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Eliza Rycembel’s screen appearance was a role in a movie “Prepare” Anna Kazic. The main characters – Lila (Eliza Rycembel) and Janek (Mateusz Więcławek), urban high school students, belong to a generation that communicates mainly via Skype and Facebook. He and his friends are enjoying life to the fullest. They party, try alcohol and marijuana. However, one day Leila unexpectedly broke up with Janik and accused him of treason. A boy in love must pay a heavy price for an innocent mistake. If he fulfilled the promise that the girl made to him, nothing would be the same…

“Eliza has an element of our Lilia script in her. I knew she had a lot of potential” – director Anna Kazic hailed the first birth, and screen newcomer Dawid Ogrodnik adds: “Elisa Recimple is on great terms. She looks great on camera, such an atmosphere. Psychopath is good. Serves her.

The young actress was also praised in the film review by Interia reviewer, Anna Bellak.

Debuting on screen, Elisa Recimple is brilliant in the role of someone whose strength lies in the ability to maintain appearance. Delicate and undyed, she is indeed a leader among her friends who abuse lipstick and ineffectively try to keep up with fashion. In short, she can push A friend goes crazy and persuades him to do everything for her. Brilliantly led Rycembel Kazejak. One cannot shake the impression that the talent of a teenager raises her to heights, through which she can look at the rest of the actors, although in the cast there are such names: Andrzej Chyra and Dawid Ogrodnik and Magdalena Popławska. However, the background to the drama remains that the main character experiences and in which no more than the episodic characters take part, ”- wrote the Interia reference.

Rycembel decided to take a bold step and a match style haircut in connection with her appearance in the film. “carte blanche”. In the production inspired by real events, where she played alongside Andrzej Chyra, she played a rebellious student – Clara. Like her teacher who is hiding from the world that she is gradually losing her sight, she also has a secret of her own.

She is a very exciting actress and personality,” Andrei Schira said. “She is very talented and I hope her career continues to develop well,” the actress added.

The actress’s debut was the role in the second season “Belfara”in which she played Luisa. “I would like her to be a sensitive and open girl,” the actress said, adding that the heroine of her life dreams of being a journalist and running a vlog.

“At first I had a big problem working with Maciek Stuhr, because (…) he was also my professor at the university. It made me a little embarrassed from this cooperation. But over time I broke these boundaries and maybe we developed a common language, “- she said actress.

Rycembel has proven that she has a talent for singing and dancing by performing in a musical “#Okay”.

“It seems to me that this is one of the first films of this kind in Poland. I think the threads of love in this film make it one of the best options for Valentine’s Day,” declared the actress.

“I play the main character, Zosia – an actress of the younger generation. Zosia is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts who wants to draw attention to the problems she sees in the modern world through art. I play a double role because I also play Zosia’s great-grandmother “- revealed Rycembel.

In the following years, we saw Rycembel in a huge historical movie “Piłsudski” (Wanda Juszkiewiczówna, daughter of Maria Piłsudska), TV series “Odwroceni. Ojcowie i Daughter” (Katarzyna Wesołowska, daughter of Jan “Blacha” and Mira) and thriller “Ciemno, almost noc” (Iowa, Alice’s sister at age 17). Turn, in the movie “Nina” We watched Rycembel as a liberal lesbian who begins a relationship with the main character, played by Julia Kigowska.

For his role in Jan Komasa “Corpus Christi” Rycembel received the Best Supporting Actress award at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

“There is an amazing story in the text where everyone can find something for themselves. It is full of confusion, the need for acceptance and most of all the need to be in society. I don’t think such stories are about gullibility and gullibility. I prefer to focus on the positive. Values ​​are stories About the need to find meaning, about the need to believe in small communities. Of course, there are shocking cases when a person cynically preys on and his interests such needs. But this is not the case for the main character of our film, his motives are much deeper and more complex “- explained the actress.

Rycembel was also honored with a Polish Film Award for his role in “God’s Body”.

Upon receiving the eagle, Rycembel gave one of the most original speeches during the concert organized at the Polish theatre. She recited a letter from Zbigniew Herbert to acting students since 1995. “Be honest. Develop courage and humility in yourselves. Let your faith in unattainable perfection accompany you and be accompanied by eternal anxiety and pain, which says that what we have achieved today is certainly not enough ”- quoted.

Why did she choose to mention this text in her speech? “My general teacher, Professor Wojciech Malajkat, wanted all of us to learn this message. And we did. Most of us hold the values ​​that Herbert wrote about” – the actress told PAP Life.

Will Elisa still be familiar after winning the Eagle Award for people from the film industry? Due to her delicate beauty, people often see a girl in her. She used to complain that she sometimes had to stamp her foot out loud to show that she had her own opinion. “I think that I will still be Elisa. But with the difference that it does not bother me at the moment. I accept it, and I do not try to change anything by force” – she admitted.

Rycembel’s last on-screen role is to create a bride Agnieszka Osiecka In the TVP biographical series about the life of a poet and songwriter.

“The role of Osiecka has been my biggest professional challenge so far. She is a character that many people remember and have an idea of. I felt that I had to climb, focus and sometimes take risks to be able to create this character”- she admitted.” After the last episode in which she starred.

The actress claims that taking a role in the TVP series was one of the most difficult decisions in her life. why? “I am not a supporter of public television,” she explained.

“I did not make up my mind right away, some time had to pass. In making the final decision, conversations with many people who were smarter than me, with the authorities helped me. (…) I heard from one of the people that it was unfortunate on TVP, but that He didn’t care, because we pay taxes and the fact that this TV has now been stolen for a while doesn’t mean it won’t come back to us, and it will be my business forever.

The actress of the role of the young Agnieszka Osiecka claims that she decided to “get into the project” mainly because of the protagonist of the series. She is proud that, despite various adversities, “Osiecka” was made and presented to viewers in the form that the creators intended.

“Very her [producentce Joannie Ochnik – przyp. red.] It was important to stay away from any influence as much as possible, so that no one would decide what content would appear in the series. (…) They (the directors) wanted to go for themselves, and make their idea come true,” the actress said, explaining what made her decide to star in a TVP production after considering all the pros and cons.

“Taking the role was a very difficult decision, but I don’t regret it,” she concluded.

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