Moldova. Russian propaganda is manipulating facts and trying to hit Poland

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the pro-Russian media in Moldova have been trying to create an alternative reality. As confirmed by Stanislav Garin in an interview with the portal, the propaganda presented President Zelensky as a neo-Nazi, and Ukraine as a country developing a nuclear weapon that allegedly poses a threat to Russia. But the recent vandalism was a step forward. – And the propaganda material tried to convince that there was a “Polish thread” – the spokesperson for the minister confirms the coordinator of the secret services and dismantles the actions of the Russians.

Republic of smuggling and a strange minority. This is how Russia plays Moldova

A series of serious incidents in Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, is only the beginning of the process of destabilizing this country, which has been in power since …

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As the invasion of Ukraine began, Russian propaganda also targeted several other countries. was among them Moldova, a country destabilized by Russia for many years Because of the occupying forces stationed in Transnistria.

Over time, apart from advertising activities, we started to notice Sabotage and subversive activities. It turned out once again that any Russian bridge in other countries could be used by the Kremlin for destabilization and hostilities.

We wrote in detail how Russia plays the role of Moldova and the alien minority operating in the smugglers’ republic here.

– Spokesman for the Minister Coordinator of Special Services Stanislav Sarin, in an interview with, confirms that the Russian Federation, which has a military factor and influences the rebellious region of Transnistria, infects the country’s information space.

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– It has been evident since the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The propaganda message in Moldova was designed to manipulate the image of the war against Ukraine. The pro-Russian media presented the war as a “special operation”, He manipulated the causes of the conflict and accused Ukraine of creating threats to Russia, including through supposed work on Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons – Says.

Doctrine of “Near Abroad”

Russian provocations. Checkpoints have been reinforced in Transnistria

In Transnistria – the breakaway region of Moldova bordering Ukraine – measures at checkpoints in connection with provocations were strengthened …

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According to Stanisław Sarin, accusations against NATO of causing conflict in Ukraine were circulated in Moldova at the same time, and the president was Volodymyr Zelensky The media at the same time presented a dangerous man with neo-Nazi views, dragging Ukraine into war, and a conciliatory man who was ready to realize this. Crimea is part of Russia and Donbass and Luhansk are independent republics.

– Russian propaganda in Moldova also argued that Ukraine should be “de-Nazified” – the speaker states.

– The media circles that worked on the internal market became active, sending an anti-Ukrainian message. Attempts to antagonize society, the radicalization of anti-Ukrainian positions and actions designed to create the possibility of rebellion against Ukrainians were clearly visible. He added that activity on social media has been increased to stimulate anti-Ukrainian sentiment among the Moldovan population.

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In an interview with portal, Żaryn points out that Moldova is treated by Russia according to the doctrine of “near abroad”, which means trying to maintain a very strong Russian influence, And sometimes observing politics in key aspects.

Russian control also applies to propaganda messages directed at the Moldovan market. For years, the Kremlin has been contagious to Moldova with its content, which has been reflected in its disinformation campaign in recent weeks.

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation intensified the activity of propaganda centers. There was also some content referring to the potential threat that war outside Moldova poses to the country’s security. The possibility of the conflict spreading to the territory of Moldova was presented as real, Especially in the Transnistria region, he explains.

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A missed attempt to strike Poland

Russian propaganda, while informing about the threats to the Nadnister region, strongly warns of its reaction to any “attempts to attack” the Russian-speaking population.

Tusk spoke in Gdansk. “There will be a problem with framing.” [WIDEO]

Donald Tusk gave a speech in Gdansk to mark the 18th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the European Union. In a rally organized by the city’s mayor…

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Stanislav Żaryn admits that, given this topic, which has increased significantly recently, it is worth looking at an example of the sabotage that occurred in Moldova.

The authorities of the self-proclaimed republic immediately blamed the attacks on the territory of Transnistria Overburdened Ukrainian militants allegedly infiltrated Transnistria and Ukraine, from the territory of which missiles were to be launched. The propaganda material also tried to convince that there was a “Polish thread” in this by displaying Hoax videos of a Polish car participating in an attack on a target. It turns out that the license plate shown in the film in Poland is for a completely different car from the documented one – this is explained in the comment of the portal.

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The sabotage actions and the response to them raise serious doubts, says the minister’s spokesman for the Special Services Coordinator, because it corresponds to the message about the threats to the Russian-speaking population of Moldova, as well as the announced plans to continue the war against Ukraine towards Transnistria.

– In the light of propaganda, the above events seem to be another point in Moscow’s policy towards this region. The Russian actions against Moldova are further proof of this The Kremlin will use every bridge and every opportunity to destabilize countries, which he finds hostile, he concludes.

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