Germany DAB + Radio digitization Brillux Radio paints building receptors with varnish

Brillux is already recruiting for the new station. The schedule will include programs for renovation, interior design and home. Brillux employs 2.5 thousand. people in 190 stores and 4 production plants. The head office of the family business is located in Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia). The company also operates on the Polish market.

The special broadcasting station of DAB + is a great promotion for a manufacturer and supplier of paints and varnishes. Especially after the launch of the SYSROCK BR 10 DAB + 3307 radio for construction sites. In Poland, it costs from 670 to 800 PLN. It is dirt-resistant, supports FM and DAB + bands, and can be connected via Bluetooth, for example, to a smartphone or speaker.

It will broadcast, among other things, to women, gays and immigrants from Arab countries

Brillux Station will be the 16th available in the Antenne Deutschland complex. They also include: Absolut Bella (stimulating music), Absolut Hot (the latest songs from USA and Europe), Absolut Oldie Classics (songs from the 70s and 80s), Absolut Relax (relaxation music), Absolut Top (millennial songs), AIDAradio (for holidays and vacations), Antenne Bayern (the most listened private broadcaster in Germany with music, charts and news), Radio dpd Drivers (programs for couriers, drivers and many travelers on mobility and sustainable development), Femotion (for women on women’s problems), Radio Classic Beats ( House music station with information from Europe), Nostalgie (songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s), Rock Antin (from classic rock to hard rock), RTL Radio (Europe’s first private radio station with the latest in entertainment and entertainment programmes), Sportradio Deutschland (sports station), Radio Toggo (children’s radio, referring to the TV channel that replaced Super RTL), 80s 80s Radio (80s music and lifestyle).

Germany can also listen to multiplex (DR Deutschland) stations available across the country. to Deutschlandfunk (information), Kultura Deutschlandfunk (culture), Deutschlandfunk Nova (information and pop music), Dlf DokDeb (reports and documents), Energy (new songs, youth programmes), ERF Plus (Christian radio programme), Classic Radio (classical music) , Pop Radio (music from the 70s and 80s), Radio Horeb (programs for Catholics), Radio Schlagerparadies (best German songs and news), Radio Schwarzwald (old and popular songs), Sunshine Live (electronic music, dance music).

There are also local and regional multiplexes. In Berlin you can listen to: 104.6 RTL (quizzes, road reports), 105.5 Spreerradio (music from the 70s to the present day), Jam FM (new trends in the music industry, cultural events), RS 94.32 (mixes of music) from years, discussions on interesting topics), 98.8 Kiss FM (a station for young fans with pop music and RnB), BB Radio (news and latest hits), Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 (events in the metropolitan area), Big FM (latest music and celebrity news), (news from the church and the world), Energy Berlin (the local version of energy), ERF Jess (local Christian station), Hit104 (the latest 40 hits from the charts), Lulu.FM (program for gays, lesbians and their friends), MAXX FM ( New Songs), Mega Radio (dance music), Nice (a rich movie music program that can be played on select receivers), Power Radio (listeners can request their favorite music), Pure FM (electronic, house, techno, club music) , Radio Arabica (imigr Arabic speakers), 94.5 Radio Cottbus (local information), Radio Gold (music percussion, classic rock and pop, news), Radio Paloma (songs, concerts), Radio Paradiso (songs and quiet cultural programs), Radio Potsdam (local programme), Radio Teddy (programs for children and the whole family), Radio Schlager ( German songs), Radio Schlager Plus (party songs), Star FM Berlin (rock), Star Sat Radio (pop and news), Top 100 stations (top songs) from the charts). A total of 58 stations are available on DAB + in the German capital.

Soon more DAB + stations in Poland

In Warsaw, 21 stations can be listened to via DAB +. This is Polskie Radio Jedynka, Polish Radio Dwójka, Polish Radio Trójka, Polish Radio Czwórka, Polish Radio 24, Polish Radio for Children, Polish Radio Chopin, Polish Radio for Drivers, Radio Poland, Radio Dla Ciebie (6B), Radio 7, Radio Jasna Góra , Radio Safe Travel, Radio Maryja, Muzo FM (10A), Radio Kolor, Mega Radio, Radio Nuta, Disco Radio, Radio Profeto, Radio Safe Travel (10B). Thanks to the presence of Polish radio multiplexing, local DABCOM multiplexing and DABCAST test multiplexing. Outside the capital, local complexes were launched in Pozna, Katowice, Rzeszow, Tarnow, Torun and Czestochovo. There are also experimental treatments in operation in several places in the country. The Polish radio multiplexer operates at 41 sites.

Soon there will be more stations in DAB+, because the National Broadcasting Board is running two competitions for 9 places in the multiplier nationwide. Frequencies can be booked by three national (RMF FM, Radio Zet and Radio Maryja) and supra-regional stations. New entities may also come forward by broadcasting over the digital air. Commercial broadcasters have criticized DAB+ technology for years. They claim it is expensive and outdated, and internet radio must be digitized. So far, they have not reported whether they will participate in the KRRiT competition. Documents can be submitted by the beginning of April. Recently, the MWE Group, which owns television channels (including Antena HD, Adventure and Power TV) and operator of digital terrestrial television broadcasting multiples, announced that it intends to expand its operations by radio, including DAB+. Will you participate in the KRRiT competition? – At the moment I decline to comment. I will comment on this in April – Michał Winnicki, owner of MWE, said in an interview with

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