tribunal pointing to one of the mortal sins is a very interesting concept!

A novel about witches

at wicked kingdom Themes of witches and demons were raised, as well as the murder of Vitoria and the search for a wife for the Lord of Pride. Regardless of the latter, this is the perfect combo for me! The combination of criminal mystery and families of witches and creatures from hell is something that interests me a lot as I eagerly come up with books on the topic of witchcraft or crime. Relationships between characters, especially those that could be romantic, are also interesting to me. That’s why I liked the relationship between Emilia and Mr. Gino so much, and the way the author managed their relationship. Although the relationship “from hate to love” (at first they hate each other, but they start to cooperate and begin to arouse feelings between them) is quite cliched, it is played very well in this book. Especially since in the end it turned out to be unmistakable …

to summarise…

Kerri Maniscalco has very interesting ideas. Witches, demons and witchcraft are things that interest me a lot and I love reading books with these motifs. The division into courts, which are named after the mortal sins, into the seven dukes of Hell, magical rites, myths or conferences with demons is a brilliant idea and fairly well implemented. Another feature is the murder mystery – I love these crime puzzles when you don’t know who killed and why. However, the author’s workshop – in my opinion – requires polishing. I am of the opinion that the full potential of this story is largely lost due to the way the author writes. It’s a pity… it doesn’t change the fact of that wicked kingdom It was very interesting to read and I really enjoyed it. This book is aimed at an audience younger than me – people over 16, and I’m 24. I think this proves that this novel is worth reading. Even if you are not in that age group this novel is dedicated!

I am curious about the second and third volumes. I’d love to see how Keri continues this story and where she takes her heroes!

If you are considering accessing this folder, I recommend it! You will have a lot of fun – especially if you like the theme of witches and demons!

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