Hiy Viaplay in Poland matches Gale KSW Bundesliga How to watch free promotion fee

Viaplay has been operating in Poland for six months. The site debuted at the beginning of August. We decided to check in Viaplay which events and movies on the platform have been viewed so far by Polish viewers.

According to the information available on the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal, the KSW concerts shown so far by Viaplay are in the first place, and the Bundesliga matches shown live on this platform are in the second place (the platform did not specify which matches were intended).

It’s worth noting here that Viaplay has been broadcasting the KSW concert exclusively since December. In mid-January, during the broadcast of the KSW 66 concert, there was a breakdown at the end of the fight. However, it stuck with many users during the evening fight. Then Viaplay confirmed that “the causes of the technical problems that occurred during the broadcast will be subject to a very detailed analysis.”

Also in December, netizens criticized the platform when a failure occurred during the Borussia Dortmund-Bayern Munich match. There was a half-hour break in the broadcast while Robert Lewandowski was scoring.

The company then apologized for any inconvenience and offered customers a discount on the following month’s fee.

Viaplay viewer loves sports

The following places are the Europa League matches that are shown live. NENT Group, which owns the Viaplay platform, bought the broadcast rights to the European League and Conference League for the next three seasons a year ago. Last year, Legia Warszawa played in LE competitions. As part of the sub-license, his matches were shown by TVP.

The most prominent German league matches that were shown on the podium came in fourth place, and the African Cup of Nations, which is broadcast there, was in fifth place. Senegal won the matches.

Sixth place is played by KSW galas, seventh – matches of the second German Bundesliga live, and eighth – matches of the NHL live.

The films were ranked ninth and tenth by the American romantic films “After” and the action film “Twelve Brave”.

The full list:

  1. Live KSW Galas
  2. Live broadcast of the German League matches
  3. Live broadcast of the European League matches
  4. German league abbreviations
  5. African Nations Cup live
  6. KSW Gala – Plays (indirect)
  7. Live broadcast of the second German Bundesliga matches
  8. Live broadcast of NHL matches
  9. after filming)
  10. 12 Brave (movie)

History of the Nordic countries

Viaplay also wants to focus more on making films that depict the Nordic past. He will produce “Stockholm’s Blood Bath”, which is set in the year 1520. Everything will be directed by Mikael Hafstrom, an Academy Award nominee.

The second film in the historical series will be “Hilma,” directed by Lacey Hallström. This is the biography of Swedish artist and pioneer of the feminist movement Helmy af Klint.

The Viaplay platform was recently launched in the US and will be present in 16 markets by the end of 2023. With productions created for an international audience, Nordic Entertainment Group and Viaplay want to build the position of the leading streaming platform in Europe.

In December last year, Małgorzata Jurczak and Barbara Wiśniewska-Grzesiak took over the positions of executive producers on the Polish team of streaming platform Viaplay. Jurczak was previously associated with Canal + Polska, and Wiśniewska-Grzesiak with the Abstra Group.

The Polish sports editorial office of the Viaplay platform has been run by Bauwe Wilkowicz, the former CEO of Sport.pl, since July.

The Viaplay platform at the end of last year had 547 thousand. The number of subscribers in Poland and the Baltic states increased by 261,000 during the quarter. NENT Group want this year. The total number of its subscribers has increased from 4 to about 6.5 million, of which about 2.2 million are outside Scandinavia. this year. Viaplay will start in the Netherlands and Germany.

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