Radosław Majdan in an honest conversation. What kind of father is he? How to pick up mogurzata rosinic?

Although Radoslaw Majdan turns 50 on May 10, he does not feel at all that he is entering the sixth decade of his life. As he assures himself, his relatives guarantee him a daily boost of energy and regular training in the gym.

– Today I am not the most important, but my family and my son Hino, who was born almost two years ago. I still have a lot of dreams and a nice life – says Radosław.

He does not hide that he has taken on completely different colors since he met his current wife, Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan.

– We’ve been through a lot as a couple. I can’t imagine that I could spend the second half of my life with someone else – adds the footballer.

An interview with Radosław Majdan on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday!

  • Radosław Majdan talks about plans to celebrate his 50th birthday
  • He also remembers previous marriages, incl. with Duda?
  • field about family. What kind of father is Henio?

Your fiftieth birthday is approaching. Are you attending a big party for this occasion?

I’ve always thought that’s exactly what it would be like. I imagined that I would invite a crowd of guests to a club where real rock musicians – my friends from the bands IRA and Lady Pank – would play and then blow out 50 candles on the cake with them. But this vision is unlikely to be realized.


Recent events, the war in Ukraine, have deprived me of energy for real fun. I know that we must live, but I still cannot pass by what is happening across the eastern border, carelessly. However, we already have our plans with Małgosia.

Can you reveal what?

My wife has already made a wonderful surprise for me twice by secretly organizing birthday parties. Honestly, I have no idea if he’s not behind my back now (laughs). But I know that for his fiftieth birthday, he’s taking me to Miami for the Formula 1 race that we’ve become even more fan of after Formula 1: Driving for Life. Plus, it’s going to be a trip for both of us, so it promises to be a great date and a little stretch.

Is this Christmas a turning point for you?

This is the time when the man does summaries and reflection. Some people go through it gently, others go through a shock.

How is it in your condition? Afraid of a midlife crisis?

I have always tried to avoid preparing balance sheets so as not to close what is still ahead of me. I guess my midlife crisis doesn’t threaten me either. I am now not only a husband, but also a father, and this allows me to look at my life from a completely different perspective.

How do you sum up the past fifty years?

I have always been a blacksmith to Egypt, perhaps that is why my life has been so interesting. As a football player and athlete, I fulfilled my dreams – I played for the Polish national team and at the World Championships. I have lived in Turkey, Greece and Israel. I can also appear in a rock band (Radosław played guitar in The Trash – editor’s note). For a while, I was even a politician in the West Pomeranian Provincial Assembly. I have done many things in my life, but the basis has always been football, which I love to this day. Am I sorry that I am 50 years old? of course not! I was more worried when I was finishing my football career.

Were you afraid of sports retirement?

And how! (laughs) I didn’t know what my future would be like. I was afraid that I would not find a job that would motivate and motivate me. I didn’t expect that as a retired athlete, let alone 50 years old, I would feel so good and be so optimistic about life.

Moreover, she managed to maintain a great figure. Does it cost you a lot?

PESEL does its job, so to keep fit, I go to the gym four times a week. I would never allow myself to have a prominent belly or a fold of fat. For me, as a former player, that would be a failure. In addition, I believe that exercise has a significant impact on mental health and delays the aging process. I also take care of my diet and have not eaten meat for three years.

So you don’t feel any age-related symptoms?

Unfortunately, I’ve been bitten by a time molar and have recently been wearing reading glasses. These are the changes I can see (laughs). The only concern I have today is the health of my family. My mother once told me that when I became a father, I would no longer have peace and would be nervous for the rest of my life. Unfortunately she was right.

Are you the type of over-zealous father?

sound. Maguzia is laughing at me because I’m running after Hino like his bodyguard, and I just want to save him from falling. Sometimes I get a “slap” from the nanny when I try to help my son, for example, get dressed. Bożenka always tells me that Henio can do it himself, and I still can’t believe it. His inability to touch me.

Before you met Małgosia, you were married twice. Did you not want to have children sooner or did you deliberately postpone fatherhood?

What happened happened. The basis of the fact that I am a happy and accomplished father and husband is the sum of my experiences.

I always took a little life.

I’ve spent time rock ‘n’ roll, partying, and traveling abroad. In my case, fatherhood may have been delayed, but very consciously.

Has Hein’s birth changed you so much?

They definitely set priorities and mobilize extra layers of love, tenderness, and sensitivity. Moments with my son, watching his every step, smiling – all this gives me great joy. When I stay home with Henio and my friends go out somewhere, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. On the contrary! Maybe if I had become a father at the age of 23-25, I would have thought I was missing something? Today I have peace in my head and my heart. I feel like I don’t have to prove anything and anyone, not even myself.

Was there a time you wanted?

