How much will he give in the company? Some people take credit. “This year I have 5 weddings and 3 parties”

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The First Holy Communion for Christians is an important and at the same time very special celebration. Jesus Christ, true God and true man, comes to the heart of man and becomes one with man. But over the years, the company has changed its real app. If parents want their child to accept Jesus in their hearts, they incur heavy costs. Often they prepare a big party for families and loved ones, which is often held in hotels or restaurants, and in times of inflation, this is a huge cost. Have you ever wondered what the experiences of families having multiple weddings, communion and christenings in one year? This is a blow over the belt for them.

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“If I think about how much I should give to communicate, it gives me a heart attack.”

One of our readers wrote a letter revealing that he is ready for many family events this year. There are nine of them in total. For each celebration, you need to prepare a gift, often in the form of cash. It is best suited for weddings. On the other hand, handling is a big problem:

Expenses are too many for me. This season is going to be tough. This year I have 5 weddings, 3 communion and baptisms. I’m glad everyone remembers me and calls me, but when I think of how much I should give to communicate, it gives me a heart attack. Weddings are a separate matter. Fortunately, I can afford it, but I know some people borrow to cover the costs.

She chose her mother’s name for emphasis. The priest was indignant. “It’s the name of a sinner.”

“The amounts are scary, but everything costs a lot”

The guy decided to calculate the expenses especially for us and finally decided to enter specific amounts. I must admit that the events will cost a lot.

I plan to give my friends 800 zlotys for weddings and 1200 zlotys for my family for myself and my wife. I also have one godson’s wedding and I must give him at least 3,000 PLN. When it comes to communication, we want to give 700 zlotys and buy the Gospel. I am also a godfather and I have to give a child 2000 PLN for communication. I will give 500 zlotys for baptism. The amounts are scary, but everything costs a lot. Inflation is racing and money is running out of our pockets

– He adds.

as a gift They organized a secular company for their son. “We didn’t have to buy an album, a candle”

The first Holy Communion is associated with money. ‘A typical Polish mentality’

First Communion is one of the most beautiful experiences a Christian has. These are the facts of the Polish Church. As if that weren’t enough, gifts given to children go far beyond colossal amounts. Under one of the articles on the topic of First Communion gifts on the profile on Facebook, a very emotional discussion followed. Readers have compared handling to a wedding.

There must be such magnificence only in Poland!

the darkness!

Place and place your bet. Until the neighbor sees.

Typical Polish mentality. appear and that’s it.

In my city, handling is like weddings! Why did he do this?

There are also netizens who have tried to persuade others using common sense. They emphasized that the sacrifice itself does not make us better people, so it is not necessary and obligatory. They decided that children should focus on learning, because the company itself hinders their education.

Damn, more money will be left in your pocket. You can be a good person without receiving the sacrifice. Tapping a prayer is no substitute for kindness to people and compassion. We are slaves of tradition. Because grandparents and parents serve our children too, no one knows why.

Go to your head at last!

This is not the most important. There are other priorities in life!

Children learn better. With all these company preparations, you can go crazy!

– We read in the comments.

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