They have crossed the bounds of madness. On Russian television about the nuclear attack on Europe

For several weeks in the current programs of the news channel Russian 1 The topic of Russia’s nuclear attack on Ukraine and NATO appears regularly. Once again the most famous press program participants Threaten to use nuclear weapons by Russia. But this time They have crossed the bounds of madness. The experts commented with amusement Map with missile flight paths and time when they will reach European capitals such as Paris, Berlin or London.

Russian propaganda in the official media is monitored by an American journalist Julia Davis. In the most recent post on Twitter, I posted an excerpt from the most famous TV journalistic show Russian 1. Commenting on the article, Davis noted that the purpose of these programs is to Preventing the West from providing military aid to Ukraine.

It gets really scary on the show when she’s suddenly introduced Map of a possible nuclear attack by Russia on three European capitals. The flight time required to reach the target is also indicated on the map for missiles sent from Kaliningrad. The missile will reach Berlin in 106 seconds, and London or Paris in about 200 seconds. This information puts the experts in the studio in a great mood, and they clearly admire the vision a lot.”Russia’s nuclear strike.- There is no Sarmatian (nuclear-charged Russian missile – liberated) nor Great Britain – says one of the experts invited to the program.

The discussion begins in the studio and the program leader notices it, after all In the event of an attack on London, a nuclear response could be expected from Great Britain. “No one can survive a nuclear war,” the show host logically said at one point. However, this information does not bother the experts invited to the studio. Another of them says that such an attack is a good idea because “Russia will start with a clean slate“According to him, after the Sarmat missile is launched, the only problem is whether NATO will be able to shoot it down. After a while, he adds that this map with missile tracks heading to Berlin or London”It is worth reminding them (i.e. NATO – ed.)These words amuse the other program participants.

This is another show on Russian TV Russian 1Where the invitees even asked the Russian authorities “Nuclear reaction to the insolence of the WestAnd a second nuclear match to help NATO countries fight Ukraine. The American journalist previously showed an excerpt from the Russian presentation she was in Imagine a nuclear attack on the United States. “Hosts and participants laugh at the idea of ​​destroying American cities,” journalist Julia Davis wrote on Twitter.

Russian TV is An invaluable source of information for Western intelligence services. It happens that popular press programs present Putin’s future plans for war with Ukraine. This is how the government familiarizes Russian society with what may happen and what is planned in the privacy of the Kremlin’s offices.

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