Better not to mess with the government coupon on TV. Punishment will be inevitable

The government, due to the transition to the new digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard (DVB-T2), wants to relieve some families who cannot afford to purchase a compatible device. The application can be submitted online (requires a trusted profile, electronic ID or qualified certificate) or at the post office. It is possible to get a voucher PLN 100 (in the case of a set-top box) and PLN 250 (in the case of a TV set).

Of course, wherever there is an opportunity to “earn extra money” – there will also be unifiers. There were statements in government correspondence that the coupon for a TV or set-top box was aimed at people who could not afford to purchase such equipment themselves. Why was there an idea to support such devices at all? All because in 2022 (in four phases, shown here), it is planned to convert transmitters to the new DVB-T2 / HEVC broadcast standard. It may turn out that owners of old TVs and receivers will not be able to receive any programs.

As the entry on the Cyfryzacja Chancellery indicates – there have been some violations

Perhaps the interest in replacing older type receivers with ones compatible with the new standard has exceeded the expectations of the project makers. As usual in such cases, there are reports that someone intends to use the vouchers in a slightly different way than results from the assumptions of co-financing. The structure of the application, the presentation of which is necessary to obtain a coupon, is interesting, but rather general. It should be noted that we are unable to afford to purchase a digital receiver on our own due to the difficult financial situation of my family. I know this is a stupid translation (because I myself am against the rude combination), but someone may think that he wants to buy a TV for PLN 10,000, but he lacks PLN 250 for the equipment of his dreams. There are people who are so detached from reality that they may consider this a sufficient introduction.

To receive a coupon for the purchase of a set top box or TV, you must check the boxes above.

You can also read the entry on Digitizing the Prime Minister’s Chancellery:

By submitting the application, the beneficiary declares, among other things, that the family is in a difficult financial situation. Therefore, it cannot afford to purchase the digital receiver itself. However, we identify violations in this area, which led to the launch of security measures, as well as the initiation of criminal proceedings, which were referred to law enforcement authorities. In addition to notifications about the possibility of committing a crime, administrative actions are carried out in order to carry out clarifying actions.

It is quite logical and understandable to a person who thinks naturally. A person who could come up with such a bad idea from a machine should explain himself to the court. Recently, an interesting discussion broke out between Arkadiusz Dziermański, deputy editor-in-chief of and Witold Tomaszewski – spokesperson for the Office of Electronic Communications:


There is a lot of interest in purchase vouchers for the device

Given the amount of interest in the government project, I’m not surprised that excesses have occurred. Coupons can be redeemed at stores of over 800 entrepreneurs and over 3,000 points of sale. So far, more than 71 thousand have used the coupon. families:

More than 112 thousand. Applications for co-financing for the purchase of a TV (grant amount – PLN 250) and set-top box (grant of PLN 100). More than 800 entrepreneurs participate in the program, and the service can be provided at more than 3,300 points of sale, which have already been used by more than 71,000. families.

Not worth collecting. The government decided to address this project only to people in difficult financial situations, and the change in the broadcasting standard would make it impossible to receive any program. The bad guys say that the government is keen that some social groups do not stop receiving Polish television programs, while the solution lovers at the same time praise the project and pursue those who abuse it. In addition to criminal liability, in cases where a falsehood has been confirmed – the benefit must be returned.

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