Anna Lisica: Bogoslav Kaczynski was a giant at work and had his distance with himself – the two

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  • Bogusław Kaczyński was born in Biała Podlaska, where he took his first piano lessons.
  • Graduated from the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw. It was during this period that he met Ada Sari, which influenced his life.
  • He started his career in Poznan from cooperating with a local television center.
  • He held festivals in ańcut and Krynica.
  • He died on January 21, 2016 in Warsaw.

He loved music, understood and heard it, and was also able to talk about it. A star in the music press was a phenomenon. Anna Lisica He collected stories and anecdotes related to Bogusław Kaczyński in his autobiography “I will be famous, I will be rich” she spoke about on Polish Radio 1. – He was a star, but he did not glorify himself. He was with every listener, because the audience should not be divided into educated and uneducated, but sensitive and insensitive – said Anna Lisica in “Kulturalna Jedynka”.

44:21 mp3 a cultural one. An interview with Anna Lisica about her book dedicated to Bogoslav Kaczynski “I will be famous, I will be rich”

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Childhood and early youth

It all began in Biawa Podlaska, where Boguslav Kaczynski was born. My father’s family came from Biała Podlaska, mother’s family – z Ziemia Łukowska, from the Dołęgowski family. The great-grandfather participated in the January uprising.

In his youth, he had the ambition to become an accomplished talent. However, after graduating from high school, dreams of big piano fame had to conflict with reality. Kaczyński received lessons from local teachers, which at first turned out to be insufficient to continue his musical studies.

Despite these difficult beginnings, thanks to his innate talent, Bogusław Kaczyński eventually graduated not only from the High School of Music, but also from the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw. – He came to Warsaw, settled in a dormitory and immediately wanted to get acquainted with all the theaters of the capital: opera, operetta, philharmonic – He says Anna Lisica. – As his friend from the room in the dormitory used to say: “Pogo was already able to talk then. He was able to live a concert in the Philharmonic Orchestra,” says Lisica.

Interviews with Ada Sarri and Maria Callas

Irina Echlerona, Michislav Schweklinska and young actors: Gustau Holubek and Ignasi Gogolevsky were shining on the stage at that time. But Bogusław Kaczyński was not only interested in local music events. As a student at a school in Warsaw, Bogusław Kaczyński traveled abroad; Everywhere with your own money. – To drive cheaper, he leads on the road – says Anna Lisica. He developed a monodrama called “Ada Sari” and gave verbal and musical concerts along the way. He sang all over Poland, and was also invited to Prague – continues. The meeting with Ada Sari influenced the life of the author of Wild Orchids.

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Ada Sarri was a legend on the world opera scene, and she sang among others at La Scala led by Arturo Toscanini. – When she heard that Bogusław Kaczyński knew and heard opera, she began to tell him everything – says Anna Lisiecka. – He was courteous, very handsome. Ada Sari suggested that he accompany her at the premieres – she adds. Bogusław Kaczyński met Ada Sari while he was still in high school. It was the first important meeting in his life, the second was the meeting with Maria Callas. In 1973, at the opening of the Reggio Theater, he was able to enter the audience during rehearsals, which was forbidden. Maria Callas, however, spotted him and kicked him off the stage. During the press conference, Maria Callas looked at him more positively than less handsome journalists. She could see the heat in his eyes.

Career beginnings

He started his extraordinary career by collaborating with a television center in Poznan. He got his first job in 1974 on TV in Poznan. The director of the Pozna Television Center, Zbigniew Naberasa, offered him the job. His career took off quickly. Soon, he began appearing in the youth screen television show. There he appeared, among others with Janusz Olejniczak, then the winner of the sixth prize in the Chopin competition, the winner of which was Garrick Ohlsson. Bogusław Kaczyński left hundreds of broadcasts in radio and television archives and numerous articles and books. He died on January 21, 2016 in Warsaw.


Program title: Kulturalna Jedynka

Curator: Anna Stimpnyak

Broadcast guest: Anna Lisica (Author of the book “I will be famous, I will be rich. An anecdote about Bogusław Kaczyński”)

Release date: April 17, 2022

Broadcasting time: 23.43


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