What if the child suffocated?

A piece of food, rubber, or a block is blocking the child’s respiratory system. The little boy is suffocating and can’t breathe. Such situations happen not only to the youngest. What to do and how to act and not be upset?

We wrote about it a few days ago Three-year-old Gabricia’s storywho choked on candy. Without the help of a policeman who happened to be nearby, the situation would have ended tragically. The event was recorded by security cameras.

It’s good to know how you can help someone who is choking.

As Marta Ludwiczyk, a TVN24 reporter and author of How Not to Get into Trouble, or Advice for a Baby, Mom and Dad emphasized, choking can affect everyone, not just parents of young children. So it is important to know how not to panic and what to do in such a situation.

The child choked on a biscuit, helped by a policewomanKPP Ilawa

quickly and firmly

As Ludwiczek explains, first of all, we should pay attention to what a young child eats and how we feed him – for example, candy or nuts carry a higher risk for such an event. Secondly, it is important not to feed your children food at times when we cannot help them quickly and safely, for example when driving on the highway.

But what do you do if it’s about choking anyway? Artur Churek, the paramedic, explained how to help in such a situation. First, make sure nothing is left in the person’s mouth. When the baby is a baby, we can put him on the forearm face down and hit him five times between the shoulder blades. “We have to do it firmly,” the rescuer added.

When this does not work, we can turn the child over, support his head at the level of the survey and apply pressure to the sternum with two fingers, then repeat the entire cycle until the result, moment or when the child becomes flaccid – then resuscitation should begin.

The child stopped breathing, and the firefighters helped him

The child stopped breathing, and the firefighters helped himTVN24

A few simple steps

When the child is older, we can put him on the knee – face down too, and then hit him between the shoulder blades. “We can sit down to make it easier for us,” Schork added.

In the case of an adult, bend the person and hit his back at the height of the scapula. However, if this does not work, in the case of older children and adults, we can use the so-called Heimlich fist, that is, standing behind the person, embracing him with his hands, holding one hand at the level of the diaphragm or fist. Hand in fist and hug the other. Then squeeze your hands – press them tightly as if we want to lift the person.

– These simple activities can save someone’s life – assures the savior.

The incident of three-year-old Gabricia took place on Friday (April 22) at 1 Maja Street in Nidzica (Varmian Masurian Prefecture). The great aspirant Jacek Zbrzyzny, head of the road traffic link at the district police headquarters in Nidzica, was just a judge during the “Car Championship”, which was held in Primary School No. 3. Suddenly he heard a woman screaming for help.

The three-year-old choked because of eating candy, and a policeman came to help him

Jeremiah and the Mazury PoliceJeremiah and the Mazury Police

Everyone should know that

– The officer immediately ran to a woman carrying a three-year-old child. The girl was angry and had trouble breathing. According to my mother, the three-year-old suffocated from eating candy. The officer immediately began rescue operations – we were informed by Staff Sergeant Alija Bepovska of the Kosovo Police in Nidzica.

– When the three-year-old was calm in her mother’s arms, the policeman ordered her to see a doctor to make sure that the baby’s health was not in danger. The next day, the officer called the girl’s mother by phone to ask her about her condition – adds Pepłowska. The girl was fine.

as st. aspe. Zbrezzny, speaking with us, does not feel like a hero. As he emphasized, everyone should know how to act in case of suffocation, and we should not be afraid to provide first aid.

The rescue operation was recorded by a city surveillance camera. The police shared the recording.

Main image source: tvn24

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