Asthma: Manifesto, Burxon and “A New Life”

Asthma is a representative of the young rap generation, who debuted in 2021 on the Def Jam label with a very successful and powerful “statement”. Strong in content, but not only – one of the guests of the album is KRS-One himself, that is, a living rap legend. A few months after this album premiere, we’re talking with asthmatics about what was and will soon happen.

Let’s start with the Korn band poster that has long been hung above your child’s bed. Because it is a beautiful symbol of what I have internalized musically.

crisis: I never spoke to my parents about why this poster was hung on my bed. Maybe because it’s the only one we have at home? (laughs) I still remember my childhood covers Cypress Hill albumsMarilyn Manson, d. Dre or Metallica. We also heard from Chris Cornell, Nirvana and Ciboltura. There wasn’t a lot of hip-hop in my house, just some classic American rap. I never questioned the music that was playing in our house. My parents had a great influence on my musical education and I have good memories of the albums they gave me at that time. I have the same thing with movies. I also remember the products I saw with them once.

As a person born in the year 2000, have you ever discovered watching music channels?

MTV and Viva were often on our TV. I absorbed the music that was presented there. I was so in love with Rihanna and Shakira. When I was a few years old, I also listened to Usher, Tokio Hotel, Szymon Wydra, Feel and other pop artists. I even bought albums from Jason Derulo and David Guetta at a record store. (laughs) Later we listened to these CDs with my mother in the car. Music that my father did not like was often listened to in my mother’s car. (laughs) She didn’t mind playing pop. I’ve never listened to disco polo and in general I don’t listen to Polish music much. For example, I did not catch Duda and other famous artists. From what I remember, my dad left television when I was ten. From that moment on, I no longer have it and don’t really know what’s going on in popular music.


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Since my childhood, I remember the covers of Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre or Metallica

Don’t you feel like a TV?

Well just no. I may have missed the moments when we watched hockey games and boxing matches or the NBA at night with my dad. I can organize my time in a different way. I had computer games, rented movies, kicked a ball and jumped on trees. I had something to do.

You must have been kicking the ball for several years. This is correct?

Yeah. I played sports until I broke my knee. I played football from the age of five to eleven. I have the best memories of all the trips to the tournaments. On the way, I was still playing basketball, volleyballI also went to Muay Thai. So I did some of these majors. I have never been fan operation and athletics in general.

At what point did you feel that hip-hop was omnipresent among your peers?

I think in middle school. There was a lot of hip hop music. In my school, we got to it Kanye WestKendrick Lamar, but also Chadda, Jural, WSRH, and President Kev.
Well, I found out the national court record later. I love listening to his lectures, which – in terms of English level – are at a very advanced level. Listen to his lectures by Father. History of hip hopThe ’90s, the liberation movements and social issues, it builds me up a lot. He has tremendous knowledge, for example, about the history of Africa. He is conscious and tells about human existence in an interesting way. He perceives the world very spiritually and feels what is happening around him. He can correctly combine the facts and put them together. The young man once told me about a meeting with the National Court Register during a concert tour in Germany. Then he told him that the first time he launched his productions, he knew right away that Young was a conscientious man.

And what did KRS say when I heard your lines in your “never forget” problem?

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to speak yet. KRS recorded these lines and told Young that if he found a rapper who fit the concept, he could easily invite him to the number. We sent them the final track and music video, but the response was brief. The National Court Registry does not have much access to the Internet. I talked about “Never Forget” with the person responsible for the Public Enemy profile on Instagram. I don’t know who texted me. Maybe chuck d, maybe some directors. Anyway, I loved the piece. The number was also praised by the Onyx rapper.

Are Public Enemy and KRS your favorite rappers on certain topics?

not exactly. I’m closer to Kendrick Lamar, who writes great lyrics. Take “go for it, I’m dying of thirst” as an example. I also like the numbers that Gangstar Guru left behind. He had a great feeling.

Onyx rapper praised my number with KRS-On

What is most important to you in courtship music?

It may sound cliched, but the most important thing is to feel it. I love to experience music emotionally and am happy when it leaves something behind my head. I love texts where someone addresses politicians, legislators, and managers directly, but the intimate passages—related to spirituality—are just as important to me. Pointing out the errors of those responsible for the law and propaganda is one thing, but no less important is the emphasis on spiritual development. Why should we change the administration and the constitution if we are evil? As you know, trying to change the law that uses certain social groups is important, but the most important thing is to start with yourself and be sensitive to others.

Did allergies drive you to acting school?

She attended an acting school in Krakow, moved to it after graduating from high school. At some point, I had to face the choice of getting into music or continuing my acting career. I couldn’t do two things at the same time that required a lot of commitment from me, because I had to do one of these areas sluggishly. Finally, I don’t give up on acting, because sometimes I go to actors all the time. I was on a set recently Borekson new music videowho is about to release a solo album. The first single promoting a fantasy segment directed by Igor Lenevsky. Igor called me because he knew that I attended an acting school. He was convinced that I was still studying acting. The project was very professional, so they did not want to take a young rapper with no filming experience. The events take place in the nineties. I play the young Borekson in this video… and that was a very interesting story. I was completely comfortable about this role. Not like: I’m a young rapper playing the veteran of the scene. Being a rapper didn’t affect me in this whole situation. I didn’t look at the role from the perspective of a Borekson fan. My romantic relationship with him did not stand in my way at all. I have scenes where I steal a car as a teenager or do a burglary in a department store.

Now let’s talk about your older fellow. How’s working on the album with Plash?

I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t like wasting power. There will be time to talk about this project. Especially since the astrologer will be released album with blushMy solo album will be released.

So I’m listening to the new album.

I’m going to make it. I would like to show it to the public after the holidays. You choose each piece from a different factory. The album is titled “A New Life”. The past few months have been stressful for me both mentally and physically. The situation in the world has failed me and it is difficult for me. The period for the premiere of “The Manifesto” was the worst period of my private life ever. All year long, when I was making The Manifesto, I had a feeling I was going to pay my life for what I’m doing. The moment it all happened and I could pay for my work with my life, my friend, who runs our videos, told me he’s been following exactly the same feeling all year. He didn’t want to tell me about it because he didn’t know where it came from. After all these unpleasant events, I spent the whole winter at home and gave myself to a new album. I focused on celebrating my life, rebuilding my sensitivity and attitude towards being here. I was so exhausted that I might not be here anymore. I know it sounds disgusting, but I don’t want to paint my words, because we’re talking about art, and there’s no place for lying or biting the tongue in it. I just collapsed as a human. In “New Life” I don’t see the lyrical subject like I do, although of course the stories are inspired by my own experiences and reflections. When I tried to fix my head and get to the root of things that happened, I was so shocked that when I came up with scripts, I jotted them down on a piece of paper that was full. Finally, I rebuild myself and feel like a strong person. I was born again. I used a thick line to separate my current life from what it was before.

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