Oscar 2022: Which movie won Best Film of the Year?

The favorite at this year’s Academy Awards was the anti-Western “Dog’s Claws,” in which Jane Campion showed a world unforgiving, ruthless toward the weak and those who break societal norms. She painstakingly painted portraits of heroes on screen, unable to deal with each other and with the oppressive culture surrounding them. You mentioned that relationships between people, even in seemingly simple realities, are not simple.

However, Best Picture of the Year went to Sian Heder’s “CODA,” which grabbed the headlines just a week before the second round of voting when it won the Producers Guild of America award. “CODA” is an acronym for Child Deaf Adult – Child Deaf Adult. Heder spoke of the drama of a girl who, as the only one in every deaf-mute family of fishermen, hears and speaks, becoming practically a mediator between her relatives and the environment. But he loves to sing and wants to study her in college. So there comes a point when he starts to fight for the right to his life. A story like from a family TV movie, simple, with a happy ending. Sensitive and independent cinema. But it’s definitely not great. They are bred mainly by excellent acting. Troy Kotsur, who plays the father, won an Oscar as the second deaf actor in the history of this award. Marley Matlin first picked up for her performance in “Children of a Lesser God” in 1986, which also appeared in “CODA.” Sian Heder also received a statuette for the best adapted script.

The cast of “Dog’s Claws”, which has received more than 12 nominations, left the Dolby Theater with only one small statuette. Jane Campion picked it up – to get it out. This is the second Australian born Oscar. I got my first screenplay from “The Piano”. Psie Claws is her brilliant return to cinema after 12 years, during which she has only made a TV miniseries. It is also another success for the director. Last year, Chloe Chow took home an Academy Award in the top two categories for “Nomandand,” the Golden Palm went to Julie Ducornau for “Titan,” the Golden Gun to Audrey Dewan for “The Action,” and the Berlin Golden went to “Titan.” Bear for Carla Simone for “Alkaras”.

There were also no surprises in terms of acting. Here, the bookmakers were paying $1.01 for $1 on Will Smith. The black actor has already received two Academy Award nominations – in 2001 for the role of boxer Muhammad Ali in Michael Mann’s “Ali” and five years later, when he played a father who has to take care of his many works in The Pursuit of Happiness. A son is old the moment a new career opportunity opens up. In general, Smith gained fame and money thanks to his participation in the great hits of the 90s – “Independence Day” or “Men in Black”. In the movie “King Richard. A Winning Family “By playing the father of two great tennis players, Serena and Venus, Williams once again proved that he is a great actor. He was also the only hero of the scandal during the party, when he slapped Chris Rock on stage. “Don’t you dare talk about my wife,” he shouted, although after receiving the statue he apologized for his behaviour.

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There was more uncertainty in the Best Actress category. Favorite Jessica Chastain won. In the poor film “The Eyes of Tami Fay,” she played the legendary missionary who, in the 1970s and 1980s, along with her husband Jim Packer, built the world’s largest religious media network and Christian theme park. Probably the most regrettable here is Kristen Stewart, who played Mrs. Dee in “Spencer” – unloved and betrayed, desperate, unable to adapt to court etiquette and court coldness, sometimes falling into madness.

Academics have escaped drama in almost all categories. It was a surprise that the winner among the animated films was a children’s fairy tale, and not a strong picture of the “experience” of refugees by Dan Rasmussen.

The Polish “Dress” lost to the 12-minute favorite “The Long Goodbye” by Aneil Karia and Riz Ahmed, although it should be remembered that the Oscar nomination itself is a huge success for the young director Tadeusz Łysak. Janusz Kaminsky, cinematographer for Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, had to admit the superiority of Greig Frazier, who really starred in Dune.

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Denis Villeneuv’s super production has won the most Academy Awards, in almost all professional categories, with the exception of makeup.

And finally, a category that has always been of interest to “the rest of the world” – Academy members recognized Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s “Drive My Car”, based on Haruki Murakami’s prose, as the best foreign film. In the final vote, he was not overtaken by Joachim Trier “The Worst Man in the World”, which received excellent reviews.

The organizers prepared a dynamic party, but very polite and separate from today’s reality party. Yes, there were jokes about the stars, there were tributes to wonderful paintings – from “The Godfather” to the Bond series, there were comments on the equality of women and spirituality, as well as smiles of black artists. But nothing goes beyond political correctness. It is clear that American filmmakers have distanced themselves from politics. The day after President Biden’s visit to Eastern Europe, academics practically summed up the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine with a single blackboard, on which they wrote words of solidarity with the fighting nation and a request for support, and cautiously avoided the word war. Few of the stars have ever worn a blue ribbon on their rich outfits. Earlier, one of the party’s hosts, improvisational artist Amy Schumer, suggested that Volodymyr Zelensky speak on a beam during the concert – so that as many Westerners as possible realize the great tragedy of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, the American Film Academy did not decide to do this. Well, it’s possible that Sean Penn, who is currently filming a documentary about Ukraine, is disappointed with the Academy’s position, he declared, and will have to throw out both Oscars.

It was a strange evening. Hollywood could not stand the hard reality. Neither in his movie choices nor during the concert. Representatives of the American Film Academy assured them that they wanted to offer viewers three hours of quality entertainment and forget about problems. It’s just that cinema isn’t just fun. Its true value is always determined by sensitivity to what is happening with a person and his world.

Oscar 2022:

the best movie Coda, the producers Philippe Rousselet, Fabrice Gianfermi and Patrick Wachsberger

best director Jane Campion – “Dog’s Claws”

Best Female Leading Role: Jessica Chastain – “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”

Best Actor in a Leading Role: will Smith – King Richard. victorious family

Best Male Supporting Role: Troy Kotsur – “CODA”

Best Supporting Female Role Ariana Deboss – “West Side Story”

Best Original Screenplay Kenneth Branagh – “Belfast”

Best Adapted Screenplay Sian Header – “CODA”

Best Pictures: Greg Fraser – “Dion”

Best Scenography: Patrice Vermet and Zsuzana Sibus – “Dion”

best fashion: Jenny Bevan – “Cruella”

Best montage: Joe Walker – “Dune”

Best music: Hans Zimmer – “Dion”

the best song: “No Time to Die” Billie Eilish

best sound “Dune”

Best special effects: Paul Lambert, Tristan Miles, Brian Connor, Gerd Neveser “Dion”

Best foreign movie “Driving My Car” by Ryosuke Hamaguchi

Best Documentary “Summer of the Soul”

Best Animated Movie “Our best Encanto” Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Yvette Merino, Clark Spencer

Best Action Short Film Long Goodbye” – Anil Kariya and Riz Ahmed

Best Documentary Short Film: basketball queen

Best Animated Short Film: windshield wiper

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