Fire Square: Techno Berlin is part of the culture [wywiad]

Fireground is a duo of Angela and Daniele that produce techno music. They are the initiators of their own designation – R12. They moved from Naples to Berlin to take part in the musical life of the city. They recently released a cult EP for Tresor, and on May 6 they will perform at the Szpitalna 1 club in Krakow. In the Fireground interview, they told me about the techno scene in southern Italy, (not) sending a demo of Tresor and their longing for Naples.

From Naples to Berlin

Artur Wojciech: You are both from Naples, but you live in Berlin. When did you move to the tech capital of Europe?

fire brigade: Since we met in Naples, we travel to Berlin a lot and immediately imagined that one day we would move here because we love the city so much, especially for how lively and dynamic it is. We feel that Berlin is definitely where we are right now.

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Many Italian artists leave Italy in search of greater success – why is this?

fire brigade: Apart from the problems that make you leave the relatively difficult place of Italy, it must be taken into account that there are many cities in Europe that certainly offer a “breeding ground” for music. For example, Berlin is the destination of many people who want to engage in artistic activities that are widely understood, so in a similar city (and many others) you can easily meet people who are engaged in this field, which is why the profession of a musician is taken more seriously .

No matter how extensive and diverse the Italian musical history and heritage may be, electronic music, especially club music, is certainly not treated in Italy as it deserves at the institutional level, but it should be noted that there are many promoters and clubs that organize really good parties.

EP bi In the legendary Tresor

You are associated with one of the most famous tech brands in history – Tresor. What’s the story behind that? Did you send your demo to a poster?

fire brigade: Thank you very much, it is so nice to us! We never sent a real demo, it all happened by accident. We met some great people here in Berlin, including the former A&R Director CoachPauloWhich we’ve talked with about launching this label for years, but it was a long time before we really felt ready to take that step. Before, we had separate projects and only felt ready when we connect our minds and start fire brigade in 2021.

Your wonderful bi The EP was released as part of other digital releases to celebrate the company’s 30th birthday. And you represent the new generation here. our end! What kind of feeling is this?

fire brigade: Thank you very much again, Arthur. Post music on a poster like Tresor Chronicles It is a true honor as it has been home to some of the legendary musicians we admire. Well, joining this family on their 30th anniversary was a really important step, especially since that’s how we started our venture. fire brigade. We couldn’t have imagined a better start!

Longing for Sicily

The songs on your EP represent the great flair of the ’90s and early 2000s. The only song that isn’t “uptempo” is the surround song. It’s time to leave. Is this piece a memory of your hometown?

fire brigade: It’s time to leave It’s really full of memories of our city, even from a “physical” point of view, meaning we arranged the entire song, synthesizer lines, and every other sound based on field recordings from our neighborhood. Although we left Naples and grew up there, we can only say good things about her today, especially when it comes to music. Our voice is deeply shaped by the musical nuances of our hometown.

Club scene in southern Italy

What is the current nature of the club scene in southern Italy? What are your favorite clubs, record stores, and coffee shops. What places in Naples would you recommend to Polish readers?

fire brigade: We haven’t spent much time in clubs in Naples for the past two years, but in 2020 we’ve discovered new and interesting places, we recommend for example The main club The bar and record store are also worth a visit Spirit Records of VesuviusWhich is located in a very beautiful purely historical center.

Located in HÖR and a selection of classics from Tresor

Back in Berlin: You’ve played at HÖR, and you’ve created a Tresor playlist with your favorite songs. Do you feel this city inspires you for new musical activities and releases songs under your name R12?

fire brigade: Definitely! Berlin is a very dynamic city that changes almost every day unexpectedly, the music we chose for our playlist CoachAnd It’s like the soundtrack of this city to us. Berlin is sure to constantly inspire us and we will never be bored. We are really glad to be able to live here now.

Fireground will be played in Szpitalna 1

Soon we will be able to listen to your hybrid group in Poland: you will visit the best club in Krakow Szpitalna 1. What can we expect?

fire brigade: We are really looking forward to coming to Krakow and keep playing Sspitalna 1. We’ve been working really hard on our streaming set lately. It will include many songs that will be released this year. Live groups mainly focus on good energy on the dance floor. It’s important to us that the audience feels deeply engaged, feels the same energy, and you can certainly expect a lot of good vibes, fast furrows, but also a lot of harmony and more cheerful and even fun sounds.

Did you know anything about the techno/house scene before? in Poland?

fire brigade: Of course, we’ve always heard great things about her from various friends, whether they’re playing games or attending parties. I’ll see you later!

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