How to get the HBO Max show-price ad discount 33 percent.

HBO Max incl. It will start on the Polish market on March 8. The site will replace HBO GO. Existing users will have to update software on mobile devices (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets), TVs with Smart TV (Android TV, Tizen, WebOS), and consoles (PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X/S ). Existing HBO GO users will be asked to update their software. Later, they will be able to log in with their previous login and password.

A billboard for the new platform appeared, among other things, in the center of Warsaw. Displays the HBO Max logo and the slogan “Everything you love in one place”. The sender encourages you to take advantage of the promotion. A person who signs up for HBO Max live from March 8 to 31 will pay PLN 19.99 per month instead of PLN 29.99. Information about the upgrade is attached to the “33 percent” tagline. Forever discounts.” This offer can only be used by subscribing to HBO Max directly via The promotion does not apply to customers of other operators who will indirectly gain access to the site. If someone cancels the subscription, they will Forfeits the right to discount.The offer will automatically be available to existing HBO GO users.

What show are HBO Max proud of?

The bulletin board displays frames from the series “And so simple” (a continuation of the series “Sex in the Big City”), “Euforia” (an American series about youth problems) and “Friends” (a world-famous comedy series). Max boasts more HBO productions available immediately on This includes “The Resurrection Matrix” (the fourth and latest part of the popular movie series), “Gossip Girl” (a youth series filmed in 2007-2012), “King Richard: A Triumphant Family” (sports drama), “Dragon Family” ( fiction series), “Ogrodnicy” (crime series), “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” (superhero film based on DC Comics), “Game of Thrones” (fantasy series), “The Gilded Age” (historical series), “The Sopranos” (crime series), “Suicide Squad: The Suicide Squad” (fantasy film based on DC Comics), “White Lotus” (comedy series), “Dark Materials” (fantasy series), “Dune” (science-fiction film) , “Godzilla vs. Kong” (another part of the monster movie), “Harry Potter – 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts” (a program reminiscent of a movie series about a young wizard), “Joker” (drama), “All the Saints of New Jersey” (Detective fiction), “Fantastic Animals and how to find them” (fantasy), “Raised by wolves” (sci-fi series), “Peacemaker” (superhero series), “Rick and Morty” (animated series for older audiences) ), “Legends of voguingu” (a reality show with the participation of with LGBT), “Succession” (black comedy), “Tom and Jerry” (children’s cartoon series), “Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2” (fantasy), “Student Sex Lives” (comedy series), “Be like Magic Mike (drama), “Informator” (biographical drama), “30 Pieces of Silver” (serial – horror), “Ruxxx” (serial – drama), “Thaw”, Polish crime series), “Mare z Easttown” (crime series), “Westoworld” (sci-fi series), “The Amazing World of Gumball” (children’s cartoon series from Cartoon Network), “Young Titans: Action!” (animated series), “Scoop!” (Animated film about Scooby-Doo), “Aquaman” (action film), “Incarnation” (horror), “Space Match: A New Era” (comedy), “Inception” (sci-fi film).

In the live stream on HBO, HBO 2 and HBO 3 line channels, we see young people watching HBO Max productions in various places. They include the airport, train, pool or apartment. They are promoted, among others, “Game of Thrones”, “And Just Like That”, “Friends”, “Space Match: New Era”, “Dune” or “Peacemaker”. There are about 800 movies and 300 series in the streaming platform’s library. The site will feature its own productions under the Max Originals brand, content known from HBO for years, but also Warner Bros movies 45 days after their cinema premieres, produced by New Line and Cartoon Network.

The Polish version of the campaign was carried out by HBO, the agencies VMLY & R and the ADP. Mediacom and K2Precise are responsible for media procurement.

What are the prices from other operators?

Currently, HBO GO can be purchased independently for PLN 24.90 per month. People who take advantage of the promotion on HBO Max will pay the cheapest, 19.99 PLN per month. Prices differ from other pay-TV operators and will be different after the launch of the new service. Currently, in the Polsat Box, access to HBO channels and the HBO GO service costs PLN 20 per month, and in the Polsat Box GO PLN 25. After the start of HBO Max, the fee will not change.

Canal+ subscribers with the HBO GO option will be automatically upgraded to HBO Max and will have access to HBO Max as part of their offerings on all platforms where the service will be available. The library of HBO Max available to Canal + subscribers and Canal + subscribers online will be the same for customers who choose HBO Max regardless of bundled offers – according to Piotr Kaniowski, a Canal + spokesperson, on People who purchase HBO Max directly or even for a month will cancel their subscription after March 31 of this year. You will have to pay 29.99 PLN per month. The increase will not affect people who decide to service via Canal + or Canal + online. – The price of access to HBO Max under the existing Canal+ contract will not change until the end of the current contract, even if the market price of HBO Max changes. For now, we plan to maintain the current price for accessing the HBO add-on option in the satellite view and to maintain the price of the Canal + bundle with HBO in Canal + online for new customers – Kaniowski added.

In Canal + online, you currently have to pay PLN 55 per month for a package with Canal + and HBO. People who want to continue accessing both premium movie channels will pay cheaper on Canal+ online. If they decide to purchase HBO Max separately, they will have to pay PLN 45 for the Canal + package and PLN 19.99 for the HBO Max package. Total 64.99 PLN. Canal+ online subscribers can enjoy content from HBO in their own app and in the HBO GO app. After starting HBO Max, they will also be able to use this app. Its feature will be 4K content.

On Vectra HBO GO it costs PLN 24.99 per month. – The price at which Vectra customers can buy HBO Max depends on the promotion they take advantage of, but it does not exceed PLN 24.99 per month.. One of these promotions gives our customers access to HBO Max for PLN 1 for the first three months, then PLN 24.99. HBO Max service can be purchased from Vectra on the same terms as HBO GO, except for the name, nothing changes in the terms of purchase. We assure no changes to contracts and commitment period for all of our customers who currently have access to the HBO GO service – revealed Justina Grzelak, PR coordinator at Vectra. The price of HBO Max will also not change at UPC Polska. In this cable network, access to HBO GO for 2 months costs 1 PLN (then the commitment period is 1 year), then 19.99 PLN. HBO GO can also be purchased with Viaplay. With the obligation to purchase the website annually, it costs PLN 39.99 per month.

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