Unnoticed and Unloved Games Review – April 16-30, 2022

May 1, 2022 at 12:04 pm

The second half of April was more exciting than the first. This time in my mini-game review among others a great FPS game and free work by the National Memorial Institute about the Polish-Bolshevik War, and among the demos also isometric RPGs in the world of Vampire: Masquerades and a roguelike game somewhat reminiscent of System Shock.

In the second half of April, the small developers – unlike the big ones – got off to a soft start, and as a result, over the past two weeks, there have been many interesting offers, especially in the beta section … AAA.

Turbo Overkill (Early Access)

  1. platforms: PC
  2. Polish: lack

I wrote about Turbo Overkill a few weeks ago in our Steam Next beta review – and I’m very excited to be posting about this game again as it launches in Early Access. I was right when I praised the work of Trigger Happy Interactive studio – 96% Players who have reviewed it on Steam so far also praise them. What is that title anyway? Let me quote my own words from a few weeks ago:

What other things can you come up with in the first person reactionary genre? Chainsaw in the leg of the hero! Thanks to this simple innocence Turbo Overkill It looks fresh as there hasn’t been a representative of this class in a long time. Slides are no longer just for dribbling or overcoming obstacles – they are one of the most effective killing tools in the player’s hand. Combined with an orgy of violence, a gentle cyberpunk atmosphere, great music and an incredible pace of action, this is a real work of the devil. If you don’t take our word for it, check out the trailer above before you run to install the demo.

And you know what’s best? The demo can still be installed.

  1. Turbo Overkill in the game encyclopedia
  2. Turbo Overkill on Steam

The Iron Section (Early Access)

  1. platforms: PC
  2. Polish: lack

In the Battle Brothers editorial office, there is a big lover in the person of Elk, who watches everything with great vigilance tactical strategyWhen searching for similar games. This is how The Iron Oath, newly released early on, hit my radar and my entire editorial office. Also in the work of the Curious Panda Games studio We run a mercenary company We are looking for income in a semi-dark medieval fantasy world.

86% Players who left a review on Steam speak positively about this title. They especially praise the well-thought-out and intense mechanics of alternating and co-writing tactical battles (dialogues, quests, cosmos). However, many point out that there is not enough content at the moment – fortunately, the developers have already prepared an update plan for the rest of the year.

  1. Iron section in the encyclopedia of games
  2. Steamed iron section

Zeros game

  1. platforms: PC
  2. Polish: Yes (translation and dubbing)

Our National Remembrance Institute has been trying to reach young people with Polish history through video games for some time, but only now came up with the idea to reach them through Steam. In the free game Ciphers, he wants to bring us closer to the war against the Bolsheviks in 1919-1921 from an unknown aspect: intelligence activities. Approaching In a first-person adventure game with logic and even stealth elements.

The National Remembrance Institute enlisted the help of studio Chronospace, which knows something about game development and education. The producers came to a reasonable assumption that beautiful graphics are a major factor in attracting attention, and that dubbing would be welcome (in Zeros game Until Mirosław Zbrojewicz appeared). It is a pity that they did not make other reasonable assumptions.

After getting acquainted with the description of the game and looking at the promotional materials, I eagerly installed this production – unfortunately it again turned out that education in Poland is not very good. As long as the historical basis coding games It’s undoubtedly solid, its widely understood aspects of the game poor – even for “free”. No possibility to save the game, absolutely no configuration options, a horrifying interface, and finally a sloppy gameplay design in which the player gropes on walls and prides himself on how to push the plot even further – the sins of this production are heavy and manifold.

But Zeros game It deserves a place in the review. There are still quite a few titles that try to show players anything real, rather than delve into an easy, cheerful fantasy. Furthermore it I appreciate the attempt to combine historical education with a relatively “serious” play format – Even if this game is ineffective. I therefore encourage the National Institute of Remembrance not to give up and to continue this divine work. Just let him find a smarter developer next time.

