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As emphasized by FlixClassic platform program curator Miłosz Stelmach, the Polish virtual space lacked a VoD platform that would be entirely dedicated to classic films and at the same time would be a guide to cinema history. “The idea was to create a place where the most interesting things in the history of cinema are presented. We suppose that nowadays – when we can find many competitive portals and solutions on the Internet – to arouse the interest of the recipient, we need to provide him with something more than just access to Movies. So he did not have to spend a lot of time choosing titles, but was fundamentally managed by the service resource “- he explained.

He added that when it comes to thematic packaging of film content, the model for it is “the MUBI platform and the British Film Institute with the BFI Player platform, which are fairly versatile.” “We want to go in a similar direction, but we do not transmit any foreign single format. We understand that the selection of content should be approached more actively and provide an added value to the viewer” – noted the curator of the program .

cinema history

According to Stelmach, VoD FlixClassic is a place “for anyone who wants to learn about the history of cinema, expand or organize their knowledge.” “It is especially intended for people who are just entering the world of cinema and want to know how its history has been shaped. And also for older viewers who remember with nostalgia their favorite paintings, seen many years ago in the cinema or on TV. Just for everyone who wants to watch films a little more than Those that are constantly appearing on the most popular VoD services, on television and in cinemas. ”- he said.

Currently, VoD FlixClassic offers viewers nearly 300 productions representing different eras and cinematography. There’s a silent comedy here, incl. “Toddler” and “Gold Rush” by Charlie Chaplin, from Hollywood productions, including “Gone with the Wind” by George Cukor, new wave films such as “Diamonds of the Night” by Jean Nemec and genre films such as “Night of the Living Dead” to George Romero. For people who need hints and don’t want to scroll through hundreds of titles, we’ve suggested four core sections: Iron Cannon, Forgotten Gems, Free Ride, and push it to the limit. The first part would be ideal for viewers who want to explore the history of cinema to recommend something Show FlixClassic, the collection of Czech cinema is very interesting and diverse. There are greater classics, such as + supervised trains +, popular comedies in the style of + Lemonade Joe +, and not entirely clear works, for example + Małgorzata, daughter of Lazarus + “- pointed out Exhibition curator.

There are more such things that are not clear. “In addition to the classics that I grew up on, we have on the website, among others + Crete + and + Holy Mountain +, films of an original and completely crazy Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky. And on the other hand – Italian giallo films, that is, dark crime stories about killers Serialists. Of course, nothing can replace the greatest classics of cinema, but I am glad that these most unusual and far from cinematic areas are also represented here “- admitted Stelmach .

The creators of the platform announced that the offering will be gradually expanded in the coming weeks. “I would like this development to undergo monthly reviews. We plan to select a topic, creator, genre or cinematography each month and present some select titles along with a series of podcasts discussing these productions, and develop a particular series. We want the topics for reviews to be as wide as possible. Sometimes it can be an author, a genre or other times a certain aspect of film art, such as editing or set design.The purchase of new films for the platform is then controlled by these themes. I also like to strengthen the representation of non-American and non-European cinema. Such as These titles, but there are few of them.South America, Asia, Australia – these are interesting, but less well-known cinematic films. I hope in the future they will show their presence more strongly on FlixClassic “- concluded the curator.

FlixClassic – Platform access price

All productions are available in HD with original language versions with audio commentary or subtitles in Polish. The cost of using the site is PLN 12.99 per month. You can also buy an annual subscription of 129.90 PLN.

The platform can be accessed via the iOS and Android browser and apps, and soon also via Smart TVs (certificate pending). FlixClassic allows you to watch movies on two devices at the same time.

Registration on the platform on can be done by creating a new account or linking it to your Facebook or Google account.

The owner of the FlixClassic platform is the Estonian company Flix Classics Networks. The partners in Poland are the Legalna Kultura Foundation and the portal. Louder PR is responsible for media relations activities.

Over 6 million subscriptions to streaming services in Poland

FlixClassic is another streaming platform in Poland. Ampere Analysis data revealed by NENT Group, owner of Viaplay, shows that At the end of 2021, there were 6.015 million subscriptions to broadcast services on the Vistula River. They reached 29 percent. Population. The average farm with such pallets paid for 1.5 services.

Poland’s live broadcasting market was worth 350 million euros, while the pay-TV market (cable networks, satellite platforms and IPTV operators) was 1.920 billion euros.

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