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Publication date 04/29/2022.

Up to 250,000 gold subsidies to set up a business in the countryside. for whom?

Until May 31, ARMA extended the call for applications for subsidies to set up a rural company. Assistance is granted to a farmer, farmer’s spouse or a farmer family member who has been fully insured with KRUS for a continuous period of at least 12 months prior to the date of application for assistance.

The amount of support depends on the number of jobs planned to be created and amounts to: 150 thousand PLN (at least one job), 200 thousand. PLN (2 at least) or 250 thousand. PLN (at least 3).

The farm on which the applicant works must be in a town located in the area of:

  • rural municipality or
  • an urban-rural municipality, except for cities with a population of more than 5,000 residents, or
  • A municipal municipality, with the exception of cities with a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants.

Not only are people who first set up a company to apply for assistance, but also those who liquidated or suspended it at least 24 months ago.

It is noteworthy that people who have received funds from the “Grant for Young Farmers” and “Small Farm Restructuring” from the 2014-2020 Rural Development Program cannot apply for these funds.

The Ministry of Agriculture is working to introduce changes to the regulations related to this support. It is about documenting the income obtained from non-agricultural activities during the implementation of the business plan and limiting the scope of changes to the assumptions of the business plan, which the beneficiary is obliged to submit to the director of the regional branch of ARMA with a request for approval.

Consideration is also given to offering the possibility of accepting changes in the business plan assumptions for passenger cars without having to change the amount spent on their purchase up to an amount not exceeding 50% of the amount of assistance. However, this specific change is expected to apply only to aid awarded before January 22, 2022.

Up to €100,000 per year in subsidies to groups of agricultural producers

from May 4 to June 17 The agency will accept applications in Creation of producer groups and producer organizations. This recruitment will repeat in October 2022.

In mid-May, will begin to call for applications for subsidies to restructure a small farm

Farmers who want to take advantage of Small farm restructuring premium You will be able to place orders from May 16. Recruitment will continue Until July 14. We inform the farmers, because such doubts were This recruitment is still subject to the old rules, meaning that the funding will reach 60 thousand. zloty. However, in December last year, the regulations imposed financial penalties in case the beneficiary fails to meet the requirement to operate a farm according to the production structure planned in the business plan.

This condition will also be considered fulfilled if the production structure of the target period on the farm differs from the production structure defined in the business plan (in the description of the target situation of the farm). The implementation of this solution will be possible only when the elements of the business plan remain logical and justified, the investments are adjusted in accordance with the achieved production structure and an adequate increase in the economic size of the farm will be achieved.

ARMA will not refuse to pay the second installment of assistance, if the changing structure of production on the farm allows to maintain the consistency of the process, including investment in fixed assets, and at the same time the economic size of the farm will increase to at least 10 thousand. Euro and at least 20% in relation to the initial economic size of the farm.

Less and less time is spent on subsidies to modernize farms

only one more time Until May 27 You can submit funding requests underFarm Update: Pig production And irrigation. In the first case, the support may not exceed PLN 900,000. PLN, in the second – 100 thousand. zloty.

150,000 gold rewards for the young farmer

On the other side Until May 29 ARMA accepts applications for “Bonus for Young Farmers”Which is 150 thousand. PLN It is paid in two instalments. An application for reimbursement of the first installment (120,000 PLN) must be submitted within 9 months from the date of delivery of the decision to grant assistance), and the second installment after the implementation of the action plan, but no later than 3 years from the date of payment of the first installment of assistance.

In the case of spouses, the premium is awarded to only one of them, to whom the spouse has given their consent in writing, regardless of whether they have joint property or separate farms.

Dr. Magdalena Szymanska
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