Baloch “compote”: Dear parishioners, I will give you a sermon

toethe rap kid standing between the tracksuit and the wrapped poet, so they loosely understand the lines from “compote” Numbers, rotate by their unilateral nature. And you can still listen to it, which in itself is a kind of onstage sensation. where “10/29” Hang the tape up and down until the time is up “Hypertension”And it’s the first time I’ve had enough of these city stories. However, such a brand must be given a chance and “Kompot” (or “Kopmot”, compliments to pre-orders) is a bit of a treat, especially in the context of audio.

However, it is necessary to start with the host. “the night” It’s nothing but calculating the industry and hitting the banana trees (“Teens want to live today like Young Leosia/Though they fail the moose tests on the first turn/Everyone ch*** wants a salary, kucunk on order/But they have claims for returns Miłosz ”- he managed to do it), but there are also real facts, smuggled hundreds of times – ‘Life is not Instagram ‘or ‘Times like today are earnings / Thank you, friends, I have someone to trust / I come from a time when People are important / This makes it easier to identify a cockroach ‘z “Wonderful”. This is an important message that can be repeated until the nauseous and sleeve preparation for knitting. But don’t be cynical, there are also some positive accents here.

Baloch is able to convey feelings well in numbers related to relationships – “tomorrow” He quietly enters his “best” playlist. I also have to commend the individual lines that can become every beetle’s dream, eg “I still fly so high, I take baggage from the bar / A lot of people tempt them to move, but they’re not PSG / In my team we only have bandages Silk / I don’t need a hairdresser, anyway r***’ game with “Mr”. Not only because it is written neatly and masterfully, but also the rhymes are well arranged. The abstentions, as usual for the president, are also impressive Boron Mighty, apart from the painful simplicity, but attractive “every block”. concrete shoes if “deep breath” They are so melodious that they ask to grumble themselves.

Guests bring a lot of color. Putting everyone in the corners Kaz Bagan With the words “I don’t have vacancies/And even if I did/I wouldn’t entrust you the code to the residential property”. Buttery butter, but it’s miraculous. Nothing is lower than it avi With the picture “He goes into the country for all my brothers and sisters / He can boil in them and they will not leave their mouths / Yesterday to toast my friend wyłubał Esperal / Today he takes the first step of the twelve, and I will support him.” Kubiszew Still one of the most underrated figures in Greater Poland, a Vito Bambino In his pocket commercial track, he’s still juggling early bitamen and a cute soloist.

Residential hymns, beans for lumps and homies, verbal sheet for lames, lyrical classics. The way it’s presented is also important, and down coats make you lick your fingers. It is thanks to them that “Kompot” is well listened to, and the beans are sent to people like PSRAnd suitcaseAnd AWGSAnd Chris Carson And golas.

This is a good test of all sound systems – full low-hit bass and a space full of detail hidden between the trap indicators. Each block begins as a step back in time “Synthetic Mafia”Followed by a Reggaeton touch into 2022, so we quickly get an active kick. The oriental note in “sweet”w ., compound mixed with bass “Butch” or guitar v “Misfit” It is the highlights and local dialects that make the competition jealous. In addition to this “Electric ladder”with large scratches sprayed, dropping close to a boombap with a longer lifespan without any signs of the heaviest rust.

For some, consistency, for others, the same content in a different form. As Baloch himself emphasized, blocks give him a 10/10, I can’t be that excited, although I don’t have many reasons to complain. Painfully predictable, but as elegant as possible, this is the essence of the Poznan rapper. Sometimes this is enough, the only question is how much?

Paluch “Kompot”, BOR . records


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