I checked the pressure in an hour from Pedronka

Last Thursday, a new smartwatch from Hykker in a round and rectangular version appeared on Biedronka stores. Both devices, although they cost less than PLN 100, can measure blood pressure. How do they deal with it? I decided to check it out.

Hypertension It is an increasingly prevalent disease of civilization in the world, which I have been dealing with myself for many years. National Health Fund data shows that they contracted this disease in 2018 31.5% of adult Poles – 9.9 million people. It is estimated that about 95% of cases of high blood pressure are primary, which means that their cause cannot be clearly identified. It is also a serious condition that cannot be cured It leads to many serious diseases and even eliminates them.

While there is a lot of information on the internet about how to treat high blood pressure at home, treating high blood pressure is all about taking the right medications to regulate your blood pressure. It is also important Check your blood pressure regularlyWhich – at least in theory – should help A watch with the right job.

Pedronica blood pressure watch

MPTech has launched its new smartwatch on the Biedronka Network. hecker smart watch It is available in two versions different in shape – one round and the other rectangular. The price is the same in both cases 99 zlotysHe’s the same too Range of jobs available. of between it Blood pressure measurement, a solution not found on any Apple Watch yet, costing dozens of times more. However, the American giant is working on a convenient solution.

And how does this feature work in penny watches? I made it through work Simultaneous measurements using a smart watch (left hand) An electronic blood pressure monitor with a bracelet on the shoulder (right hand). For comparison, I also got to the watch I use every day Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classicwhich can also measure blood pressure, but Cost many times more from the hackers. Moreover, Samsung’s solution Requires calibration from time to timeWhich consists of measuring the pressure three times simultaneously with a watch and a “normal” pressure gauge with a cuff. Hykker watches They have no such possibility.


So let’s move on to the results. First, the Galaxy Watch4 ClassicIt was calibrated the day before. I have included the results of four series of parallel blood pressure measurements in the table below. All values ​​are listed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

Measurement number Watch cuff blood pressure monitor
1 124/78 126/81
2 129/82 128/80
3 128/80 133/80
4 131/83 131/76

As you can see, the Samsung watch is quite good Not bad for controlling blood pressure. From my own observations, I can add that there are two important things here for the measurement results to be more or less in line with reality:

  • You should calibrate your watch regularly,
  • The watch should be about the same place on the wrist when measuring blood pressure as when calibrating.

Hykker Smartwatch Samsung

right Now It’s time for Hykker hours. While both devices are theoretically the same in terms of equipment, they don’t measure pressure very well – at least that’s the case with the units I received for testing.

Measurement number Hykker Smartwatch Tour hecker smart watch
Watch Pressure-gauge Watch Pressure-gauge
1 140/78 146/86 112/73 128/75
2 140/80 143/85 108/70 131/75
3 140/85 145/82 109/71 128/79
4 140/82 139/81 109/73 127/77

At first glance Watching the tour was doing better. His measurements were generally a little lower than what his sphygmomanometer showed, but there were differences Not more than a few mmHg. However, my systolic blood pressure was 140 mmHg each time, as were the other measurements I took that day. The rectangular clock, in turn, showed the blood pressure Less than 20 mmHg or moreBut he did not focus on a single value like his round brother.

hecker smart watch

Can the pressure be monitored by the hour? Yes, but not everyone

Sometimes I hear opinions from different sides that the watch cannot measure pressure correctly, regardless of whether it is a device that costs about PLN 2000 or less than PLN 100. Alone though I can’t subscribe to it.

As someone with high blood pressure, I regularly measure my blood pressure with my Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic, and occasionally compare the results to what my blood pressure monitor shows with an arm slap. There are differences in such cases, but Generally not to exceed a few millimeters of mercuryEven it can be deleted. It is worth remembering that blood pressure is variable and Even the results of two consecutive measurements with one device may differ from each other.

Hykker Smartwatch, 2 Watches and Blood Pressure Monitor

Are cheap Hykker watches also suitable for blood pressure control? round watch of course notBecause Constantly showing the same systolic pressure. Perhaps, however, this is the problem with this particular version. In the case of a rectangular watch, it contrasts with appearance Much betterWhere the displayed values ​​change. Every time I compared her readings to a Samsung blood pressure monitor or watch, they were lower and the differences fluctuated across the range From as little to more than 20 mmHg.

Note: Hykker watches with sphygmomanometer function are not medical devices, so their indications should be checked with a medical sphygmomanometer. Also, do not make a decision to change your dose or stop using your medication without consulting your doctor.

Image source: Marian Sutyak / Telepolis

Text source: private study

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