The king of the Swiss landscape. What is DJ BoBo doing today?

  • DJ BoBo gained popularity in the 1990s creating disco dance shows bordering eurodance and r’n’b
  • He is the best-selling Swiss artist to this day, with over 15 million records sold worldwide
  • In 1996, when he was at the height of his career, he toured with Michael Jackson on “HIStory World Tour”
  • In 2007, he represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest, but did not reach the finals
  • On a private level, he has been associated for many years with singer Nancy Rench, with whom he continues to perform
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He was born in Koligen, in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland. His childhood was not carefree. Young Peter-René Siberiano Bowman regularly witnessed his alcoholic stepfather beating his mother. He was interested in dancing from an early age, but for a long time saw his future in the profession of a baker or confectioner. “I come from a small village. The environment consists only of farmers and small craftsmen. There are no other ideas there. In my childhood I wanted to become a locomotive driver. However, I had to train as a baker” – he said in interviews.

DJ BoboDJ Bobo – Fahim Demir / Bab

He only became very interested in music in the 1980s and soon found work as a professional disc jockey (DJ) at the Tuchlaube Youth Center in Aarau. Already then took the nickname BoBo. As he admitted years later, this is a reference to the Franco-Belgian comic character Bobo from the songs of Paul Deleg and Maurice Rousey.

He repeatedly thought about changing his surname, but the problems that Prince had to deal with at the time (who loved changing his nicknames) effectively removed these plans from his head. That’s why when he entered his first DJ competition, he appeared on stage proudly displaying the DJ BoBo logo. He took second place. During one of the disco parties, he met his manager, Oliver Emfield, who at the same time began his political career in the right-wing nationalist party SVP. It was he who brought him to jobs in discos, where he could present his first groups.

In the early 1990s, he was offered to produce a single that he could autograph to his name. He agreed almost immediately. The result was the song “I Love You”, in which Sandra Studer sang the vocal parts. Unfortunately, the song and the next few songs did not reach commercial radio stations, but allowed Bobo to move to Zurich, where he found a job at the famous Oxa disco.

The first successes were the release of the single “Somebody Dance With Me”, which was already recorded in a professional studio with experienced musicians. Well-known producer Axel Breitung sponsored the project. The piece was first shown at Ox, where it delighted party-goers. Although the number initially peaked at number 34 on the Swiss charts, it quickly reached the top of the charts. The song was so popular that it began to be played on German radio stations, and DJ Bobo had his first songs in the youth magazines “Bravo” and “Popcorn”. Unfortunately, the success also meant problems – the American company Rockwell filed a lawsuit accusing the Swiss of plagiarism. The settlement took place out of court.

You have to press the iron while it’s hot – that’s why the debut album “Dance With Me” was released so quickly on the market, which also contained the single “Everybody”. We can safely conclude that DJ BoBo can boast of his first holiday, which was an inseparable element of summer events. Shortly after the album’s premiere, the artist set out on his grand tour that included Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It was then that he met Nancy Rench, lead singer of the band Haddaway, who was performing in front of the musician.

German-speaking countries were not enough for popularity-starved Baumann. His move to other European countries was the second album “There Is A Party”, which greatly increased his appreciation. In 1995, he embarked on his first pan-European tour. Interestingly, his backing was the little-known band Backstreet Boys. A year later, BoBo was at the peak of his career. He doesn’t have to introduce himself to anyone in Europe anymore, and his massive popularity meant he opened Michael Jackson’s concerts during his HIStory tour in Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Moscow and Warsaw, some of which took place before 150,000. viewers.

The streak continued with the premieres of the third and fourth albums, although the artist had to part with the Fresh Music label. The controversy in the direction his career should go has led to many unpleasant articles about their collaboration in color media. The boy band N * Sync, in which Justin Timberlake began his career, was invited to the next series of concerts. He was also the first musician to completely fill Zurich’s Hallenstadion stadium since 1982. Since then, the venue has been a permanent stop on his tour. Which has become more and more exciting over the years.

In 2003, he was honored for the eighth time with the World Music Awards for the best-selling Swiss artist. While not all singles reached the top of the charts immediately, it’s hard not to agree that the cover of “Flashdance…What a Feeling” in a duet with Irene Kara, also responsible for the original songs, has taken Bowman to the top again and again. . To celebrate his 10th anniversary in the music industry, he created a cover of “Celebration” for Kool and the Gang, bringing it to life with modern instruments.

One of BoBo’s biggest hits was the song that was commissioned specifically for the Spanish Coca-Cola ad campaign. However, the production exceeded campaign expectations and was also released in other countries, including Poland.

Switzerland was represented several times by artists from other countries at the Eurovision Song Contest. Baumann wanted to oppose this policy, which is why he officially announced his candidacy in 2006. “It’s a shame that Swiss taxpayers’ TV license money is being used to fund foreign programmes, and people should oppose that,” he said at a press conference. A few months later, the Swiss public broadcaster announced that Baumann would be the one to take the stage to compete with singers from all over Europe. Although bookmakers were betting his ‘Vampires Are Alive’ track in the lead, he never made it out of the semi-finals. He placed 20 out of 28 semi-finalists.

Immediately after the big loss at Eurovision, he was chosen to sing the official song of the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship. He organized a poll on his website where it was possible to choose which of the two songs would be the tournament anthem. In the end, “Olé Olé” was chosen.

DJ BoBo in Poland in 2019DJ BoBo in Poland in 2019 – Damien Klamka / East News / East News

He met Nancy at the beginning of her career, and she became his wife in 2001. The couple had two children, son Gamero and daughter Kylie. For the Swiss, this was the second marriage, because in the 90s he was married to the German owner of the gym, Daniela Bock.

In 2014, he buried his father whom he met when he was just 33 years old. And the artist repeated in the media that losing a parent is very difficult for him, because he feels that he has been deprived of the entire childhood that he could spend with him. A year later, he said goodbye to his beloved mother.

Today, he lives with his family in different parts of Switzerland, depending on where his artist is currently scheduled to perform. “Our children do not know exactly how to behave at our parties. On the one hand, they want to join, and on the other hand, they are likely to find other, more cool songs” – Nancy said in interviews. She is the lead singer during live shows.

His last studio album was released in 2018, and next year’s Jubilee Tour has been announced, which includes Slovakia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. Three years ago, he also sang in Poland during New Year’s Eve Przebojów in Chorzów.

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