Do you like to be scared? Then here you will feel terrified

Michael Myers returns to spread fear and destruction once again. For many funny freaks, Halloween simply does not exist without watching any of the titles in the series. Is the next version worth going to a movie show? You will find out from our review.

Halloween is a tradition that came to us from the USA. Many people in our country, when they see children in clothes, pull out a machine gun, but, as they say, “Freedom, Tomek …”. Few people know that the Halloween tradition is actually much closer to our Slavic traditions than the current holiday of the dead. But this is not the time to give a history lecture.

Horror fans will definitely love spending this time marathoning the best Halloween games or showing off the best horror movies on Netflix. I usually spend this time with my better half at a movie show and lots of popcorn in my hand. So when I found out that Hallowen Kills was coming, I immediately bought tickets. my impressions? In short – If you are not afraid of tons of blood spilled on your screen, you will be happy!

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some history

John Kapenter I don’t think I should introduce horror movie fans. He is the legendary director of such films (and often their soundtracks) like “Attack on the 13th Station”, “Something” or “The Spirits of Mars”. Responsible for the first part of Halloween, filmed in 1978. It is one of the most famous horror movies of all time. Its strength lies not in the originality of the plot presented, because it does not stand out from any other oscillator, but in the A densely built atmosphere of fear and danger. If we add a soundtrack to this, we have to admit that the movie got into the canon of cult horror movies for a reason.

The movie itself has become so iconic that it has as many as seven sequels, as well as a remake by crazy Rob Zombie. Really The name and surname of the main character in this series Located In the list of the top 3 of the most famous screen killersNext to Freddie Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) and Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th).

In 2018, we saw Michael Myers come back again. The director decided on an interesting trick to make his movie Cancel every sequel so far completelyThat came out after the second part. And what can I say – it was a bull’s-eye! That’s because we get a direct continuation of the story of Laurie Strode, who survived Myers’ attack. Green won the hearts of fans and critics – Rotten Tomatoes’ 79% note speaks for itself.

halloween kills - myers

Back to Haddonfield

David Green decided to start the second part exactly from the scene that the previous one ends with. Laurie Strode and her granddaughter and daughter flee the house where they fight a psychopathic killer. Michael Myers was trapped in a burning building. You can finally rest. Are you sure?

Myers breaks out of a death trap, killing a team to put out the flames in the process. Once again, our predator goes hunting and kills everything he can – from fire axes to fluorescent lamps in the kitchen. So the blood is flowing, and the corpse is thick, it’s nice to look at. It is impossible to deny the awesomeness of Halloween Kills.

David Green, while filming the first part of his sequel, said that in his opinion there were very few victims in the cult part of John Carpenter. At Halloween Kills, you won’t complain about it. Myers isn’t limited to gullible teens, as is cutters. He murders two charming old men, murders homosexuals, and effectively kills a black woman dressed as a sexy nurse, and on the way “scores” several other victims. No one escapes from true evilOne would say.

Halloween kills - victim

one for all all for one

The director here gives us fully what to expect from this type of show, as a true fan of the series will get a flavor in the form of the shot taken straight from the second part. Plus, in Halloween Kills, we’ll see how Cop Hawkins, known from previous installments, had the opportunity to kill the main antagonist and why he didn’t.

Another highlight is the appearance of an adult Tommy Doyle, who is nursed by Laurie Strode in the first part of 1978. An adult man wants to repay his childhood caregiver and personally kills Myers – for the horror he had in his childhood. And Doyle is not alone in wanting revenge on Myers. All the townspeople here have someone killed by Bojian Haddonfield. The people, tired of the suffering and terror returning to their hometown, decided to unite and destroy evil once and for all.

Demonstrating the psychology of a crowd that operates driven by fear and hate is amazing here. It is well known that mass executions do not usually end well. Here it escalates from second to second. In the 2018 movie, we learn that another person is escaping from the prison transfer with the main antagonist. The people in the hospital, motivated by Tommy, who think they see Myers, whose face they’ve never seen, because he was always covered with a mask, attack an innocent man and make him commit suicide to the fullest. So it concerns not only the cult chain, but also full respect for the prototype and giving it additional depth.

Halloween kills - all for one

“Evil will die today”

In the cinema, during the show, you can alternately hear screams of fear mixed with the sounds of stopping vomiting! This really shows us that frankly It’s not a test for everyoneThe film crew must ensure that the viewer is over 18 years old. So is it worth going to the movies at Hallowen Kills? If you’re not afraid of brutal murder scenes approaching the gory genre, love off-screen bloodletting with hectoliterature, and most of all you’re a fan of Michelle Myers – then definitely yes!

Otherwise you will feel disgusted… Or leave a comment like “They shot him, burned him, stabbed him in the back, and he’s still alive! That’s stupid.” And that’s the whole deal – products like this aren’t supposed to provide us with a dose of common sense. It was made simply for fans of the genre, whose smile doesn’t disappear in the brutal successive murder scenes. I had a great time, especially when the shouts of more and more sensitive people came into the room. So I wish everyone who decided to go to the cinema for Halloween Kills… a successful show! We hope Michael comes back again!

Halloween kills - heroines

Halloween Kills movie rating:

  • The return of the iconic killer
  • john carpenter music
  • tons of blood
  • Brutal murder scenes
  • The soul of the original preserved…
  • … but gives it extra depth
  • Perfect for Halloween
  • Horror squeaks from highly sensitive people
  • Some leads were too fast
  • Funny behavior of some characters

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