Idea for a weekend getaway. How do you organize day trips?

Longer, warmer days encourage quick trips out of town. However, we do not always have the time, opportunities and money for long trips. In such situations, it is worth being tempted by day trips. Thanks to them, you can get acquainted with your region in many ways. Here’s how to organize a day trip out of town. No matter where you live, these tips will come in handy.

The weekend in May is in full swing and you can enjoy the fine weather. This is a perfect opportunity to go somewhere out of town, for a day trip and take advantage of the long weekend in May in a low-budget way.

How to organize day trips

Trips and day trips are a kind of art. It is not easy to find an interesting and new place nearby with convenient access. It is also impossible to list all the places in Poland that are worth visiting in a day trip. How do you organize it to be able to enjoy peace, quiet, and often nature?

Choosing day trips, we may have trouble finding a place to our liking. The Internet comes to the rescue – a rich treasure trove of ideas. If we are looking for attractions in our region, then it is worth entering the name of the city or province in the search engine with the annotation: “attractions”, “what to visit”, etc. Another way is to research the map carefully – be it physical or online. It is worth looking for places such as reserves, open-air museums or agrotourism. Usually the first of them are not crowded with tourist attractions. In the reserves we can find educational trails, walking paths and bike paths. In contrast, open-air museums and agrotourism are places where you can learn about the local culture.

A good way is also to launch Google Maps and select the area of ​​interest to you, and then the option at the top of the map – attractions. In this way, most of the famous sites that are worth visiting will appear. The map can be freely zoomed in and out and the search results can be updated by clicking “Search in this area”.

One-day car trips – where to go

First of all, you need to decide on the means of transportation. The easiest way is to use your own or rented car, but it’s also the most expensive option, especially if you want to rent a car. This method gives you great freedom – you can go anywhere.

However, how do you find a quiet place? The easiest way is to search Google Maps thoroughly. First, let’s choose where we want to go – to the forest, to the meadow, to the river, and maybe to the mountains. next one We are looking for such a place on the map within 100 kilometers – about 1-1.5 hours by car. The next step is to zoom in on the map and look for interesting signs. Thus, you can find small nature reserves where there are recreation, nature trails and, above all, peace. Then pack your car and go on your adventure.

One-day trips by public transport – How to travel

The second way, which is very interesting, is a trip by mass transit – MPK, PKS or PKP. It is an adventurous way for people who love adventures. It’s just as difficult to plan a trip here as it is in the case of a car trip, but it has something unique about it. You don’t know exactly where we’ll end up – It can be a charming “apocalypse” or a “breathtaking hole”, or just the opposite! Either way – you can see the positive aspects in both places.

How do you travel this way? When choosing public transport, get off at the last possible stop – These are mostly bus loops. In this way, we have the opportunity to visit the less urbanized parts of the city. You can also choose a bus in the second zone and visit the surrounding small towns.

The more extreme version is to travel by bus or train. It is worth choosing the lines that stop frequently, Because in this way we will reach the small towns and villages where we will be able to enjoy peace and tranquility and, above all, stunning views. Before boarding a transport, it is a good idea to check its destination and choose a stop – sometimes on buses you have to ask the driver to stop. In this variant It is also worth checking return buses or trains.

One-day bike tours – how to organize them

The last and perhaps the most interesting and certainly the most active way of sightseeing is bike tours. There are more and more bike paths in Poland, which makes this type of travel easier. Even people of average condition will be able to walk longer distances than on foot. Furthermore it You can choose a “combined” adventure – take the bike to the train and tour the area where you will get off. When searching for bike paths, Google Maps, private bike maps, or apps like Traseo can help. The bike is still an underrated means of transportation, and it can be used for a leisure trip of 10-20 kilometers.

Most of the surrounding forests include bicycle routes designated by the Polish Association of Tourism and Sightseeing (PTTK). Sometimes, in front of the entrance to the forest, there are information boards with the number of trails and their colors, as well as how they are arranged on the map. It is worth taking advantage of them and enjoying an active trip.

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