Agnieszka Miezianko from “Wedding…” showed how she arranged her apartment! Modern style and plush sofa base

Agnieszka Miezianko from the seventh edition of “Wedding at First Sight” recently moved into her apartment! On Instagram, she explained how she arranged them. The 30-year-old opted for a modern style that is both simple and practical. Do you like such interiors?

Agnieszka Miezianko from “Wedding at First Sight” showed her apartment!

Agnieszka Miezianko is the heroine of the current seventh edition of “Wedding at First Sight”. On the program, she married Kamil Borkovsky.

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In one of the opening episodes of the series The Wedding, the 30-year-old said that she had bought her apartment in Białystok and would soon receive it from the developer. Now it turns out she’s already moved in with him!

On Instagram, she explained how she arranged her first apartment! First of all, it showcased her living room, with a blue velvet sofa and posters in black frames hanging above it.

Looo chose what could hang over my sofa…
I loved the stickers from the start, they were my first type. As many of you suggested it 🙂 Well, you picked it! I’ve always liked the straight line. This time I’m also betting on it. What do you think?

However, in her Instagram Stories, she showed more photos of her apartment! Agnieszka Miezianko arranged her apartment in a modern style. Simplicity, elegance and practicality dominate the entire interior design. The participant in the “Wedding …” admitted that her apartment has an area of ​​\u200b\u200b50 m 2 and bought it on credit.

A little over 50 m2. Lives well because it is finally on its own. His neighbors are very young and adorable.

In Polish reality, it would probably be difficult otherwise. The credit is there.

Agnieszka Miezianko, Instagram

Agnieszka Miezianko, Instagram

What does the living room in Agnieszka Miezianko’s apartment look like from “Wedding at First Sight”?

In the living room of Agnieszka there is a plush sofa in a beautiful blue color. It is she who gives personality to the entire interior. The 30-year-old chose modern glass tables with a metal frame. The living room has a parquet floor and the walls are white. Her living room is simple and functional.

What does the kitchen look like in Agnieszka Miezianko’s apartment from “Wedding at First Sight”?

Agnieszka also showed off her kitchen on Instagram Stories. The 30-year-old chose white furniture with wooden elements. In the kitchen, attention is drawn to the original undeveloped black refrigerator and black sink. It is furnished with a plain white table and white chairs. The kitchen has a parquet floor and a matching wood worktop between the cabinets.

What does the bathroom look like in Agnieszka Miezianko’s apartment from “Wedding at First Sight”?

We love the bathroom in her apartment even more! The 30-year-old chose the gray patchwork tiles that she laid on the floor and one of the walls next to the bathtub. There are large white tiles on the other walls. Matte black accessories contrast interestingly with the light tiles – a black faucet, a black shower set and a black mirror frame. The show’s wife Camille also paid attention to detail – even the washing machine door and flush button on the toilet are black! Her bathroom is modern and elegant.

Are Agnieszka Miezianko and Kamil Borkowski from “Wedding at First Sight 7” together?

At “Wedding at First Sight” Agnieszka married Camille Borkowski. Agnieszka is professionally engaged in banking, works as a “window window” in a bank and comes from Białystok. Her husband lives in Włocławek.

In the following episodes of the program, Agnieszka agreed with Kamel that she would rent her apartment and live with him.

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It now turns out that Agnieszka may have lived in her apartment herself. So there are many indications that the marriage of complete and Agneska, unfortunately, did not last.

See what her apartment looks like! Do you like these elegant and simple interiors?

Agnieszka Miezianko from “Wedding at First Sight” showed her apartment! See the inside!


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