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Sanuki County. The road of the damaged area Załuż – Lesko was finally reconstructed. Work will start in May. The investment made by Sanocki Poviat amounts to 6,911,100.00 PLN, of which 3,855,459.00 PLN is a subsidy from the State Roads Development Fund. There is a good chance that the investment will also be supported by the Brzozów Forest District, which has donated 500,000 PLN.

As part of the assignment, preparatory work, gabion, demolition, and finishing work were designed.

Construction, among others, of a new berth, 2636 m long, 540 m quay, 16 single and general lanes with bituminous and concrete piers, 15 parking spaces – star lists Stanislav Chosini. – Shoulders with a width of 0.75 meters will also be reinforced, and a safe, designated and illuminated pedestrian crossing will be established.

Business will continue until November this year.

Every year, there are more and more cars on Polish roads, and therefore the road surface is deteriorating – Says Andrei SchrobakSanocki County Board Member. – Without treatment for years, they gradually deteriorate, causing increased discomfort to users of communication methods. An example of this artery is the Załuż – Lesko Road. Attempts to raise funds to replenish it have a long history.

In June 2019, the Sanok County Administration commissioned the development of technical documentation for the reconstruction of the road, then obtained a number of necessary administrative decisions and arrangements required by law, which enabled the notification of the intention to carry out construction work.

The first application for co-financing, submitted in the current period by Sanocki Poviat, did not receive a sufficient number of points.

The Sanok County Board of Directors, taking into account the will and determination of the residents, as well as the fact that it is an alternative route to the busy No. 28 National Road, decided to renew the application to the State Road Development Fund – Explains the counselor Andrei Schrobak. – And we did. We would like to thank the Investments and Public Procurement Department at Starostei Buffets in Sanok, which processed the original request in such a way that it got enough points, and thus we can start signing a contract with the contractor for a significant amount. The amount of 6,911,100.00 PLN. I hope that at the end of this year users of the road through Załuż will be able to use it without the stress of having to avoid the bad parts of the road.

Reference was also made to the issue of rebuilding the angular Lesko road Stanislav Lewicki, Vice President of Sanok County Council.

The last session will be recorded in the district records as historical The counselor confirms levitate. – While fulfilling the mandate of a board member for the third time, I do not remember that the Buffat Council made decisions in one session, which collected over PLN 46 million for investments, mainly road investments. Among them was a decision on the reconstruction of the Załuż – Lesko road in Załuż, a long-awaited and needed strategic investment, not only for social, but also for economic, communication and image reasons. I am thrilled that this happened and I am very relieved that the people of Załuż, headed by Mrs. Sołtys and Mrs. Councilor, have repeatedly asked me for help with this matter during meetings and various types of meetings. Other people using this route have also approached me. I said then we would definitely do it and we did! My joy is even greater because I presided over the session during which the decision was made – says the counselor.

– This road has been the real Achilles heel of the region since the beginning of its existence in the new reality. Despite numerous attempts, it was not possible to create a design and the decision to rebuild it. It has now worked, so I can inform my constituents that the task is complete. I would like to thank the county council for the decision and effective implementation, the officials preparing this investment, Voivode for the grant support, and the entire county council for adopting the resolution. I would also like to thank the residents of Zału for their perseverance, continuous efforts and lobbying in this matter. I believe the new applications for co-financing from the Sanocki Poviat Board will allow investments to be made in other cities where neglected roads and sidewalks require renovation – he adds Stanislav Lewicki.

Source: Starostei deaths in Sanok

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