Rosa Thun: Without the European Union, we would be a great deal for Putin

– Rosa Thun, commenting on the eighteenth anniversary of Poland’s founding, said: – It is scary to think what would happen if we were not in the European Union, and if we were not in NATO, (…) we would be in a situation like Ukraine is today. accession to the European Union.

– We will be a great summit for Putin, who, after all, wants to expand his spheres of influence, is a pure imperialist – as the MEP believes in Poland 2050.

According to the report of the Polish Economic Institute, about 80 percent. Poles see the benefits of membership in the European Union. – You really have to be blind, deaf, not wanting to speak so full anymore, so as not to understand that the most important thing for us today is to be a strong Member State, in a strongly integrated European Union, which, in fact, is not only solidarity, but also an organizer Well, as Thon judged. As an example of cooperation, she presented the construction of conductors for gas transmission.

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– I’ll put it frankly. If there are any politicians, advocates, and public figures who would dare to undermine all that we earn, and we can also be thankful for the fact that we are in a community of powerful nations (…), that is the most destructive thing for us and future generations. Besides reducing aid to countries like Ukraine (…) it badly hurts Poland, she said.

“You must be a really boring man or an incompetent politician to wonder what is most important to us,” she continued. But she stressed that she did not address these words to the voters because they may be subject to propaganda “heavily targeted by the public media”.

European solidarity in danger?

– Suspending the contribution, boycotting common law, boycotting society means pushing us into Putin’s hands – said Rosa Thun. The idea of ​​suspending membership fees and transferring these funds to help refugees was floated by politicians in Poland Solidarity.

– Let us realize that we have a responsibility not only to us, but also to the 500 million citizens of the Union, because we participate in the creation of this law and weaken or strengthen the Union – she added.

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In her opinion, European funds to help Ukrainian refugees are not threatened. According to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland has not received funding from the European Union. – I would like to see when the Prime Minister applied for these funds and how this application was prepared – she said.

Grzegorz Kępka noted that Morawiecki wrote a letter to Ursula von der Leyen on the matter. Letters do not kill billions. Takes serious conclusions. You must apply for this money – and confirmed.

In her opinion, funds for refugees from Ukraine are not blocked in any way, and if there is no money yet in Poland, it means that “the government messed something up again.”

Pay for gas in rubles

Politicians on the show also commented on the Financial Times reporting. According to the information provided, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia will agree to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

If they did, it would be a complete breach of European solidarity. They are not allowed to pay in rubles. It’s simple, Rose Thun said.

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– This is not a problem of European solidarity – as Jacek Czaputowicz believes. In his opinion, many countries are not as well positioned as Poland regarding the possibility of diversifying gas supplies. The problem is that European policy was focused on cooperation with Russia. It was promoted mainly by Germans and Hungarians – he added.

The optimism that these countries will follow our path when it comes to gas imports from Russia is, in my opinion, unjustified. They are more dependent, and therefore they will follow such a policy to save their economy, said the former head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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