  1. Zeros game in the encyclopedia of games
  2. Crypto game on Steam


  1. Winter Ember – Isometric stealthilyWho draws a lot of inspiration from this series thief (both in game mechanics and in real life). The trailers looked delicious and the game had this month’s premiere style – but unfortunately it came out in tatters. Fortunately, the creators are sweating and the situation is gradually getting better; Currently, 54% of Steam reviews are positive (47% right after the premiere). In addition to PC, the title was also released on PlayStation and Xbox.
  2. Scapa: snowfall – TPP arcade adventure game, whose creators set the goal of introducing players to the culture of the Sami / Sami (people from Northern Europe) and instilling it in digital form. the game for her 77% Positive Reviews On Steam (24 of 31), recipients especially praise the thrilling story and engaging style.
  3. Warstride Challenges (Early Access) – Seems to be just another version deathBut he has a twist: Racing shooting. We exterminate the escaping demons, trying to reach the end of the stage as quickly as possible and get the best score in the ranking. 96% Positive reviews on Steam show that there is a way to this madness.
  4. Prehistoric Kingdom (Early Access) – in a nutshell: Planet Zoo Meets jurassic world evolution. very beautiful economic strategyWhere we run a zoo with prehistoric animals (not just dinosaurs). she has 82% Positive reviews on Steam, although many would agree that it will only roll out its wings in a few updates.
  1. Ultra Age – Third Person slasherWhich many people associate with the chain Nor. (less often with devil may cry). Over six months ago, it debuted on PlayStation and Switch, and now it’s also made it to PC — and it’s been warmly received on Steam (95% Positive ratings, i.e. 37 out of 39). Just keep in mind that this is a short and budget project.
  2. Lumut – beautiful puzzle With 3D platform elements. As the title creature, something between an exotic life form, a plant and… a stuffed animal, we traverse the colorful levels and power up the many plumptors. The address is for him 100% Positive reviews on Steam (63 out of 63). In addition to PC, it is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.
  3. Samurai Bringer – Arcade hack’n’slash with items Rogolitewhose style reminds us of the role-playing game from the first PlayStation. We are fighting hordes (literally) of samurai and demons from Japanese mythology. the game for her 90% Positive reviews on Steam, it is also available on PlayStation and Switch.
  4. kaiju wars – tactical strategy alternating that looks like in the breach. We fend off famous monster attacks straight from the movies on small old school boards. she has 96% Positive reviews on Steam (46 out of 48).

Trial versions

Darkverse: Rogue

I usually stay away from this type roguelike And I shake my nose at it – but when I play this kind of pose, it often turns out that I’m breaking through room by room and can’t get away from the screen (until I die). This was the fate that befell me Darkverse: Rogue.

This game first caught my eye by its similarities to System Shock – this He wanders unhurriedly through the suffocating expanses of a spaceship infested with monsters, which we deal with more often with the use of melee weapons than firearms, with its ruthless atmosphere and pixel art style. Then, positive correlations were combined with satisfaction derived from well-designed and addictive gameplay.

I recommend you see it for yourself. However, keep in mind that this is a pre-alpha version – although I haven’t encountered any glaring bugs, the optimization raises some doubts, and the developer didn’t expect any configuration options for the game (except for mouse sensitivity). I also hope so with time Darkverse: Rogue It will be equipped with more story content.

  1. Darkverse: Rogue on Steam


play again roguelikeBut it’s a completely different story. Loopmancer This is amazing glamorous 2.5D platformer in cyberpunk realitywhich features a strong focus on narrative and cinematic character, underlined by a slew of stunning scenes (and fully audio dialogues).

Due to the latter qualities, the work of the Chinese studio eBrain caught me more than Darkverse: Rogue. It never bothered me to die over and over again because of that With each new approach, I learned more about the story, the characters, and the world – On randomly generated stages, not only tools or power-ups useful during battles are placed here, but also notes with interesting information.

However, to perfection a little Loopmancer (Still missing. Better camera action and greater transparency on the battlefield would be especially useful (opponents often blend in with the surroundings). Besides, take the correction that the show, while effective, breathes budget – after all, it’s Not a AAA game.

  1. Loopmancer on Steam

Vampire: Disguise – a heartless lullaby

This is the demo we announced in the news three weeks ago – an introduction Isometric RPG under license Vampire: disguiseIts creators clearly like it Disco Elysium. I know this sounds delicious – but before you play around, you have to keep in mind how this project was created. a heartless lullaby She is the winning entry to the Vampire Jam competition, which included making a game set in the World of Darkness in thirty days.

Thirty days is a very short time for production in our industry – and that shows in the title. Graphics are very economical, residual animations, temporary interface, limited interactions – all nooks and crannies are visible from every nook and cranny. However, if you turn a blind eye to them, you have a chance to have a good time. Visual setting and text build the atmosphere well Vampire, so there is what qualifies as a solid “roll”. But The full version is titled Vampire: Disguise – A Heartless SymphonyWe won’t see very soon. Just started working on it…

  1. Vampire: The Masquerade – Heartless Lullaby on Steam

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