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The leader of the popular Nokaut cartel was badly beaten in a club in Chełm. He has a broken skull. One of the attackers attacked him with a hammer. The guy had to have surgery, and now he faces a long rehabilitation. The musician has already revealed how the beating happened.

Przemysław Gilewicz hit from Knockout

Przemysław Gilewicz, Nokaut . team captainHe had a few moments of terror this past weekend. The popular disco polo musician posted on social media Shocking pictures of her face covered in blood and her head wrapped in a bandage. As explained in the Facebook post, Victim of a severe beating in a building in Chełm.

There are several dozen people in the restaurant – nobody interacts! hardness; Everyone looks at the phone screen! What about you people?! I am terribly disturbed by human indifference. When I see that someone is getting hurt, someone is in danger – I react. When I see a group of niggers demolishing the place – I react. When I see that the staff (my friends) are in danger – I react. It doesn’t matter if there will be 3 or 5 of you.. How did you collect the lesson – you supported yourself with an ax / hammer – congratulations. This time I failed – my head is hard. Thank you very much for your help. I’m Waiting for Surgery – Keep Your Fingers Crossed (Original Spelling – Editor) – he wrote.

Brutal beating disco polo music

As Dzenek and Chudney describe, the traumatic event occurred on Friday night. She was due to enter the club where Przemyslav Djeliwicz was playing with his friend before midnight A group of several aggressive men.

They practically began to riot in the building almost immediately. They spat in the service boy’s face. insulted. They were throwing billiards outside. broken glass; I am a regular customer of this place and know all the staff. I couldn’t look at her indifferently. I went to the girls and asked them if they wanted security. Turns out they did it a long time ago – Knockout boss told the gate.

Gilewicz decided not to wait for security to arrive and began to act on his own. as he says, At first try to reach the aggressors through the conversation. The quarrel began. The leader of the disco polo troupe was shot in the face.

I reacted when I was a trainee. The attacker was brought down to the ground floor, but his men followed him. I got up and turned to the other attackers. Then the person I spoke to took out the hammer and axe and hit me twice on the head with the fighter. Blood flooded my eyes, but I didn’t lose consciousness – describes in an interview with Dziennik Wschodni.

Przemysław Gilewicz underwent surgery

Przemysław Gilewicz was taken to hospital after being beaten Fractured parietal bone and fractured sunken eye socket. on Saturday underwent surgery. He doesn’t know exactly how long the hospitalization will take, because – to make matters worse – Corona virus infected in a medical facility. After that, a long rehabilitation will be necessary.

I won’t be able to go back to concerts until about June, because I can’t play the saxophone because of the ruined bay. This week, I was going to record a music video for another song. I have already paid the costs and have not paid any of them. I was due to record on TV next week. Now everything is suspended. In short, I was denied the opportunity to earn. The band did so well that I mostly made a living from music – says the author of the song “At the End of the World”, which has been viewed on YouTube more than 18 million times.

Up to 8 years in prison

The details described on the pages of “Dziennik Wschodni” have been confirmed Police already investigating:

The accident occurred Friday night in one of the buildings in Chełm. According to the 31-year-old victim’s account, his inappropriate behavior was brought to the attention of several young men. Then a quarrel broke out between them, during which he was attacked and beaten, as it turned out later, using an ax.

They were arrested on Tuesday Two of the perpetrators – a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old. They were indicted on Wednesday.

Today they both heard the allegations of beatings. They will also be brought to the prosecutor’s office with a request for preventive action. The oldest of them will be held accountable for beatings with a dangerous object, and will be punished with imprisonment of up to 8 years – Says the police.

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