Wojciech Pszoniak: Actors Walkthrough – Movie

  • Wojciech Pzoniak grew up without a father. Due to problems in his personal life, he planned to commit suicide in his teens. He was saved in an accident
  • When he decided that he would become an actor, teachers and friends did not expect him to be successful. He took the exam, but his failure to obtain a high school diploma led to his immediate disqualification
  • At the commission’s directive he was supposed to exclaim: “Let the stranger .. do not think that I will not be represented.”
  • With his wife Barbara, with whom Danuta Raine collaborated with Pzoniak, they regretted the lack of children and the fact that they had postponed the decision to adopt for so long
  • It was his wife who convinced him to try his hand at outside. He sang with movie stars – Liv Ullman, Tim Roth, Gerard Depardieu, Carmen Morey
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Tekst pierwotnie publikowany w dniu śmierci Wojciecha Pszoniaka 19 października 2020 r. 

He was born in 1942 in Lviv, but spent his childhood in Glivitsa. He had few happy memories of that period; He mainly remembers the ordeals that befell his family. My father refused to join the party, lost his job – so the financial situation at home was tragic – and soon after that he had a stroke and died.

Thirteen-year-old Pzoniak was devastated. He did not get along with his mother, and when Poland left, in addition, a girl for whom he had great affection, and when he found out that he would not be accepted into high school because of his bad behavioral score, he fell. In real despair. He decided there was no point in having any more and made plans to commit suicide. He was saved in an accident.

He told Playboy, “I went to the railroad tracks, lay down and waited. I tensed like Bergman. The train crossed the track.” The second attempt was also unsuccessful – he intended to hang himself on a pole, but was chased by one of the railway workers. “I got up, dusted myself off, and decided to live!” – Recognized.

He did not want to go back to school, so he secretly walked from his relatives to the military facility to enlist in the army. It was unlucky. Conscription ended, but he was offered a place in the military orchestra. As a drummer, he served nearly two years, and this experience had a major impact on his life; It empowered him, helped him gain self-confidence, and taught him what determination is. “I came out stronger and more mature than my colleagues. If I had not had a strong character, I would have lost myself, because I found myself alone in a primitive and brutal world” – he recalls in Rzeczpospolita.

Wojciech Pszoniak in the movie Wojciech Pszoniak in “Gniazdo” (1973) – Witold Rozmysłowicz / PAP

Pszoniak then went to a high school of music and when he was offered to join the orchestra, he refused, and announced that he was going to become an actor. Teachers and friends did not expect him to be successful and tried to dissuade him from taking such a career path, but he was stubborn. He took an exam at a theater school in Warsaw, but the lack of a matriculation certificate made him immediately ineligible. So he entered an amateur theater to hone his skills and a high school for adults, where he passed his high school leaving examination. However, this time the group of masters was also cruel.

He said in “Playboy”, “I discovered that I could not do the second stage of the exams because I do not suffer from external conditions, nor sensitivity, and I have speech disabilities.” He reacted very emotionally to the verdict. “I opened the door to the hall and shouted in the direction of the committee: Do not be afraid… Do not think that I will not be represented.”

The determination gave him the strength to act. He went to Krakow, and there the examiners saw something more in him. He graduated with honors, which gave him a great deal of satisfaction and cemented his belief that the decision he had made wasn’t wrong.

He first appeared on the stage, replacing an absent colleague – he was quickly noticed and got a job at the Stary Theater. Fate finally smiled at him. His career began to develop, and his personal life also improved. It was Danuta Raine who set him up with her friend Barbara – the girl who lived in Gliwice, they even attended the same school, but then did not meet. For Bzoniak, she ended her previous relationship and soon became his wife, although he himself believed that he was destined to be celibate; He was postponed due to his parents’ unsuccessful marriage.

“I love women. But I did not want to marry. I did not want to become a professional husband. One goes to work, brings money, and my wife cooks dinner. And everything is always fine. Moreover, I looked at my parents. They ”- he admitted In “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

Decades passed, and they were still together, saying that their love had only gotten stronger. They only regretted the lack of children and for having put off a decision on adoption for so long.

Wojciech Pszoniak in the movie Wojciech Pszoniak in the movie “Olimpiada 40” – Witold Rozmysłowicz / PAP

It was his wife who convinced him to try his hand at outside. When he appeared in “The Promised Land” (initially he was supposed to play Zucker, but he didn’t like the suggestion – in the end, Andrzej Wajda entrusted him with the role of Moryc, which was originally meant to be given to Jerzy Zelnik) he caught the attention of artists from outside Poland, and the French director Claude Rygi wanted to include him in his performance. Only Bzuniak, who did not know the language, got out of the chicken.

He didn’t contact Reggie until a few months later and asked for another opportunity. He prepared the conversation ahead of time, he read the ready-made answers from the cards, and his sister-in-law played the role of the prompter, suggesting the appropriate questions. The seemingly crazy solution turned out to be one hundred percent successful. Thus, at the end of the seventies, Pzoniak left for Paris. Reggie never realized that he had hired an actor who almost didn’t speak French.

Wojciech PszoniakWojciech Pszoniak – MW Media

Pzoniak did not collapse and emphasized that he seriously took his profession, which is why he cannot be seen in popular soap operas. He never cared about empty fame, and tried to keep his name from appearing in the newspapers – though laughing to admit that he had already read different things about himself; He wrote that he is gay, that he lives in a triangle or works in the security service. He didn’t even feel like commenting on it. “I am not a doda actor,” he said in “Playboy.” “I think it’s a waste of time to take care of yourself and your image.” His rigor and, above all, his professionalism have always been appreciated in the industry.

He has performed with real movie stars – Liv Ullman, Tim Roth, Gerard Depardieu, Carmen Morey; She was supposed to star in a movie with Ava Gardner, but the actress died shortly before filming began and the project was dropped.

He said he had no dreams, which were mostly coincidences – and he didn’t disappoint. He did not dwell on his mistakes and failures, nor did he worry about the passing of the years. “The past does not matter to me” – he said in “Dziennik Polski”. “I am concerned with today and what will be tomorrow.”

He passed away on Monday, October 19 at 6:08 am. He was 78 years old. On May 2, 2022, he will celebrate his 80th birthday.

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