Films based on books for young people: book adaptations for young people

A movie based on books for young people Usually love stories are first. No wonder, after all, adolescence is the time when we get to know ourselves, but also establish our first deep relationships.

Films Based on Youth Books – Ranking

Check out the hit movies that were made Based on books for young people!

1. “Twilight” (2008)

The first part of the successful, widely achieved series, based on the bestselling trilogy. Isabella Swann, affectionately known as Bella, is a lost and shy teenager. The calm dreamer is somewhat reclusive, avoids peers and is constantly looking for a place for himself in the world. Bella’s life changes dramatically when she meets the handsome and intelligent Edward Cullen. However, the intriguing boy hides a secret, and discovering it will turn the girl’s life upside down and make things never be the same as before. Because does the love of death and… the vampire have the right to survive?

2. “Stay if you like” (2014)

Mia (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) is a teenager with amazing musical talent. Despite her exceptional skills, the girl is very shy. This, in turn, does not make her life easier and does not help in making new friends. One day, Mia’s life becomes more complicated. The girl faces the most difficult choice in her life so far. She is given a unique opportunity that may help her realize her dreams of a music career. However, if she decides to do this, she will have to leave her hometown and leave the boy she fell in love with.

However, fate has another difficult and unique test for a teenager. As a result of a tragic accident, she vacillates between life and death for a day. Mia must decide which side she will be…

3. “Incompatible” (2014)

Movie based on the bestselling seriesFrom which a bleak picture of a bleak future emerges. Chicago was destroyed during the revolution that destroyed our civilization. A new settlement was erected on the ruins of the city, the community of which is based on the principle of choice. Every teenager entering adulthood must pass a special test to determine which five groups he will belong to. If the test shows that you do not possess any of the five main traits, you will be destined to live on the fringes of society. However, if the test result shows that you have more than one of them, then this means that you are inconsistent and doomed to imminent death.

The main character of Beatrice, named Tris, is completely incompatible. However, adolescence will not allow itself to be eliminated. He escapes and joins a group of people living in the underground who want to fight the disease system. Unexpectedly, Tris grew to become one of the leaders of the rebellion. But will he find enough courage to fight?

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4. The Hunger Games (2012)

Film based on the bestselling novel that has inspired dozens of writers from around the world. The Hunger Games takes place in an uncertain future. Instead of the United States, there is Panem State, which is made up of 12 counties and the State Capitol that governs them. The provinces fought for independence for years, but the Capitol was stronger. Now, in retaliation for the ancient coup attempt and for the entertainment of the capital’s elite, the humiliating Hunger Games are held every year. They are attended by pairs of young people selected in each region during the special raffle.

When Katniss Everdeen’s younger sister was chosen to participate in one of the games, she volunteered for her. Along with Peeta, who was selected in the same lot, they must face better trained representatives from the rich regions. However, Katniss quickly develops into a tournament lead, giving the residents of Panem hope for change. The girl knows that if she wants to see her mother and beloved sister again, she will have to endure until the end of the games. But there can only be one winner…

5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Jenny Han’s bestselling novel was filmed by Netflix. The film turned out to be such a success that it was quickly decided to shoot the next part. The third and final will appear in The Streaming Giant before Valentine’s Day.

Teenage Lara Jane does not stand out on a daily basis from the crowd of other students at her high school. The girl, aloof and secretive, nevertheless lives a lush inner life, also full of love. Lara puts her feelings for the boys on paper. However, she does not write it in her diary, but … she writes letters addressed to each of the purposes of her sighs.

When the girl’s secret correspondence ends up in the hands of her mischievous younger sister, the entire school gets to know the letters. Lara Jane’s notes quickly cause chaos in the girl’s life, but perhaps revealing her secret will not have such negative consequences.

6. Paper Towns (2015)

Film based on the bestselling novel by John Green, known as the King of Youth Literature. Another addition is model Cara Delevingne, who made her debut as Margot on the big screen.

Paper Towns tells the story of an Oregon teenager who and two friends go on a journey to find a missing girl from the neighborhood. Along the way, a plethora of adventures await them, all leading to a deeper understanding of themselves.

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7. Charlie (2012)

Charlie is a teenager who has had a hard time behind him. The friend’s suicide, difficult family relationships, and his adventures with drugs made the boy feel withdrawn and ashamed. This situation is not helped by the fact that Charlie has just entered a new school, and his unorthodox views do not make it easy for him to make new friends. Charlie couldn’t fit in with any of the current school groups, but then Sam (Emma Watson, known from Harry Potter) and Patrick stood in his way. New friends appreciate the boy’s intelligence and sensitivity, showing him that there is a place for him in the world.

8. Above All (2017)

Maddie is a wonderful eighteen year old girl with a tremendous amount of imagination. Under normal circumstances, a teenager like her would start to conquer the world. Unfortunately, Maddie suffers from an extremely rare disease that actually makes her… “sensitive to the world.” For this reason, she has not left the sterile house for years, which the girl’s mother designed specifically for her condition.

But when Olly moves in next door, which immediately sparks a huge interest in her, Maddie is willing to risk everything to fulfill her dream of getting closer.

9. Your Simon (2018)

Simone is a 17-year-old high school student with a big secret: he’s gay. However, the boy does not have the courage to tell neither his friends nor his parents about himself. He is supported by an anonymous colleague who talks to him via an online chat.

When Simon begins to feel something more than just friendship for his interlocutor, he decides to put everything on the line and find him at any cost. Little does the boy realize that this investigation will turn his whole life upside down.

10. The Kissing Booth (2018)

The long-awaited first kiss brings only troubles to teenage Elle. Not only does he have an affair at school, making his friends jealous, but he may also lose his best friend. A torn Elle has to decide what is most important to her.

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