Google Maps is not the end of the world. Best Apps from Google Play #86

Google Play Store is a goldmine, but finding useful apps or well-made Android games is quite a challenge. So, every weekend, we share our discoveries and news from Google Play, with a special focus on the valuable and useful. For the outing, I opted for free Google Play Navigation, which will replace or even surpass Google Maps for trips.

The long weekend in early May is for many people the first chance since winter to get away from home and at the same time the start of the holiday season – longer roads covered by car or motorbike, more play on the bike and on foot, and the higher the risk of exposure. for an accident. The police stated that on May 1, 2021, failure to give way to pedestrians on the lanes was the cause of 7.8% of accidents, failure to make way for another road user was responsible for 27% of accidents, and failure to set speed on conditions on the road – 25%. In addition, GDDKiA has informed that in 2022 it plans to renovate or extend 323 kilometers of national roads. AutoMapa knows that Later this year, a tender will be announced to purchase 147 new speed cameras and upgrade hundreds of existing cameras. Tickets are not the cheapest at all.

Before accessing Google Maps before leaving the house, consider whether it meets all your requirements. Will you calculate a route without traffic, remind you of speed limits, and find bike paths and fun walking routes? This week I made a list of five navigation systems not only for motorists, which will work better in some situations and are also available for free.

Janosek – Drive Safely and Avoid Trouble

Price: PLN 0, ads. Download for free from Google Play

Yanosik Navigation for Android

Janosek It is a combination of navigation and traffic data and warning of surprises on the road. This application will be appreciated by every motorist or motorcyclist. You can create a route with specific parameters, avoid traffic jams and get real-time information from other drivers on the road about dangers. Drivers can report the presence of a speed camera and cruise control on the road, as well as inspections (this will be of interest to truck drivers) and other risks – accidents, repairs, turns, etc.

Yanosik runs in the background on Android

In addition to the navigation and warning system, Yanosik has many additional functions for drivers. Self-warning of dangerous situations is included in the game for users. Warnings confirmed by others allow you to get additional reputation points and rise in the ranking. It is also possible to thank other drivers (completely anonymous) for their reports. In addition, the Yanosik application has a lot of non-navigational functions, from the ability to keep a log of refueling of your cars to the purchase of insurance from Yanosik partners. My favorite Ability to put Yanosik over other applicationsIncluding via other navigation. In the car, I really appreciate the duo Yanosik + AutoMapa. Fortunately, Yanosik is designed to handle very weak mobile connections, so you can go just about anywhere. – Czechs know how to navigate well

Price: PLN 0. Download for free from Google Play

The different types of maps in This is my new discovery. Czech maps appeared Great commute for walking and cycling. The map is detailed enough for me to be able to accurately calculate the route for bike trips at intersections. There are 5 maps to choose from, including a tourist map with specific routes worth riding on. Of course, there are more maps in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including a 3D view of mountain ranges and data from local peers in the state forests. However, driving in Poland is also great. Poland map is divided into regions which can be downloaded for free offline use. - Trip arrangement and weather forecast along the way

The function that convinced me to use is the ability to see the weather conditions on the particular route. In the screenshot above you can see the wind direction and speed – which is very important if you are going on a long bike ride. Instead of wind, you can also display temperature or precipitation. Another interesting feature is the generator of routes of a certain length. If you have no idea about a trip, have a certain amount of time or a training goal, be sure to give it a try. The feature is available to cyclists, hikers, and cross-country skiers.

In addition, you can save the itinerary of your travels and arrange routes for future use. They will be saved to your account in the Czech service (you can create an email account, but you do not have to).

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OsmAnd – The best OpenStreetMap version on Google Play

Price: PLN 0, optional purchases. Download for free from Google Play

Cycling in OsmAnd +

OpenStreetMap is a worldwide community mapping project. I have been watching its development for several years and if you are looking for a detailed map – I recommend it without hesitation. In my opinion, the best app to use, while I’m alive, is OsmAnd (Locus Maps 4 is in second place). Maps can of course be downloaded for offline use – 7 extracts are available for free. The app is open source, free and contains no ads. You can buy more advanced features, but most of us probably won’t need them. Alternatively, you can try to get to the points of interest from Wikipedia, which could make the tour more interesting.

OsmAnd + - Display navigation and various map settings

OsmAnd paths for pedestrians, cyclists and cars can be arranged. In addition, information on public transportation is available in many cities. Most importantly, you can arrange the vector and raster layers on the map according to your preference. There is also a ruler, compass, and the ability to save a GPS route for your trip.

You will also find the paid OsmAnd+ app on Google Play. This is a one-time purchase that allows you to download all maps and POIs from Wikipedia to your phone.

Komot – Because every exit from the house is an adventure

Price: PLN 0 for the first map, the next map is payable. Download for free from Google Play

Route planning and navigation in Komot

Komot is a typical tourist application, ideal for cyclists and hikers. Interestingly, Can be combined with some bicycle and electric bike computers, as well as with Garmin Touring equipment. At the same time, it focuses more on route planning and navigation than the Strava I recommended in March. Maps in Komoot are much better than Google for planning trips, there is information about changes in elevation, highest points, weather and a rough indicator of the difficulty of the route. So you can adjust the planned trip to your abilities.

Navigation settings in Komot

like Strava, Komot also has a social component. If you log in with Facebook or share contacts, you will be able to share your saved tracks with your friends and track their activity. Some users share ready-made tours here and you will definitely find something in your area. When you choose a route, Komoot will provide step-by-step navigation (voice prompts are available in the premium version), as well as offline. In the paid version of Komoot, you will be able to access additional functions, including sharing your location with friends or planning trips spread over several days.

Sygic – a classic game combined with Android Auto

Price: PLN 0, optional subscription with additional functions. Download from Google Play

Sygic car navigation system

I decided to close the review Sygic classic navigation carThat you can connect to Android Auto in your car. It might be a better option than AutoMapa if you don’t want to pay to get around by car or motorbike. The application allows you to download maps for offline use, and if it has an Internet connection, it will download traffic information and warnings (similar to Yanosik, users can inform others of inspections or accidents).

Sygic - Premium Settings and Features

When planning a route, you can of course choose the types of roads you want to avoid. In the premium version, you can also use your phone as a car recorder. Additionally, the paid version gives you access to voice prompts, lane assistance, augmented reality display, and speed limit warnings. Interestingly, the app recognizes road signs based on the image from the phone’s camera, so there’s no risk that it will rely on outdated data.

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I am testing apps on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G smartphone.

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