Jumping exercises – what are the most effective?

There are many simple exercises that can affect our jump. We don’t need a practice room to perform it. Many of them can be successfully performed at home or elsewhere.

What is the most important person who plays volleyball or basketball? Contrary to appearances, this is not an increase – the most important thing is to jump. This can be trained with appropriate exercises. With proper exercises, the height of the jump can be improved up to several centimeters. What are effective jumping exercises? What are the jumping exercises that can be done at home?

Why jumping exercises?

The ability to perform the correct jump will be useful mainly for people who train basketball, volleyball and handball. But Jumping is important not only in volleyball and basketball . It is really useful for all athletes.

jumping exercises They are very useful for the whole body, they are general developmental exercises that require the work of all muscles. They form a beautiful figure, endurance and body efficiency, help to lose unnecessary kilograms, build leg muscles, increase strength and flexibility of movement. You can improve your jump with some simple leg exercises.

What should be remembered when doing jumping jacks?

When it comes to jumping exercises, it is very important not to overtrain. This is because it threatens not only with soreness or stress on the joints, but also with more serious consequences – bruising, trauma, cartilage damage or other serious complications. Therefore, before exercising, you should focus on proper warm-up . In addition, at first you should be moderate – it is better to focus on the correct execution of the exercise than on a few repetitions. At the beginning of the adventure with jump training The exercises can be performed once a week . Over time, you can exercise a little more – two or three times a week. However, you must be careful all the time and make sure that the exercises are performed without any disturbance.

Jumping exercises – volleyball and basketball

Here are some classic equipment exercises that will greatly improve your jumping results. To achieve most of them, we need suitable accessories and/or a training room:

  • Jumping from a squat – We start with a squat, buttocks above the knees. Then we jump up and help ourselves raise our arms. It is important to land on bent legs. The exercise can be repeated 4 times;
  • jumping with dumbbells – This is an exercise similar to the previous one, but with a load. We stand with dumbbells on our thighs. Then do a squat, holding the dumbbells with your hands straight and located along the body. We jump, straightening the back, but without changing the position of the arms. Upon landing, we immediately go into a squat;
  • squat with barbell – Stand with the barbell on the shoulders in front. We do squats. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, then return to standing. You can do 5-6 repetitions.
  • Jumping with a knee pull – It’s a very difficult exercise. We stand on our legs, then squat and push ourselves up, but at the same time we raise our knees up so that they are close to the chest. Then we land on our tiptoes, and then we switch to a squat position. We do 4 repetitions.
  • Login to the platform We stand in front of the bench with dumbbells in our hands. We put one leg on the platform and straighten the other leg, keeping it in the air. The back should be straight. Return to the starting position and do an exercise for the other leg. We do 4-5 times.
  • Jump over a box or over an obstacle Jumping on a box or over an obstacle is very effective. We just have to remember to choose the right height of the obstacle. Stand still, feet shoulder width apart. Then, bend your knees, swing your hands, bend them over the obstacle and jump up – the most important thing is to move your bent legs forward as quickly as possible and competently overcome the obstacle;
  • coastal jumps This is an excellent exercise for high jumping. The skip jump is used especially in team games such as basketball, handball, volleyball, and also in athletics. The cooperation of arms and legs is very important. With proper running and swinging of hands, we’re able to make a really big jump.

jumping exercises at home

  • Jumping exercises can also be successfully trained at home or in any environment. Rope skipping, toe walking, jogging, snowboarding, or cycling are ideal for strengthening and stretching the legs.
  • The classic exercise for jumping at home is the squat, which strengthens our legs. Squats completely engage the legs and buttocks and strengthen the joints. Classic squats can also be done with a load, preparing our bodies for heavy loads during big jumps.
  • It is also useful to make long jumps – both up and far. It teaches you the correct technique of jumping, and it also increases strength and endurance. To do a vertical jump, you need to jump while swinging your hands.

Main image source: Corey Jenkins / Getty Images

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