Elżbieta Zapendowska about her daughter, Brzozowski and Jarosław Kaczyński

Elżbieta Zapendowska is known for its entertainment programs for a wider audience. She was a juror among others on “Idol,” “How Do They Sing?” or “It should be the music. Only the music.” It was she who launched Doda or Gosia Andrzejewicz from under her wings into the world of show business. In the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski” she also became known from a different perspective. Elżbieta Zapendowska has opened up about her private life or political preferences. The whole conversation started with the latter. The podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski” can be listened to to premiere Mondays and hours. It’s 20.00 in Onet and Plejada.

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Elżbieta Zapendowska on Jarosław Kaczyński: It’s worse than disco polo

The meeting of Elżbieta Zapendowska and Jacek Kurski took place on the Kuba Wojewódzki program before 2015, when the PiS took power in Poland. The former “Idol” judge admitted that while she expected what happened next, not everything was clear to her.

– said Elipita Zabindowska.

Photo: Maciej Krüger / Onet

Elżbieta Zapendowska in the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski”

When I asked Kuba Wojewódzki what she based her assumptions on, we heard:

About intuition. About what they were talking then, what nonsense they tried to convince people who thought. As I said – I am firm in my feelings. They did not take a step in that direction for me to change my mind. The opposite. They’ve gone too far, and now it’s time to shout “Help!”“.

Later in the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski”, a lecturer asked Elżbieta Zapendowska to imagine that she is a juror facing Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who presents his article and asks for his evaluation. This work is Poland that he created.

– She said and added: “Worse than Simon Widra, Pictus, Zinek Martiniuk. (…) I did not think that the radical right would come to power and would be kicking for so long.”

Elżbieta Zapendowska in Alan Krupa’s career: suffocated

At first, the hosts of the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski” also touched on the topic of Alan Krupa’s first music. Edita Gorniak’s son decided to try his hand at being a rapper. Elżbieta Zapendowska was very skeptical about his presence in the Polish show business.

He’s 18 years old and probably hit the glass. He really wants to do what he started. I don’t know if the market will kill him, because they are betteri – but he’s also 18 years old and raised in the circumstances in which he was raised.

Photo: Mateusz Jajeelski / East News / East News

Alain Krupa and Edita Gurniak

Does he not have an inheritance that he did not acquire from him? – Then Cuba asked Wojewódzki. The audio broadcast specialist nodded to the reporter.

– That’s why I understand it. If you care about yourself, look at the world a little, and listen to others, who know. Maybe he can come up with something cool. I do not criticize him. Moreover, I do not know him, have not spoken to him, nor do I know what kind of child he is. Because he is a child. suffocate. Probably, he was a fan of the world of show business, because he impressed people quite a bit – she said.

Then Elżbieta Zapendowska indicated her own lyrics (you can read them at this link), which she said some time ago about Allan Krupa’s first song.

– She said.

This was confirmed by Elibeta Zabindowska He knows many talented rappers who work in the market. She said:

“Mata is cheerful and, above all, intelligent. (…) Jean Raboani – a wonderful and great boy. But there are so many such young people. It’s not that only fools are left. There is an amazing group of thinking people who have something smart to say– she added in the conversation.

Elżbieta Zapendowska on Doda: I don’t agree with her, but I love her

Piotr Kędzierski asked Elżbieta Zapendowska, With whom would you rather go to a desert island – Edyta Górniak, mother They will add. The guest podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski” responded without hesitation.

– With Duda. I love Dodi. I don’t agree with her, but I love her. She has a bad mouth, but she believes 100% in what she says. She is sensitive in her own way and smart. She said she had an amazing win and she always was -.


will add

– So why is she trying to pop music, which one is worse for her? – asked Cuba Wojewódzki.

Zapendowska answered.

The journalist continued the topic and asked Elibeta Zabindowska, Whether this was “Koroki saw the devil in her eyes”.

– Definitely. During the last interview she saw online (in “Hejt Park” – editor’s note]- she said without thinking for a moment.

Kuba Wojewódzki added a few words about Doda:

Elżbieta Zapendowska on Edyta Górniak: She did not respect people

During the conversation with Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierski, the subject of the previous charges of Elżbieta Zapendowska was not missing. When the lecturers ask, The unsuccessful career of Edyta GórniakThe teacher answered briefly and frankly. “everyone” – She said.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Edita Gorniak

Later, she expanded her speech.

