He was a shepherd, and now he is creating himself. Edward Baranovsky opens his gallery in Iowa [ZDJĘCIA; WIDEO]

Edward Baranovsky as an artist who experiments and tries and discovers. As he says, there comes a time in life when you don’t want anything anymore, or: everything is permitted and perhaps it is better to choose the latter!

Art Square or Art Square – at the opening of the Eduard Baranovsky Gallery.

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The opening of the exhibition on Friday afternoon gathered guests at the SART exhibition on Niepodległości Street in central Iława.

– In his exhibition “Na Direct” he hosted eminent artists, and today we are pleased to host Edward in our place with his wonderful works – It has begun Małgorzata Szynal-TrzaskawkaPresident of the association.

Representatives of the city authorities were present at the vernissage.

Today, we are pleased to meet the artist, a great patron of the arts. An artist showing our beloved corners – said the deputy mayor, congratulating and distributing flowers Dorota Kameska. The artist returned a gift in the form of a portrait of the mayor, David Kobachowski.

There were also guests from the municipality of Iława.

Edward, my friend, we respect you very much. For many years you have been a resident of our town and now this beautiful landscape appears in your paintings – congratulations to the mayor, Krzysztof Harmaciński.

The president of the Iowa Cultural Center also shared her impressions.

– For me, this exhibition is about freedom, about crossing borders not only in terms of subject matter, but also in terms of technology – she said Lydia Muse.

The author of the presented works himself took the floor, Edward Baranovsky:

There comes a time in life when you don’t want anything anymore, or: everything is allowed. I’ve been carving my whole life. It’s hard work, and when you lack the strength to do so, you can express your experiences with a brush on canvas. I’m here and I think I’ll be drawing a little longer.

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Photos and video: Info Ilawa.

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