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From April 25 to 29, the protagonist of “Voices from the Past” recently passed away Andrzej Korzyński – film composer, songwriter, pianist and radio host. The artist passed away on April 18 at the age of 82.

Born during World War II, he lived outside Warsaw during the Uprising. Returning to the devastated capital, at the encouragement of his mother, he turned to music. Join Professor Sikorsky’s composition class. The university in Warsaw turned out to be a radio pass.

Radio on Myśliwiecka . Street

He pointed out that the radio has always fascinated him. – When I was walking along Myśliwiecka Street, I heard many songs and dreamed that one day I would hear my pieces from this window, which, fortunately, came true. Then I worked for a music student magazine, we served Hybrydy, Stodoła and STS to record these songs and dialogues. This was the first time that people like Wojciech Minarski, Jan Peterzak, and Tajvuni had been on the air. Two years later, one day, our closet full of kits was empty, everything was deleted, nothing was left of the party recording output – he remembers it.

– During my vacation I met a beautiful girl who is my wife to this day. It was discovered that she was the daughter of Włodzimierz Sokorski. All my friends said I had no chance, but to her I was amazed I was great at playing ragtime. I was the main attraction of the parties, I even played Christmas carols in ragtime, and everyone was happy – he said with a laugh.

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Andrei Korzynsky is dead. He was 82 years old

Polish youth sing Polish songs

As the Dwójka guest recalls, Włodzimierz Sokorski was aware of plans to create a youth music editorial office. – There were three content creators: Wittold Pogranichny, Mateusz Schwicicky and myself. Then Święcicki played an important role in Trójka, but this VHF program did not reach many people, and there were no suitable receivers. Studio Rytm had to broadcast on the long wave, in 1965 the editorial office “Afternoon with the Youth” was set up, and we had 15 minutes on the air every day and access to the studio. We were able to let the band join him and record his own group, which had earlier crashed at concerts.

Thanks to this activity, several well-known, later groups were quickly born. – Ryszard Poznakowski and “Trubadurzy”, the Czworo group, among them Andrzej Turski, then became a teacher and worked on radio and television. Have fun with Andrzej Zaucha, Marek Grechota. Chislau Niemen made a small revolution when brass began playing guitars. I found a singer who sang my songs, he had a beautiful voice, girls like sad boys. Piotr Szczepanik sang “Yellow Calendars”, which later became a radio song in 1965, and repeated the same success a year later with the song “Kochać” – remembers Andrzej Korzyński.

Closer to the concert hall than rock and roll

He added that his songs were more lyrical than most Big Beat songs. – It was like a mix of classics and hits. Then she got up financially, the first album of four songs sold with a circulation of 500,000 copies. Then the album Piotr Szczepanik with songs performed by me and other composers was released, and it was a huge success. Thanks to this, I bought a car and a small house in Mokotów, it was a lot of money – he said.


He composed the soundtracks for such films as “Marble Man”, “Iron Man”, “Finding the Flies”, “In the Desert and the Wilderness”, “Big Show”, “Everything for Sale”, “Shaman”, “The Devil” Part III of the Night etc. He regularly collaborated with directors such as Andrzej Wajda and Andrzej Żuławski.

He entered the mass consciousness as the composer of music and songs already for the films stories about Mr. Clix (“Mr. Clix’s Academy”, “Mr. Clix’s Travels”, “Mr. Clix in the Universe”) or the creator and composer of the Franek Kimono project with Piotr Fronczewski as vocalist. We are also indebted to Andrei Korzynsky for such songs as: “I am a butterfly”, “To łezki łezka”, “Yellow calendars”, “Szparka sekretarka”, or “Soap Fa” – one of the first songs in the style of disco-polo (here as the author of the text, he performed His son Mikowaj composed the music.

He was active in the disco, funk and keyboard group Arp Life. He was one of the first musicians in Poland to use the sounds of synthesizers and drums.

He was one of the founders of the famous Radio Studio “Rytim”, in which journalists such as Piotr Kaczkowski, Maria Szabłowska and Andrzej Turski participated.

In 2017, he was awarded the Silver Medal for Culture – Gloria Artes – Minister of Culture and National Heritage. A year later, at the Soundedit Festival, he was awarded the title The Man with the Golden Ear “for his outstanding achievements in the field of music production”.

14:55 Iraqi songs 2022_04_25-12-44-44. mp3 Andrzej Korzyński on his early musical experiences and childhood in the 1940s (Głosy z życia / Dwójka)
15:01 mp3 Andrzej Korzyński in his studies, the first musical successes and work on Polish radio (Głosy z Past / Dwójka)

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Program title: Voices from the past

He promised: Jacob Kukla

Date of issue: From 25 to 29 April 2022

broadcast time: 12.45


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