At the European Economic Conference in Katowice, we met the winners of the “Carriers of the Heart”

The entrepreneurs honored during the 14th European Economic Congress in Katowice distinguished themselves in a unique way by helping the citizens of Ukraine. The “heart vectors” awarded to them are special vectors, awarded for achievements that go beyond standard activities in the socio-economic space in exceptional and episodic situations.

The event was hosted by Wironika Marczuk, President of the TPU Friends of Ukraine Association in Poland. The awards were presented by the President of the Employers of the Republic of Poland, Rafai Banjak, and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland, Andrzej Deschica. Rafai Banjak, who emphasized the commitment of Polish entrepreneurs to help our eastern neighbors:- I am proud of the attitude of Polish companies to the situation in Ukraine and its translation into what is happening in our country. They organize the relocation of thousands of refugees, donating money, medicine, food, clothing, sanitation and hygiene. The amount of in-kind assistance now amounts to more than 200 million PLN. Ukrainian citizens can count on residence, assistance in finding a job that meets their qualifications, legal support in organizing their stay in Poland – said Mr.Biography of the Council of Employers of the Republic of Poland.

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