For me, it’s the biggest hoax and fake in the tech world of the 21st century

Companies are starting to break into the Metaverse, although they haven’t left the minds of the creators yet. Either I’m crazy or someone’s a liar.

To this day, I remember the day, sitting in my office, I made the live commentary for you on the Metaverse announced by Mark Zuckerberg. When trying to talk about such an ambitious concept within 1.5 hours of a conference, you should naturally focus only on the greatest generalities and basics in order to give people a vision of what you want to create, without technical details, in which the stage may not yet be established. This, in turn, means that our current knowledge of metaverses is as follows: no one knows exactly how this place will work and whether it will ever be created, and what the basic operations will look like, especially given financial transactions . Why is it so important?

Well, because even though no one knows how the Metaverse works, “the companies are really headed there”

If you follow the latest activities of the largest companies, you may notice that lately, as a pair, they have published statements to which the only reaction may be empty laughter. It’s about, of course, “getting into the metaverse”. “They did it,” incl. Emirates Airlines, McDonald’s, Adidas and H&M. If it seems silly to you, how can you do something or get into an environment or technology that doesn’t exist yet, then…it is. If we read the data and the data carefully, we will see that all who enter the metaverse most often mean “we consider such an option” or “explore possible possibilities”. That doesn’t look that impressive anymore, does it?

it’s the truth. The sheep rush that we observe in relation to the Metaverse is an excellent example of the fact that today’s technology has long left even the largest companies that, without understanding what is happening in the digital world, trying to prevent their next bitcoins missing. My point is that the whole world, including the biggest companies, despised the point bit until it turned out to be the perfect tool for speculation and people were willing to pay a lot for it. Due to the lack of regulation, the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed and many people are spitting in their chins for not investing in it when the opportunity presents itself. Therefore, every technological novelty has at least the opportunity to repeat the scenario of cryptocurrency taking by storm from all sides, because everyone calculates that sooner or later such an investment will pay off. This (happens) to be the case with NFT, and so is the case with the Metaverse.

NFT can still afford it, but the Metaverse is completely insane

I am not a fan of cryptocurrencies, which I mentioned several times on Antyweb. However, it is undeniable that if Bitcoin can act as an intermediary in transactions, it exists and can be given a “certain” value. NFT works on a similar level – completely abstract tokens (digital love, virtual body parts), so someone pays a lot of money and does not receive much in return, but at least in this case the victim of such fraud voluntarily agrees and you can not prevent anyone from Smoking with your owner in the oven. This, in turn, cannot be said of the Metaverse, which, while only existing in the minds of potential creators, is already beginning to be a hot spot when it comes to cyber development.

Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t imagine a better scenario. He doesn’t even spend a dollar, the topic of his concept is rumored in the media 24/7, and major brands that wanted to get some PR points without doing anything at all give the Metaverse its current credibility. It is similar to the various initiatives that are already supposed to take place in the Metaverse. GW journalists bragged that they gave an interview on the Metaverse. How, if the Metaverse doesn’t exist? Well, they did it in VR, which is a regular thing that’s been with us for years. However, it doesn’t seem mundane, so it was announced Gazeta’s entry into the Metaverse. The Metaverse is as far from its beginning as it was when Mark Zuckerber was first introduced, nothing has changed in this context. The platform does not exist and any ads related to activity on it or “verification” have little to do with the actual Facebook product.

Metaverse, NFT and 5G – The Holy Trinity of Empty Promises

During the PR period, I worked with several smaller technology clients. To this day, I remember how these small companies competed in assurances that once 5G entered the market, it would completely change everything in terms of the services they provided. 5G came in and… well, we can see the effects on ourselves. Yes, faster internet, higher bandwidth, separate IoT frequency, but the changes for us, the end customers – are negligible. No company has ever been built to rely strictly on new opportunities, which are additional 5G. It’s the same with NFT – great potential shrunk to an almost comedic side. Finally, the Metaverse. I understand that people are curious to know what the platform will look like. However, what is happening now is difficult to describe with anything other than a scam. The companies announce that they are “entering” the Metaverse without having a clue what the Metaverse is and a single decision on the matter except that they want to do so. We have in the network a number of actions “showing how it would be in the Metaverse” despite the fact that no one has any access to the creation of Facebook. Finally – there are a lot of articles detailing the working principles of the creature that no one has seen before.

These are promises without coverage, so whenever things like 5G or NFT are known to exist, it’s not known if the Metaverse will finally appear. Yes, there were ads, but Facebook is currently under attack from all fronts. After he lost his popularity to Tiktok, he got involved in a series of monopolistic experiments, and Apple’s new privacy policy cuts into a large portion of his profits. Therefore, the new Metaverse project may be a vabank for him, in the sense of being or not. However, this does not mean that the company will be able to develop it on the scale that it has announced, and it will be completely within the limits of the possibility that the project will not be successful or better competition will emerge in the meantime. As I mentioned before, if we compare the amount of information we have about the Metaverse with the scale of the project, it is clear that everything is still in its infancy. If building the environment is nearing completion, rest assured that Zuckerberg will be bragging about it left and right.

To summarize – Metaverse does not exist at the moment. Of course, that’s a concept and maybe some work is going on on it, but it wasn’t said that it would be finished, or that it wouldn’t fall apart after the premiere, like Google+. Meanwhile, the tech world is kicking on its feet, trying not to miss another bitcoin, and at the same time forgetting how dangerous a new universe would be if it was actually implemented. Meanwhile, many people try to cheat because they know about it the most.

Really, Zuckerberg couldn’t have imagined better publicity.

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