Emily Ratajkowski – My Body. We have an excerpt from a touching book for you

Emily Ratajkowski has published a book. On April 27, 2022, the movie premiered physical Through a famous and influential fashion model.

in this book physical She shared with fans her experiences and observations regarding her body and perception.

Ratajkowski describes his way of evolving thinking about self-determination – from thoughts that her body belongs to her and she makes decisions on her own to make money from it, to doubts: What if the decision is only ostensibly for me? What if rules were set by men and a woman was rewarded only when her body fit their fantasies? What does it mean to be a woman and a commodity at the same time?

Emily Ratajkowski has written a book. What about my body? >>

Who are you to tell me that by dancing naked I deprive myself of my self? Aren’t you telling me what I’m really doing with my body against a woman? Don’t try to control me Says Emily Ratajkowski.

You will soon be able to win a book by Emily Ratajkowski on 4FUN.TV physical In a special competition, stay tuned for that. Before that happens, we have a real treat for you – part of that ingredient!

Time to challenge the contract they have on the transfer – physical. Part of the book

When I went to middle school, my breasts grew and my legs became longer and thinner. Then strangers began to approach me, most often in grocery stores and shopping centers. The women approached, clutching their handbags, and bowed to my mother saying, “You must be a really model”—as if
They meant, “How do you deprive your child of this opportunity?” The parents rebelled first. Once my mother muttered to a lady, “You will be a neurosurgeon!” However, when I turned thirteen, they started coming up with the idea. My mom said I could decide for myself if I wanted to try my hand at modeling. You often tell this story when you wonder “how it all began.”

– I will never forget it! – Says. “I looked out of the NYC taxi window when we drove up the Upper East Side to visit my brother. She turned to me and said, ‘Mom, I want to try.'” I am ready”.

It was when I left Britney toxicIt’s probably still my favorite song from her entire discography. My best moment is when he sings a long annoying “Aaaaaa, aaaaaaa, aaaaaa” interrupted by the scratching sound. In the video, the singer appears as a tight-fitting flight attendant in a plane filled with old, puffy, sweaty businessmen flying in the yellow sky over a miserable landscape. Britney accidentally spilled a drink on his pants in the crotch area and immediately wiped it hard to the beat of the music.

When I was 13, the high school hierarchy taught me that attractive girls attract the most attention. They were exceptional. That’s what Britney was: She had the power that I could suddenly become through my modeling career. “I want to be one of them,” I thought.

After that visit to New York, my mother drove me to Los Angeles for a meeting at Ford Models. I’m wearing a Frankie B hipster – my favorite and most valuable piece of clothing. The back pockets of the jeans were decorated with crystals, which made sitting in them uncomfortable, because hard pebbles penetrated the fabric and hit the skin of the butt. The pants were kept so low that you could see the groove between the buttocks; I pulled them by the belt loops so much that they finally fell off.

At Ford Models, a woman in her 30s with curly hair measured the circumference of her hips in these jeans. I looked at the top of her head as she got to her knees, wrapped the tape around me, and then nervously looked at my mother.

“Eighty-six centimeters,” said the woman, folding the tape. “You’ve got to take a few of these pockets off,” she added, more quietly so that I could hear so little.

Then we sat on the white chairs in the waiting room. The agent brought in a thick pile of papers covered with hundreds of lines of text in a very thin line. Mother signed on my behalf.

– It all happens quickly. I did not expect, she said, drooling with her finger to turn the pages. She put on her reading glasses.

Apparently, when Britney came to the hairdresser and asked to cut it to zero, the stylist tried to take it out of him. However, the singer grabbed the razor by herself and got down to business.

– I don’t want anyone to touch me. She said I was tired of everyone touching me.


On weekends, after partying, Sadie and I stayed with boyfriend Mike, who was from Scab Crew and lives near the beach at his cousin’s house. I had never seen his host before, but I knew he just got out of jail and didn’t care what we were doing. ideal situation. We could come in there at any time and make noise or pollute the whole house with grass. No one cares. Mike was selling cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine in his room. I don’t know why he lived there and not with his parents.

The three of us always slept in the same bed: Mike outside and Sadie inside, and I was pressed against the wall. I left the clothes I was wearing that evening: the elegant skinny jeans, the short dresses. I’ve never felt very comfortable there, but Mike gets involved
The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about coming home at a certain time.

One night I woke up. it was dark. Sadie’s head lay next to mine on the pillow, her back turned upside down. I could see the outlines of her ponytail and her tousled hair. Above it was a hand touching me. My breasts were bare and Mike was pressing my nipples. I froze, staring at the back of Sadie’s head as I slowly realized what was happening. I closed my eyes, pretended to be asleep, sighed, and rolled onto my stomach so Mike couldn’t touch me any more. I had chills on my arms and torso. I could feel the cold air rushing through the window and tried to inhale it to calm myself down and go back to sleep.

I didn’t tell Sadie or anyone else about this overnight. “Perhaps you just dreamed of him?” I was telling myself that by reaching for a sadistic body to touch me, Mike was completing my attraction. I kept telling myself Sadie would definitely be jealous. I thought, “Your friend prefers my chest to yours.” Did that give me power over her? I even started to convince myself that Mike’s touch was fun for me. Maybe I liked it? Maybe you’re even excited? I was also sure that if she had found out, she would have blamed me.

Emily Ratajowski My Body (part)

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