– She still has the conditions to be the best singer in Poland. But in addition to the conditions Everything is already starting to wither. (…)

– She said.

Then Elżbieta Zapendowska tried to point out the mistakes made by Edyta Górniak.

– I am neither a fairy nor good advice. It’s hard for me to give advice. First of all, isolate yourself from good and professional peopleIt was the first time. I did that. (…) I’m talking about sound engineers and musicians. Everyone knows each other in this environment. They told me about their impressions – revealed.

As Elipita Zabindowska told a story when this was Edita Gurniak was to treat the members of her orchestra “like the worst shepherds who play the wrong pipes.”Then go up on stage and say “It’s a great orchestra and admire the musicians.

Elżbieta Zapendowska on school times: I was a terribly bully

Elżbieta Zapendowska grew up in Opole. This topic was also present during the conversation with Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierski.

They made me an ambassador for Opole, and they wouldn’t let me into the runway. Every year I had a few starters, but as a punishment they wouldn’t let me into the grandstand. There was a stage director who hated me. He did so little himself, I did more than he did. You have put me on the blacklist.

Elżbieta Zapendowska was a wayward student. The teacher does not hide it So she was expelled from school.

– You’ve been kicked out of your military training. I was terribly bullied. My parents, who were used to my brother being polite and a good student, thought it would extend to the next child, but it didn’t.

– she admitted, adding that she “does not like teachers.”

Elżbieta Zapendowska bitterly about Robert Leszczyński

At one point in the conversation, Kuba Wojewódzki Dawid Podsiadło compared to Ed Sheeran, claiming that both artists had regular songs.

“They are told in an original way and it is an art to be able to talk about everyday things in a way that you listen and be curious about what is in the next passage,” Zapendowska said.

“He took a loan with you because you were interested in what he was going to say next” – he summed up the boycott and asked why Robert Leszczyński didn’t have one.

– She said.

“Do you know you expressed it?” – asked the journalist? She replied, “I know.”

– said the boycott.

– Zapendowska added.

In the next part of the interview, the journalist said:There are many colorful things to be said about Robert, but it’s too earlyThe juror of music programs admitted that she was shocked by Leszynski’s death.

– said Wojewódzki.

Elżbieta Zapendowska crushes Rafał Brzozowski

Elżbieta Zapendowska also evaluated the musical work of Rafał Brzozowski, about which she has already mentioned several times in the press. Let us remind you that a year ago she carefully evaluated his performance at Eurovision. She said on the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski”:

She did not spare her grudge against the host of the game show “Jaka to melodia?” Also later in the interview, in which Kuba Wojewódzki asked her to identify the acts she particularly hates on radio. She added:

Photo: Podlewski/AKPA

Rafai Brzozowski

The topic of current radio hits also came up during the conversation. Elżbieta Zapendowska confirmed that at the moment she does not distinguish between songs that are broadcast on radio stations:

Kuba Wojewódzki asked Elżbieta Zapendowska to rate Andrzej Piaseczny’s music. She could not clearly review his work, which she put into words:

Elżbieta Zapendowska about her daughter: There is still a cold war between us

Elżbieta Zapendowska opened up on the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski” also with her daughter.

– She said.

– Perhaps the result of the harsh judgment of her youth? Do you consider yourself a good mother? – asked Cuba Wojewódzki. The answer was simple.

– no. no. How do you have a passion I had and an undeveloped passion, because I’ve been swinging so long in these music schools, elementary schools. I did not develop my passion, which planted me in popular music. The day I started working in light music was two years after she was born and this passion attracted me so much that she was my grandmother, so I would dedicate a little time to her for sure. I float myself on it and I know it was. I think the sons of industry who exploit people in this way emotionally and mentally … When you return to normal life, you become a little indifferent to this life

We are dealing with a human being. Everyone has their own allergies, they have their own weaknesses, and this can not be done. (…]You can’t separate your professional and private life, because the phones ring Saturday, Sunday and night – she admitted.

Photo: Maciej Krüger / Onet

Kuba Wojewódzki, Elżbieta Zapendowska and Piotr Kędzierski

The podcast “WojewódzkiKedzierski” can be heard to premiere on Mondays at 20.00 in Onet and Plejada.

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