Centeno “paranoia”: Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, because …

Sebastian Enrique Alvarez She is already a full-fledged studio and Instagram founder spread between Mallorca and Berlin, visiting shops containing goods equal to the GDP of a small African country in her spare time. But Centeno He’s also a rapper who shames most of the scene with his skills, substituting dextrose pills with precision gauges for all the hip-hop thinkers he doesn’t know when to say stop. Is it a matter of some pronouncements or music, the recent avalanche of them has eroded the recently successfully reconstructed site.

The first project of this year is already “Aporophobia” – Last year distinguished from the flood of sentinel prime ministers, and confirms the sharp deterioration in the figure “Paranoia”. A book of complaints and complaints from the theater, stories about banners (oh, but “Real G, no young moron, in Polish rap only banners/clothes borrowed from a friend, I’m telling the truth, brother, no comedy” is just a hit!), Luxurious life Believing one’s superiority, this is the essence of the style created locked in several tens of minutes on the backing tracks, sometimes looking like a mixture of junior leagues three and pirate groups “Viva neu bai”.

One feels uneasy when he hears lyrical suicides in the form of “Words are like razor blades, rolling under the skin so hard / Make me branches because I’m as cold as Oslo” in “hyenas” On trap-like beats.

Sentino didn’t have such a weak form yet, and even the Alvarez Church wouldn’t believe in reincarnation Peggy And tupacProvided by the host himself. following “victory” – “I’m not a narcissist, damn it, I’m King Sento” – there is something mutual here, but looking at the recent moves, you have to try to understand it.

Let’s fly further, because as summer approaches, some will also be making love affair while on vacation. Only question is if lines like “I think about her here all the time / I forget what it was, but I remember that taste / The noise of the sea, the salt on her lips, the white sand in her hair / Suede, I have to save the summer / I don’t want him back, please stay ‘with “years” Do not clash with the aforementioned “Hein”? The work of apologizing to hip-hop fans can go on and on, because you can’t take something like “I was virtual and you were schizophrenic.”

It’s full of weak lines (“I’m at the top of my dreams and in my first steps / I build a glass house to defend myself after the first strikes”…), but there’s also a style that Sentino can’t deny. When necessary, the host will throw something in a different language, as in “summer”, and sing an inflection on a level, for example in “NASA”. However, to make it not so rosy, “hyenas” have terrible sound “AMEX”Which proves that he moved away from ideas.

Another pain Alvarez can’t handle is music. The backing tracks look as if they were drawn at a promotional price from the Soundcloud abyss and compared to those popular with those Sentino attacked in their tracks, they are very poor and not very composer. You’ve skipped the muted sound for tempo w “yes”which hurts even more is that this is the strongest path here, but such an amount of plastic that must be tamed by experts in mixing and mastering hasn’t been with us for long.

exact psalms (sic!) in “Bermuda Triangle”Focal guitars w “reincarnation” Is it the unfortunate “summer”, which could easily conquer many end-of-season festivals. Unfortunately, this confirms the rule that good rappers often record unbearable songs on poor backgrounds, while great beats put poor ones at the limit of listeners.

More products are here, like pure and killer rap lines. Because what are you attacking? With lines like “You’d better go to a speech therapist, because you don’t have teeth/You bark something in there, and if you say something, your dog is gone after a second”? Guests of this event like Nitrosinoma? Paranoia is an essentially successful title, and it’s also an excellent example of hasty and reckless steps and a lot of potential wasted. Until you hear it in a few weeks on the occasion of the new venture, while there is still a credit to trust.

Centeno “paranoia”, Sicarios


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