Conscious Hair Care What is Conscious Hair Care

Hair care – what is it?

Conscious hair care has recently reached its peak among the trendiest hairstyling trends. Not without reason: although the epidemic only exacerbated existing hair problems, caused more hair loss and caused its condition to deteriorate, the latter left much to be desired earlier.

It is largely due to improper and incorrectly matched care, because although we have an almost unlimited number of advanced niche products on the market, The key to successful conscious hair care is proper customization and following some important rules.

Hair care – how to choose hair care products correctly?

Łukasz Szymczak, hairstylist and owner of Luisse salons in ód, compares reaching for conditioner with cream on the skin. This is an accurate comparison because, as in the case of skin care, with this product we can protect the hair from the escaping of moisture and building materials, sealing the hair cuticle.

Łukasz Szymczak also recommends using a light oil (the thinner the better, because the less burden on the hair) or Oil serum and apply it to the ends, which will allow you to “wrap” your hair with nutrients at the most important points.. It’s also a simple way to protect them from static electricity.

Conscious hair care step by step

But, as the expert points out, it is A conscious hair care on the basis of shampoo, conditioner, occasional mask and oil closing ritual will be a good solution, especially for long hair.. Medium-length, bob-type hair, which is relatively “young” hair, will do just fine without the last product mentioned – it can weigh it down unnecessarily.

Short hair will also benefit from the conditioning itself, especially if we want to have additional access to a styling product, for example showing our curls.

For short hair, I recommend only light care and styling products. The less, the better for the hairstyle, ”convinces the hairdresser and emphasizes the importance of washing twice: once is definitely not enough to remove dirt and cosmetics from its surface, as well as to properly prepare it for further stages of care.

Conscious Hair Care – Working in Harmony with Nature

As the expert argues, It is not without reason that the trend towards natural care has been so well received by Polish women. As he notes, more and more colleagues are moving away from “heavy” care, which has been successful for years and with mutual satisfaction – hairdressers and clients – working in salons. “

Today I prefer plant-based products with gentle natural ingredients, ”explains the hairdresser, emphasizing that they give a great effect in the form of high gloss and beautiful light refraction, but without sticking strongly to the hair structure.

As I anticipate, this trend of offering natural products to customers will continue in connection with the upcoming change of EU regulations regarding the permitted content of parabens and silicones in rinse preparations. Anticipating these changes, many professional hairstyling brands are already changing their product formulas to lighter ones.

However, there is one “but”. As Łukasz Szymczak emphasizes, light, vegan hair care and styling products may not please everyone: Blondes who lighten their hair regularly and suffer from frizz and dryness may feel it’s inadequate, too light and, paradoxically — not weighing it down too much..

Therefore, the term “incrimination” in relation to the product is not at all clear and should not be negative – Conscious hair care will take into account not only the condition of our hair, but also personal preferences.

Conscious Hair Care – Gray hair doesn’t need coloring to hide it

look attractive? And she really is A new approach to gray hair under the banner of conscious hair care. Those who feel comfortable with them can simply take care of them properly, and those who want to hide them can choose toning instead of painting.

“This procedure will allow you to gently polish them with pigment without having to interfere with the hair structure. It works gently, covering them with color by approximately 70%. As a result, the gray hair and growth that appears for some time after the treatment will become less noticeable, but will remain normal. In addition, in this way we do not expose the hair to any defects in the structure associated with classic dyeing or its long-term deterioration.”, explains the hairstylist, acknowledging that recently one of the treatments he does a lot, it is also very popular among men. It uses a classic polish with a lower concentration and a milder pH.

Conscious Hair Care – Should I Fix It Overnight?

This is one of the most famous myths that a hairdresser deals with when explaining it If the hair is well protected with proper care, it will not suffer any damage, and will remain relaxed while you sleep – As long as the follicle is closed and the hair is nourished from the inside and protected from external factors, such mechanical rubbing will not cause it any harm.

And it makes sense: after all, it is not recommended to fix your hair to protect it during the day, and when it melts, it comes into contact with different fabrics more densely than at night. However, when fixing your hair, regardless of the time of day, it is worth using terry fabrics without metal joints that can rip and tear the strands.

Conscious Hair Care – How do you dry your hair?

Although there is a lot of talk about the truth of it Hair does not like warm air, Łukasz Szymczak emphasizes that when drying, we must pay attention to something else, that is, the way we do it.

The way you dry your hair is the most important: the airflow should glide along the hair in the direction of hair growth – hair dryers have flat ends for a reason. In this way, we also close the hair cuticle and do not expose the strands to burns – warm air is reflected on the fibers without damaging them.” He adds that each of his clients undergoes such training.

Conscious Hair Care – Basic Hair Care Mistakes

The hairdresser also considers improper use of hairdressing equipment a fundamental mistake and urges it If we could not do without a hair straightener, every time before reaching for thermal cosmetics that protect the strands from high temperatures.

It also encourages you to seek expert advice before choosing a scalp exfoliator or lotion — she stresses, We cannot always accurately assess the condition of the scalp, and an incorrectly selected product may do more harm than good, sensitizing it and exacerbating the original problem.

Well, hand to heart – who can independently distinguish the problem of dry skin from dandruff, which is a disease? Correct diagnosis of scalp disease, if it has already occurred, should always begin with an appointment with a doctor (or a trichologist) and detailed examinations with an emphasis on hormonal parameters.

Hair care – a proper diet

Conscious hair care definitely includes working from the inside out. What should be on the plate? Let’s start taking care of better immunity, which will effectively prevent hair loss. 4 important product groups.

The first are those rich in proteins: Amino acids have a major effect on the scalp – their deficiency can accelerate hair aging and make it fall out faster. Thus, it is worth making sure that the dish does not run out of legumes, dairy products and sea fish, and if we do not completely exclude them from the diet, we get good quality meat.

in addition to Antioxidants are abundant mainly in peppers, spinach, beans and tomatoes, as well as berries, apricots, peaches and cherries.. And of course adequate hydration, according to the principle hydration begins from the inside out.

The power of vitamins: Contains vitamin A, among others in broccoli, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and liver, it stimulates hair follicles and prevents dry and brittle hair..

In turn, Vitamin E, which can be found in wholegrain bread, seeds, eggs and nuts, will stimulate hair growth and give it the optimum level of hydration, and Vitamin C will also protect them from excessive breakage and split ends.. Let’s look for it in yellow peppers, black currants, citrus fruits and greens: mainly in spinach and kale.

conscious hair care Reducing it to the plate also implies the provision of micronutrients: zinc will be equal to its weight in gold, and natural supplements are especially important in case of hair loss.

It is also useful to avoid copper deficiency (and supplement it with buckwheat, parsley or sunflower), which can lead to changes in the structure of the hair, Make sure you have the right level Iron is partly responsible for female pattern baldness, and ferritin is a protein responsible for storing it in cells.

And do you use? Conscious Hair Care Principles And noticed its beneficial effects?

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