Where do you watch 4K channels in Poland? Top quality, perfect for the weekend in May! There are 12 major stations waiting

On TV in Poland you can watch a number of stations that broadcast all programs in 4K quality! in networks Satellite, cable and IPTV novelties appear quite often, offering viewers, among other things, films and series in the highest resolution. So what channels are available now? Where can you see them? We check out the offers of the leading TV operators this weekend in May!

4K of Polish TV – What channels and where can you watch them in Poland? Top quality for the May weekend!

We regularly review the offers of operators operating in Poland – both the leading domestic companies and the smaller ones. We’ve counted so far 12 pieces Broadcast regularly in the decision 4K. Where do we see them and what do we find in programming? Here is the current list of channels:

This channel showed other broadcasters what the highest quality 4K picture should look like, also powered by technology HDR And WCG. It was one of the first items available in Poland with the highest image quality. We can see there, among other things The greatest Polish seriesAs well as award winning MoviesAnd Documents and the chosen Major football matches if Polish Ekstraklasa.

This is a well-known sports channel. in the decision 4K It was launched in November 2017. Its presentation is identical to what viewers would find in Eleven Sports 1 in terms of quality HD. The only difference between both stations is that specific 4K channel transmissions are done at the highest resolution available. Where can you watch it?

Join the show at the beginning of September 2021 Polsat صندوق Fund (formerly Cyfrowy Polsat) also entered service at the beginning of December Polsat Box Go – You can watch it on TVs Samsung With Tizen, on z . models Android TV and inside Camel. It is also available in fiber optic view Orange TV For 15 PLN per month. Cable network customers can also access Vectra (Also for PLN 15 per month). As it appeared in the service play now With a decoder – the same price. Domestically, Eleven Sports 4K can be found, for example, in the cable player NET4MEwhich operates in Wielkopolska and Świętokrzyskie districts.

  • FunBox UHD

It was launched in Poland a few years ago, and this channel is broadcasting Polish TV cinema (SPI International). In the program, viewers can find thematic materials with different content. From nature shots, through sporting events, movies and documentaries, to concerts and shows. All programs are instantaneously created in . format 4K quality. Where can you watch it? Recently, this station joined the show UPC Polska (Item 252). where too?

Where can you watch 4K FunBox UHD on Polish TV?  You will find a lot of interesting and topical content there!

This is the first Polish 24-hour channel that broadcasts only content recorded in original 4K resolution. This provides cinematic picture quality for 4K Ultra HD TVs. The offer mainly consists of Music broadcast but me Documents And Movies. documentaries. Some programs will also be broadcast in HDR. The channel is available, among others, on cable TV Vectra and other cable operators with 4K decoders.

Ultra TV 4K channel

The company owned by Michał Winnicki has announced its intention to introduce a channel dedicated to films in mid-December 2021 MWE broadcast. The show is aimed at viewers over 50 years old, and the broadcaster justifies the choice of the target group by the fact that its members usually look for content on television, and generally avoid on-demand services. However, this is not the only motivation for creating a channel. 4K content is available on the channel Max 4K movie in the first place Classic American productions: Movies and series. The table includes, among others “Bonanza” or the program “Cabaret Frenzy”. Film-themed magazines and programs will also appear on air. The radio also announced the extension of the show by Asian movies, including. Stands with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Where can you watch Filmax 4K?


One of the newest items 4K On Polish TV is a station dedicated to Movies and series. at Red Top TV Older American and European productions are mainly broadcast. The owner of the channel is Red Carpet Media Gropu SA – the company has a station in its portfolio red carpet tv. The new item is distributed by Pasja TV.

What’s on RedTOP TV? First of all, serials that have been popular for years, such as “Isaura’s Slave Girl” czech production The woman behind the counter And “Hospital on the Limbs”. All titles remain Remastered to broadcast in higher resolution and available with updated subtitles.

RedTOP TV is available in 4K quality TVK digital TV from Czestochowa. It was launched there in two versions: Quality HD And 4K. The first is available at starter pack network and the other in HD . Package. Inform the operator that the channels are available sequentially in the positions 117 And 187

A new channel with Red Top TV movies and series is now available in 4K quality on TV!  Who turned it on and where do you watch it?

Really Demo station with attractive, varied and high-definition content. Subscribers can watch it from September Polsat صندوق Fund – On digital receivers available in position 209.

This is a channel dedicated to official material belonging to – as the name suggests – US National Aeronautics and Space Agency. It broadcasts rocket launches, footage from the International Space Station (including astronauts working there), views of Earth from the station’s surface, or even content dedicated to Mars and our solar system. The station can be considered as a customer Polsat صندوق Fundas well as for example Chopin cable TV From Wejherowo (Attitude 425 on the decoder).

Another 4K channel on the big Polish cable TV network!  Spectacular Views - What content was shared?

It is a media and press TV station that started broadcasting October 9, 2017. The station’s editor-in-chief is Agata Rowińska. Until recently, it was broadcast in the highest definition only in broadcasts, in shows orange And UPC. The last operator in August of this year finally included him in his regular cable show in the post 253.

UPC Tests The First 4K UHD Channels In Its Cable TV Show!  What items will you be able to watch in the highest quality?

It’s the world’s leading 4K UHD channel and hundreds of hours of 4K UHD and HDR programming dedicated to it Brave JourneysAnd inspiring science And Technique And extreme sports. It was available on offer UPC Polska And Polsat صندوق Fund (from the basic S package).

This channel offers viewers documentaries about great painters, art galleries, and new personalities in the art scene, as well as game shows, magazines, content entertainment, photography and drawing competitions, and drawing lessons. 4K Museum is available on the platform Channel + in packages Relax +And + optimizationAnd Extra + And Super Premium + 4K – on the channel 179.

What 4K channels can you watch on Polish TV?  Where do you look for it?  Spend Easter at the highest resolution!

This is the broadcast channel Free Trade Agreementi.e. free of charge, included in the offer Polsat صندوق Fund. This means that all customers who have a 4K set-top box for this player can get it for free. Fashion TV UHD is for fashionistas and the latest trends in the fashion world. The schedule includes fashion shows and programs dedicated to fashion and beauty.

The popular 4K channel is available again for free (FTA) via satellite!  How to pick up and watch?

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