300 movies online in may? New VoD platform launched in Poland

The newest streaming service is already running in Poland: FlixClassic! This is a real pleasure for fans of various classic films, which can now be viewed in an online VoD form. How does it look? What is the price for access? Selected users can get to the start for free!

Free movies – where to watch them? The new VoD FlixClassic service has started!

Currently in VoD . service Classic Flix Waiting for viewers Nearly 300 productions representing different eras and cinematography. There’s a silent comedy here, incl. “toddler” And “Rush to Gold” Including Charlie Chaplin, from Hollywood productions “Gone with the Wind” George Cukor, New Wave movies like “Diamonds of the Night” Jan Nemec and genre cinema, for example Night of the Living DeadGeorge Romero.

The makers of the platform announce it In the coming weeks, the offer will be gradually expanded. “I would like to review this development monthly. We plan to choose a topic, creator, genre or cinematography each month and present a few select titles along with a series of podcasts discussing these productions and developing a particular topic. We want the topics for reviews to be as diverse as possible. be an author, or a literary genre, and at other times it can be a certain aspect of film art, such as editing or design. Purchases of new films for the platform will then be subject to these themes. I would also like to strengthen the representation of non-American and non-European cinema. Of course, we will find Already such titles are on the platform, but there are not enough of them. South America, Asia, Australia – these are interesting cinematic films, but they are less well known. I hope in the future they will celebrate their presence more strongly on FlixClassic” – said the curator of the site program Miłosz Stelmach.

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For those who don’t want to search for movies themselves, bring back the curator Four tracks present the classics of cinematography in different forms:

  • iron canon – Timeless classics and cinematic milestones, a true accelerating cycle in the history of cinema, including films such as: “Metropolis”And Cranes are flying“or also “Rush to Gold”;
  • forgotten gems – Blurred titles, working in tandem with famous classics that will interest the most demanding viewers, for example: “Young Sherlock Holmes”And “golden hand”And A story about a soldier;
  • Free delivery – An amazing blend of cult films and the most extraordinary works of original cinema, including: “immortalized”And “Carnival of Souls”And “Savage Planet”;
  • gas to metal – Weird, wanted and sometimes cheesy movie worlds, despite the atmosphere, are often so bad that they are good, for example: “Plan 9 from space”And “Zombie 2”And “The Galaxy of Terror”.

All productions are available in HD with original language versions with audio commentary or Polish subtitles.

Free Movies On FlixClassic – What’s the Price of Access?

The new site has been set up by Two subscription plans: monthly for PLN 12.99 and annually for PLN 129.90. FlixClassic operates in the sVoD model, which means that a viewer, by purchasing one of the two suggested packages, has access to the entire film’s repertoire.

Convenient use of the platform provides cross-browser access, iOS, Android and soon Smart TV apps (certificate pending). The FlixClassic platform allows you to watch movies on two devices at the same time. Registration on the platform on flixclassic.pl can be done by creating a new account or linking it to your Facebook or Google account. All those who have signed up for the FlixClassic newsletter by April 29You got free access to your entire movie library for 10 days.

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