Gifts for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and Father’s Day. Not only literary proposals

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Children’s Day are special days for many families when we value our loved ones and give some gifts to each other. However, with each subsequent year, it becomes difficult for us to choose the right gifts – which is why we come to help!

Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

Mother’s Day will be celebrated in May. Let us remind you that this holiday has a very long tradition, and some believe that it has existed since ancient times. However, Mother’s Day is certainly celebrated in almost every corner of the world, although its date varies by country – in Poland, Mother’s Day falls on May 26.

Although we know our mothers well, this is often the biggest problem with choosing a gift. This year we come to help and serve you The best gifts for Mother’s Day! What is worth choosing?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to literature – the book is a very good idea! Currently, in bookstores you can find a lot of interesting novels, as well as realistic literature. Historical romance novels – like Princely Julia Quinn (based on this novel a popular series was created Bridgetons!) Or Joanna and Tulich’s book runaway and uanA plot that is set during the Napoleonic Wars. The latest biography of the most famous Polish restaurateur, Magda Gesler, might also be a great suggestion.

In addition to book gifts, mothers should be given good jewelry, electronics and cosmetics. For mothers who have just decided to take care of their physical fitness, it is worth choosing a modern smart watch that can calculate the steps and calories burned. Readers of moms will certainly enjoy e-book readers, which can contain thousands of books, while skin-conscious moms will enjoy – a good moisturizing cream, bath or perfumes from famous brands. There are many possibilities!

Gifts for children’s day 2022

A few days after Mother’s Day, their children receive gifts, because on the 1st of June we welcome Children’s Day! It is a time full of joy, and in many cities, at the beginning of June, special festivals and games are organized for the little ones.

What is worth buying for your children for Children’s Day? Best gifts for children’s day They are gifts that will not only be useful, but also practical! In the case of young children, it is worth paying attention, for example, to environmentally friendly toys such as wooden blocks or sensory educational toys. Cross country bikes and different play combinations can bring a lot of fun too.

Contrary to appearances, the biggest problem for parents is gifting…older sons! If you have teens at home, you should definitely be interested in gadgets related to their daily lives – maybe a new pair of bluetooth headphones or a gift voucher for online services like Spotify or Netflix?

Thinking of gifts for children, we must not abandon literature. It is very important to inculcate children’s love for the written word from an early age! Besides, the books that parents choose are often more interesting than the books that students should read in schools. Among the most popular books for young children, among others are publications from the series “Kitty Kochia” and “Bosio”. Fashion may be interested in, inter alia, novels about vampires or dystopia. The graphic novels from the series “Heartstopper”, which premieres at the end of April on the popular streaming service, have been a real success lately.

Father’s Day Gifts 2022

At the end of June, we celebrate my father’s day in Poland. Then the gifts go to our beloved parents. Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is also celebrated in many countries around the world, albeit on completely different dates. In the case of Poland, Father’s Day falls on June 23.

Although handmade cards and gifts will never be too old, sometimes we do not find the time to give gifts to our parents ourselves. For this reason, we have prepared suggestions for you of the most popular gifts for Father’s Day.

When buying a gift for your dad, consider buying a modern electric shaver. This is something that would likely come in handy in every man’s makeup bag. If a razor isn’t the right idea, funny print T-shirts or funny pairs of socks are often successful gifts.

If your father, in turn, loves to read a little, it is worth adding another piece of literature to his library! Parents especially love crime stories, so be sure to check out Books by Remigiusz Mróz. This famous Polish author already had, among others, a series of legal thrillers and a series of crime stories about Commissioner Wiktor Fort, set in the Polish Tatras.

In our article, we provide only examples of gift ideas. Remember that a good gift should depend on the recipient’s preference. The gift is always an individual matter. So, if we want mom, dad or our child to really enjoy it – let’s do everything to surprise him and at the same time suit the taste of the recipient!

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