Tuscany Tognana – Mediterranean rustic tiles

Tuscany Tognana Rustic Ceramic Tile
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rustic tiles
– Characteristic for houses from southern Europe, they are often found in Polish construction. They give a unique character to each building, Fits modern and traditional architecture. This roof tile, because of its durability, reliability and availability In a wide range of colorsIt is an alternative to the standard colors black and grey.

Ancient Tuscany Tognana Ceramic Tile - Dolomite Color, Closeup

Antique ceramic tiles from the Tuscany Tognana collection, wiping variants in shades of moonlight and dolomite

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Italian elegance in the Polish landscape

Tognana ceiling tiles They are offerings for lovers of Southern European classics. Unique staining of tiles, obtained in the clay firing process (Burning also strengthens the durability of the color), changing the time of day and the angle of light, Mediterranean style tiles change shades. It suits the landscape and the changing climate, increases the beauty of the building and adds color to the surroundings, and if chosen correctly creates the desired harmony or contrast.

Especially the Tuscany model take Profile with greater curvature Deceptively similar to the Monk Monk Tile, it allows for multiple applications. They are in harmony with modern buildings – with a simple shape, large glazing, light-colored facades. It goes well with wood and stone – Create House in a rustic atmosphere. It gives the character of commercial investments – restaurants, hotels, tourist resorts, distinguishing them from neighboring buildings.

Ancient Tuscany Tognana Ceramic Tile - Medieval colour, close-up Ancient Tuscany Tognana Ceramic Tile - Renaissance Color, Closeup

Antique ceramic tiles from the Tuscany Tognana collection, variants of medieval and Renaissance shades are erased

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Italian tiles for historical roofs

In projects that require the preservation of the historical or Mediterranean appearance of the buildings The use of antique tile type tileWhat is the Tuscany modelIt allows you to get a distinctive image of a monk roof tiled roof, avoiding the problem of difficulty in installation and requires a lot of installation experience. they are Often used in the restoration of monumentsFor example, churches, monasteries, palaces and dwelling houses, because they meet the requirements specified by the guards. They create a firm and tight ceiling. It is frost-resistant and durable to change the weather.

In terms of the picture Antique roof tiles have a fairly high and wide wave, widening at the base. in addition to She has breaks – Gutters imitation of the lower tile – dandelion. All this makes for It is an excellent alternative to tiles in pairsWhich fully reflects the nature of this tile.

Tognana Tuscany will be an excellent option wherever the ceiling looks like a monk and a nun, and tiles cannot be used in pairs.

Technical and economic reasons may also lead to ancient Tuscany tiles. Thanks to two locks and a low thermodynamic lock This ceiling tile retains excellent tightness. In addition, the use of locks with a large slip tolerance affects flexibility in assembly. The tolerance for coverage per square meter ranges from 13.4 to 14 pieces. Quick and easy installation of this tile Especially Reduces roofing cost. they So the assembly is fastAnd They are more economical than monk tiles. Furthermore it forming a lighter roof coverWhile preserving the aesthetics of the ceiling in the order of the monk monk.

Tuscany Tognana tiles – a synthesis of past and present

a job tunanaBelongs to Tegolaia groups, has been producing ceiling tiles for more than 200 years. One of its factories has been supplying ceramic tiles to Venice since 1820. Tognana products are made from a carefully selected blend of high quality clay From the plains of Venice. Manufacturer applies Latest technologythat allow you to get Highest quality standards. Antique ceiling tiles are distinguished by unusual originality, perfect appearance and functionality. Tognana has received confirmation of compliance of roofing tiles with UNI EN 1304, EN 538 / 539-1 / 539-2 / 1024 and EN 533/2 standards and frost resistance in Northern European countries.

Antique Tuscany Tognana Ceramic Tile - Natural Red Color

Antique Tuscany Tognana Ceramic Tile – Natural Red Color

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Tuscany Coppo Tognana tiles are available in five colors: natural red And in heterogeneous shades, named: Middle AgesAnd dolomiteAnd RenaissanceAnd moon light. The color of moonlight deserves special attention, because it is very similar The real southern buildingIt delights with its heterogeneous colors that suit every season.

More information on the DACHYRUSTYKALNE.pl website on the PdA portal.

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