Jacek Kurski TVP Culture Disco Polo National Culture Festival “Memory and Identity” sees every field of creativity

“I am proud and happy to be able to invite you to the second edition of the National Culture Festival + Memory and Identity +. This initiative proves that Polish television is a place where outstanding works are created – works of national culture, from which inspiration springs from and gives support to the most talented creators “- said Jaczyk Kursky during the briefing on Monday. He stressed that TVP is “a place where millions of Poles show the highest achievements of Polish culture”. “With an ambitious culture, we reach the most remote corners of Poland, and now also far beyond the borders of our country,” he added.

Korsky: TVP has a huge role in shaping culture in the Polish landscape of public life

He assessed that TVP had “a significant role in shaping culture in the Polish landscape of public life”. “Especially that we live in really bad times for culture. In times of some kind of anti-culture” – noted Korsky. He noted that “marketing, politicization and rubbish” are killing real culture today. “He was killed due to an aversion to national traditions and isolation from his roots. He is killed by insane de-Christianization and neo-Marxism and the planned replacement of a personal deity, a real deity with idols of climate protection or aggressive cultural and sexual re-education ”- explained the head of TVP.

Quote Bill. Prime Minister Stefan Wiesinski: “Poland will not feed itself on national alienation, or on turning away from historical, creative or literary culture. Poland will not feed itself on stripping the souls of young people from national culture and its history.” “This is the role of public television, and here is the role and location of the +Memory and Identity+ festival,” he said. “The ambition of this festival is to see every area of ​​cultural creativity” – emphasized Korsky.

He pointed out that the festival includes 7 categories “what can be called standard” and two special categories. “The first evaluates visual creativity from feature films and documentaries, through theater, journalism, glasses, reconstruction, and even children’s programmes,” he said. “There are two special categories with notable patrons. The first is named after the blessed Cardinal Stefan Wiesinsky – President of the Millennium. The second, our musical genius – Frederic Chopin” – explained the head of TVP.

He pointed out that the new elements in this edition of the festival are the launch of a competition to design a film or documentary series, as well as an online audience vote for the best production of the festival.

“Real culture comes from the best in a person and we want to support and promote this culture here” – emphasized Gacek Korsky.

“A year ago, while preparing for the festival programme, we realized how many good proposals are being presented, how they are really good, of high quality and are well watched at the same time,” said TVP board member Mateusz Matiszkowicz. “We are pleased with the number of visits to the festival site, and we are happy and understand how wonderful it is,” – he pointed out.

The festival “clarifies our message – the message of public television”.

stressed that The festival “shows our mission – the message of public television”. “If we look at the formats created in our company – they are similar to those that can be presented by commercial media: fiction, series, documentaries, art scene. We can find all this on every station” – he said. “But only we are able to do something more than just entertain; we can say something more, help our viewers and our compatriots answer the question: where we are and what we are” – explained Matyszkowicz.

Referring to the festival’s name and the words of Pope John Paul II, he noted, “This is what distinguishes us from the animal world, that we have a memory.” “It is not a memory, like a simple sequence of images (…), but we can organize it, finding meaning” – he pointed out. “And finally + identity +, that is, we are not a set of identical units, like the balls in a popular game – they are thrown somewhere there, and they spin in the machine,” – he said. “But that each of us is different,” – emphasized a member of the Board of Directors of TVP.

During the second national cultural festival “Memory and Identity”, nearly 170 performances related to identity will be shown in nine categories. More than 540 hours will be shown: documentaries and series, reconstructions, performances and concerts, performances, programs in the genre of historical and cultural journalism, films and programs documenting the life and heritage of Bl. Primate Stefan Wyszyński Produced by Polish Television.

The festival will start on February 22 at 9 on the public website www.fkn.tvp.pl, where you will be able to watch all festival productions without any restrictions. On this page you will also find current reports and interviews with the festival’s creators and guests. In addition, from February 25 to 27, the Wisła Cinema in Warsaw will host free screenings of selected festival products.

It was emphasized that “the novelty of the second festival is a documentary film competition.” “As part of the award, the winning concept will be realized by Telewizja Polska, the country’s largest producer and co-producer of documentaries” – he added.

The winner will be chosen from among the eight finalists of the competition to design the documentary film for the second “Memorial and Identity” festival, and his name will be announced during the festival ceremony on March 1 – the National Day of Remembrance. of the damned soldiers.

More information about the festival program can be found at: www.fkn.tvp.pl.

First edition in 2021

The winners of the Golden Gorgons Awards for the first festival in 2021 are the following productions: in the category “Films and Feature Series”, the series “People and Gods”, dir. Bodo Cox, the series “Geniuses and Dreamers” by Anna Ferenc was honored in the category “Films and Documentary Series”, “Grudnia Angels – Concert for the 50th Anniversary of December 1970”, dir. Tomash Motel, in the “Theater” category, the performance “Ancestors” of the Versalin Theater team was appreciated, in the “Reconstruction” category, the historical documentary “War of the Worlds”, Der. Mirosław Borek and Krzysztof Talczewski, and the musical event “Abba Ojcze. Pilgrims sing John Paul II’s favorite songs” dir. Konrad Smoja.

In 2021, three special prizes were awarded – Platinum Gorgrafy. They were greeted by Halina Šapunarska – for the performance of Queen Jadwiga Kaliska in the series “Korona Królów” Organizers of the Warsaw Uprising Museum concert “Varsovians sing (un) the 2020 Forbidden Songs” and – posthumously – Grzegorz Królikiewicz was honored for his lifetime achievement.

The National Culture Festival “Memory and Identity”, organized by TVP, is an initiative aimed at building and strengthening a sense of national identity for Poles, promoting on Polish television and TVP VOD identity content produced or co-produced by a public radio station. Festival director Anita Wyniak.

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