Sanah Concert at Ergo Arena 04.30.2019

Sanah’s concert tickets sold out very quickly. The Ergo Arena on Saturday evening was packed to the brim.

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She could become the star of one season. did not stay. He showed that on a stage full of rap, there is still plenty of room for a music workshop, well-thought-out scripts and originality in the picture. Saturday’s party at Tri-City Sanah opened the “Feast Tour” to promote their third new album already. What a concert it was! Although David Podsiado was the only one of the 11 guests featured on the album, Ergo Arena had enough energy and musical sensations to give everyone involved in the buzzing Ergo Arena.

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Despite numerous pleas by the organizers for early access to Sanah’s party that ran out on Saturday, even at the event’s planned start time, there were huge queues to the Ergo Arena. Although he was going to be late, the concert started only 20 minutes late. The hall was filled to the brim – from the motherboard to the top sectors.

11 songs on the new album, 11 guests sang along with Sanah and 11 cities on the tour – this simple account indicated that in the Ergo Arena – on the first stop of the “Feast Tour” – only one of the guests will appear. As the audience’s reactions showed, no one expected that David Podciado would be the one to honor the Tri-City audience with his presence.

Podsiadło and Sanah performed three songs. Not only popular, coming from the new album “Nową hop”, but also two songs from the Dawid group: “Małiejseczkowy” and “New music”. However, it was not the guest’s appearance that caused the greatest feelings. Sana’s party was, as befits the Ergo Arena, a real spectacle. The departure of the artist was preceded by three sanaqat (a melody from Family Frost). The whole was divided by seasons, which was accompanied not only by the singer’s changing heads (furry white winter, green spring with flowers, sunny and autumnal yellow patterns), but also by the artist’s accompanying orchestra played during the whole tour . Polish soloists orchestra melodies. Paper clips falling from the ceiling, which during the song “Champagne” were as bewildering as drops of sparkling wine dripping from the ceiling, soap bubbles, or lights illuminated by the audience, or wide animations depicting painted scenes of a banquet, certain dishes or other corresponding images To the different seasons of the year the event gave an extra glow.

Three years ago, no one knew who Susanna Gorchak was. Despite the fact that she did not appear on the TV talent show, she found a way for herself and conquered the music market. It hasn’t left the top of the charts since its debut “Szampana,” and nearly every concert has sold out in a jiffy (this was the case with the NoSory Tour, Cologne and Szluga Tour). It’s also worth noting that even though her career was almost entirely at the time of the pandemic, the singer is selling all of her ways before it hit her.

It took just over two years for Sanah to become one of the most beloved and at the same time upset singers. Although millions of young listeners fell in love with her debut “Królowa Dram”, her radio tracks soon became too numerous. And at that moment, when some were drowning in the well of Sana’a tenderness and sweetness, and others were anxiously waiting for the artist to jump out of the refrigerator, the singer released her third and most mature album to date.

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The “feast” turned out to be a big surprise. For everyone who thought they already knew a lot about the 24-year-old – or at least enough to expect another album of the same genre – their eyes, or rather their ears, opened wider. While Sana didn’t have to prove anything, she did. With the “Eid” she opened all the doors that remained closed in her face.

The artist, remaining true to her style, created another meditative project, but this time the range of feelings we encounter is certainly more saturated with color, and there are many stories and ideas in the universal texts. However, this is not the most important thing in this case. Sana invited many Polish artists to participate in this project – one of them supports her in every song.

It’s a very interesting group. It includes today’s most famous artists, such as Dawid Podsiadło, Daria Zawiałow, Vito Bambino and Kwiat Jabłoni. It’s louder, but quieter than Radio Sanah (Igor Herbut or Natalia Grosiak from Mikromusice). There are big names for Polish songs, although for some time their splendor has remained in Bracka (Grzegorz Turnau) or Artur Rojek, where there is a circle of loyal fans. There are those who have passed “5 minutes” (Ania Dąbrowska), as well as Miętha or this Stan, who are difficult to say at the peak of popularity.

Yes, this album is a duet. You have to admit that the guests do all the “work” here. However, Sana does not remain in their shadow, she is not just a bright spot, but only (and even) an equal partner. Brzmieniowo is the most successful album. Although it is steeped in emotion like all of Sanah’s work, it is the most versatile. The young artist spoke in a new, modern language, in which antiquities are less, but there are quotes and references to other works. Those who already felt full of Sanah gave her another chance. They will find that Sanah is about more than just lace music and dirty songs.

But most interesting, during Saturday’s concert, the loudest sound was not the songs from the last album, but the more popular songs like “Szampan” or “Ale jazz”. Sanah once again showed what it means to be happy just the stage and she honestly moved on.

The Eid album is the most important project in my life. I don’t know what will be next, but this is the most important. The singer said you are to me like donuts or asparagus or carbonara on a diet.
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