The Minister of Culture wishes a birthday for contemporary music composer Krzysztof Knittel

Your complex musical personality has been taking shape for decades. It is important that you have achieved the highest level of perfection in each of them, Peter Glinsky, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, wrote in a letter marking the 75th birthday of contemporary Krzysztof Knittel. Composer.

“Please accept my very best Christmas wishes and words of appreciation for your outstanding creative and educational achievements. Your complex musical personality has crystallized for decades in many forms of communication. It is important that in each of them you have achieved the highest level of mastery, which translates into admiration for audiences and music critics, as well as future generations of New music creators ”- we read in the letter of the Deputy Prime Minister. Glinsky noted that since his student days at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw, artistic curiosity, shaped by Krzysztof Knittel under the guidance of Tadeusz Bird and Włodzimierz Kotoński, had led him away from major compositional trends toward innovative techniques of musical expression, and toward electronic devices.” His potential, I received an education in programming at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in parallel in 1973 working with the experimental studio of Polish Radio” – he noted.

The head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage confirmed that Krzysztof Knittel plays the role of composer and instrumentalist in his artwork, and thus remains as close as possible to the fabric of the work, giving the audience a unique opportunity to get acquainted with her musical world. “The achievement of computer and electronic sound work in this nature has taken you to the most famous festivals of contemporary music, including the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Warsaw Autumn or ISCM World Music Days. Your compositions resonate in the most important centers of music in the world – from Carnegie Hall in New York next to the Theater de No elephant in Paris after the Kumho Art Hall in Seoul” – wrote.

He added that the artist’s impressive profile “covers a broad spectrum of forms, styles, genres and actors”. “Among them are operas and ballets, orchestral and choral music, and chamber music, as well as the use of live electronics or acoustic installations. The extraordinary craftsmanship is manifested in the freedom with which you move in completely different thematic and aesthetic areas. Metaphysical and religious themes in the + Passion of the Lord movement according to St. Matthew Or in the opera + The Last Judgment + inspired by a painting by Hans Memling. On the other hand, in your work there are also references to the lightest genres of popular music ”- noted the Minister of Culture.

Gliński noted that along with other great personalities from the world of sound, Krzysztof Knittel participated in the creation of artistic groups focused on the performance of improvised or intuitive music. “One of the important chapters in your career is your teaching activity at three prestigious music academies in لودód, Kraków and Warsaw. As a professor of composition, you pass on your knowledge and experience to future generations of Polish artists” – assessed.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the activity of Krzysztof Knittl to promote contemporary music culture deserves special respect. “For decades, you have been giving your authority and substantive support to many organizations. I served as President of the Polish Music Council, Union of Polish Composers and Vice-President of the Polish Society of Contemporary Music. In 2005” – he said.

The head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage thanked Jubilarian for his “great contribution to the development of Polish musical culture”, wishing him “more successes and continued satisfaction in exploring and introducing the public to sounds from the margins and all that is better”.

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