HBO Max How much does it cost to use it in Poland

On Tuesday, HBO Polska social profiles appeared on a site promoting the launch of HBO Max in our country. The clip consists mainly of clips of the most famous films and series produced by HBO and Warner Bros. (Both are owned by WarnerMedia).

HBO Max in Poland as of March 8

– Everything you love in one place. HBO Max will appear in Poland on March 8, 2022 – mentioned in the patch description. – More information coming soon – marked.

HBO Max is an all-new streaming viewing experience. The site offers the best entertainment at a very attractive price – movies, original series and children’s programs such as Warner Bros. and HBO, DC, Cartoon Network, Max Original, and more. We are happy to confirm that on March 8, HBO Max will also appear in Poland and this will be the next stage to make the website available not only throughout Europe, but also beyond – said Kristina Soleback, General Manager, HBO Max EMEA

HBO maximum price: 29.99 PLN per month

So far, the cost of a subscription to the HBO GO service in Poland, purchased directly, has been PLN 24.90 per month. K.HBO Max will be a little more expensive – a standard monthly subscription will cost PLN 29.99.

On the occasion of the premiere HBO Max was prepared 33% discount can be used until the end of March.

In turn, existing HBO GO users, who have subscribed directly to the site, will be automatically transferred to HBO Max and will pay PLN 19.99 per month.

It will appear in early April HBO Max annual subscription plan, which will cost PLN 234.99 (which is eight times the price of a standard monthly subscription).

What movies and series are on HBO Max

HBO Max’s offering primarily includes Warner Bros. films and series. and DC as well as HBO and Cartoon Network TV stations, In addition to the products that are only available on this platform. Warner Bros. videos are available 45 days after the cinema premiere, in the near future he will appear on HBO Max “The Matrix of Resurrection”, “Dune”, “King Richard: Victorious Family” and “Suicide Squad: The Suicide Squad”.

There are also special production titles on the platform, such as Station Eleven, The Peacemaker, Raising Wolves Part Two, Made for Love and Student Sexuality. From the European HBO series, he announced the Polish “Thaw,” “All the Rest” and “Garcia!” Spanish, Danish “Kamikaze”, and Norwegian “Desire”.

The HBO Max show also includes television shows (“To be like Magic Mike,” “Expecting Amy,” “FBoy Island,” and “Selena + Chef”) and children’s products (including “Teen Titans: Action!” and “The Amazing World.” From Gumball” or “Looney Tunes: Cartoons” or “CoComelo”).

HBO Max for about 2 years

Streaming service HBO Max Launched in the US in May 2020. There are about 800 films and 300 series in the library. The platform features its own productions under the Max Originals brand, HBO content, but also other broadcasters, including Warner Bros., New Line or Cartoon Network.

HBO Max is currently offered in two versions. cheaper comes with Having to watch ads, the most expensive is devoid of advertising messages. Prices depend on specific countries.

In July 2021, HBO Max entered 39 markets in Latin America. As announced, the service will be available in Europe in 2022.

In the third quarter of 2021, the number of HBO Max and HBO subscribers increased by 1.9 million to 69.4 million. Now John Stankey, CEO of AT&T announced at the AppsEconomy Citi conference, that At the end of 2021, the global user group increased to 73.8 million. Over the past year the platform has acquired 13.1 million net subscribers.

AT&T CEO John Stanke announced that by 2025, HBO Max and HBO will have between 120 and 150 million subscribers worldwide.

– We are constantly implementing the strategy of introducing HBO Max into the global markets. The next step is to launch the platform in 15 European countries, thanks to which it will be available in 61 markets around the world. We pursue our goals of reaching consumers around the world directly, which, along with our favorite products, will give us the scale needed to be one of the top global streaming platforms – comments Johannes Larcher, President of HBO Max in markets outside the US.

How HBO Max Entered Other Markets

In the Nordic countries and Spain, the streaming platform HBO Max was launched in October last year. The debut was accompanied by a promotion for early subscribers. If they sign up within the first month of the process, they pay half the subscription for the entire subscription term. In Spain, Finland, Sweden and Norway, the standard price for access to the podium is equivalent to PLN 41-44. The promotional price is just over 20-25 PLN. Among these markets, Denmark and Norway are the most expensive. However, the promotional price does not exceed the equivalent of 25 PLN and 45 PLN ordinary.

However, it should be noted that the HBO brand in Spain and Scandinavia did not directly exist before. Other broadcasters had licenses to show Warner Bros. films. and HBO products in these countries. HBO has been operating in Poland for 26 years and is competing for similar viewers from Canal+. So HBO Max may have a richer offering than in Western Europe, so the price will not differ significantly from that of HBO GO. For more than two decades, the company has built strong relationships with pay-TV operators and the debut may be accompanied by joint promotions.

In the US, HBO Max can be purchased for $9.99 in the version with ads (about PLN 38) or $14.99 without ads (about PLN 55). The operator service associated with TVN Group Discovery decided to provide content in advertising form for a fee. Company representatives say that the number of subscriptions has increased several times. It is not known if HBO in Europe is considering a similar package at all. However, competition in the streaming services market is fierce. In addition to HBO Go, Player, Netflix is ​​a hit here, and there are also Amazon Prime Video, Polsat Box Go, and Viaplay. Disney+ and SkyShowtime will be joining soon. With so many shows, a much higher price than HBO GO might not drive up the subscription. Unless accompanied by a full set of 4K productions.

Discover + and Viaplay are in Poland, Disney + is coming soon

HBO Max is another global video streaming platform entering the Polish market. Netflix has been in our country for six years, and since 2020 it has become the most popular platform in the VoD and OTT categories.

At the end of 2020, Discover + appeared in Poland as a set available on the operator platform of the TVN Discovery group. In August last year we debuted on the Swedish platform Viaplay, providing mainly sports broadcasts (including from several football leagues, and from December last year also from KSW galas).

Last week, The Walt Disney Company confirmed that its Disney+ platform, launched at the end of 2019, will be this summer. It will start in 42 countries of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, incl. in Poland.

In May last year, the plan to merge WarnerMedia (currently owned by telecommunications group AT&T) and Discovery was announced. It was announced that the majority shareholder in the combined company would be AT&T shareholders with 71 percent. Value. AT&T will also receive $43 billion in cash, bonds and WarnerMedia debt relief. 29 percent of the combined company’s assets will be owned by the existing shareholders of Discovery.

The deal is scheduled to be completed in the middle of this year. In December, the European Commission gave its unconditional approval to its implementation.

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