I felt more obligated. Contrary to what has been said about me, my values ​​have always been honesty and truth. Even if I made any mistakes, I didn’t do it on purpose. They were not caused by bad intent or my desire to harm someone. I believe that the energy of the world or karma – if you prefer – always comes back to us.

If you could turn back time, what would you change in your life? Anything you regret?

Before our meeting, I was wondering if you would ask me. I once said that I try not to regret anything in my life.

And previous marriages? Before she married Małgorzata, she was married twice. When the first issue of “Party” came out, all of Poland was talking about your divorce from Duda.

Each of these marriages taught me something. And each of them is a closed class. I’ve been in a different world for a long time. My family fills my whole life, and I don’t need to think about the past, wondering if I regret it or not. After all, talking about her wouldn’t make me change anything. When my son smiles at me, I know that everything in my life led to this very moment. It was worth the wait. I hope both of my ex-wives are as happy as I am in my marriage now.

There was a time when you didn’t have good PR. It changed when you met your current wife. Were you too polite with Małgorzata?

I definitely realized my priorities. If you’re on your own, you can take on more. When you have a wife and family, you give up some things. What for others was a massive change, a shock, that came to me naturally. When we met, Magosia had two children. I said she could trust me, and not have to worry about anything, and I kept my promise.

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Did I believe you right away?

She had no other choice (laughs). I once bought a deck of playing cards made up of all the queens of hearts. On our first date, I took him out of the stairs. She tells Małgosia that if she attracts the Lady of Hearts, it means that we are destined for each other (laughs). You can not cheat fate!

How did you convince your husband’s family?

At the first meeting, Migosia’s mother said she “took a good look at me”. It was enough (laughs). Fortunately, my husband’s parents were not guided by other people’s opinions. When they got to know me personally, they realized that with Małgosia we wanted to create a home and a happy family.

Did you quickly gain sympathy for Magusia’s sons, Stanisław and Tadeus?

I think so. The boys have a father who loves him very much, so it immediately became clear that I would not replace him. Once, Tadziu directly asked me: “Radek, who are you to me?” I also answered him directly that a friend who would always help him when he had a problem.

Boys call you by your first name?

They call me you. I admit that I was bribed at the beginning of my relationship with Maguzia. Stas was given two pairs of football gloves of his size to impress him. It was easier with Sadiq. When he saw me, he said, “Great group tattoo,” and we were buddies.

Boys grow up and change. Do you still have such good communication?

We get along well, although the guys are starting to live their lives. Stasio is almost 16 years old and like every teenager he loves to get his way. He studies well, is very sensitive, has the soul of an artist – he is immersed in design and wants to continue to develop in this direction. Tadzio is 11 and just entering his teens. She loves games and movies, is fluent in English and knows French. I’m glad they are both very polite guys. Hino is lucky to have such wonderful big brothers.

What values ​​do you want to convey to him?

I would like my youngest son to be an understanding and tolerant man, sensitive to the harms of others. I am not worried about positive energy, because – which is already evident – it is inherited from us.

are you lucky

Great! Małgosia, Henio, Stasio, Tadek – they are my happiness, my inspiration and my motivation. I am so glad we are creating a unique family.

Radosław Majdan gave up his social life for Henio

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At the beginning of your acquaintance with Małgosia, no one thought that you would succeed.

I know, here is such a surprise! How could it go wrong if everything worked out from the first meeting? Soon we found a common language, and we laughed at the same jokes. On the third day of my acquaintance, I told Małgosia that I love her!

Really, third?

Yes, because in the second she did not believe me (laughs). What happened between us was incredible. It was like being struck by lightning. I knew it was this person. I remember our first date. I went to get dressed, so Małgosia came out in jeans and a baggy shirt and said, “It’s not a date!” Then I suggested that we come to me.

A certain woman!

I loved her honesty, there was no game at all. We sat, had dinner, and laughed for several hours. It wasn’t embarrassing for a moment. Since that evening, we have spent almost every moment with each other, because it stirred us up so strongly. It still sparkles today.

Do you often fight with Małgosia?

that happens! Sometimes we are nervous, tired or sleepy, and then we get angry more easily. But Małgosia found a way for me. You taught me how to resolve all the disagreements here and now. When I’m angry, I’ll often ask, “What, are you most likely hungry?”

A sense of humor saves you from persecution.

In fact, with Małgosia we have our own code with which we communicate, terms known only to Pysia and Pysiula (laughs). Laughter is an antidote to all ills.

What other dreams would you like to achieve?

My dream is for Henio to become an athlete in the future, preferably a football player. He likes to play with the ball, but this is not the case. If I see that he is excited about it, he will get my support, but I will not force him to do anything. The only thing I can hope for – apart from health for all of us – is for Henio to find the passion I found in life. Then he will be really happy.

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Interviewed by: Magdalena Jaboschka-Borwick

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