Bill Murray “misconduct”! What did the Hollywood star do?

In an interview with CNBC, Murray admitted that while working on the set of “Being Mortal” he had a “conflict of opinion” with a woman working in the production. The actor explains, “I did what I thought was fun. But it wasn’t taken that way.”

After a woman filed a complaint against the star, production of the movie Being Mortal was halted.

“We are both professionals. We value our work. We love each other. If we can’t trust someone else, further collaboration, making a movie together, doesn’t make sense. It was an important lesson for me” – Murray admitted, without giving details of the incident on the group.

“The world has changed since I was a kid. What I always found funny as a kid, doesn’t have to be today. Times have changed, it’s important for me to realize that (…) the other person is the most important thing. About the fact that what happens To me it does not matter, what matters is the interest of the other person, ”- added the actor.

Murray stated that he would have been “happier” if he and the offended woman “could get back to work and trust each other.”

Recall that on April 18, Searchlight Pictures ceased work on the set of the comedy-drama “Being Mortal” Aziz Ansari Due to a report of “inappropriate behavior” by a person working in the group. It is not clear what is behind this term, but it can be assumed that it is either harassment or violence.

Initially, the identity of the team was not revealed. But over time it became known that the complaint was against the movie star, Bill Murray. Company representatives have so far declined to comment on this matter. An investigation is currently underway to clarify the situation.

After receiving the complaint, production of the film was initially suspended for three days, but on Wednesday a decision was made to suspend production completely. “After analyzing the circumstances, we decided that production could not continue at this time. We are very grateful to you for everything you have provided for this project. We hope to re-production and work with Aziz and Yuri.) On setting this date ”- the staff of the film“ Being Mortal was informed In the official announcement.

The film was scheduled to hit theaters in 2023. The deadline, however, states that due to business being suspended, there is little chance of meeting that deadline.

Bill Murray has not commented yet. But for years, the opinion circulated in Hollywood that he was a difficult person to cooperate with. In the 1990s, his career greatly deteriorated.

Director Aziz Ansari’s full appearance is based on the themes of Atul Gawande’s book. Humans .. medicine and the most important things. Ansari writes the script, plays one of the roles and works as a producer with Youre Henley mentioned above.

As we read in the official description of Gawandi’s book, based on his own practice and the experience of other physicians, this famous American surgeon provides touching stories of patients of all ages in the latter period of their lives. It shows the failures and limitations of modern medicine, which in the name of prolonging life at any cost increases the suffering of the terminally ill. It also shows, using specific examples from practice, how to talk to terminally ill patients and how to improve their quality of life.

“Aziz Ansari has an incredible talent, and in this scenario he uniquely combines intense humor with pathos,” said David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield, CEOs of Searchlight for some time. “We’re excited to be working with him on his first feature-length directorial that should have been done in a long time, and of course to work again with genius Bill Murray.” He also recently joined the cast of the movie Seth Rogen.

Aziz Ansari is a two-time Emmy Award winner for the script for the comedy “Specialist from Nowhere”. He also received a Golden Globe Award for the lead role in this production. He recently launched his comedy show on Netflix called “Nightclub Comedian”. He also appeared in films such as “This is the end”, “Chłopaki do tak” (“Boys to take”) and the “Parks and Recreation” series.

As a reminder, this isn’t the first time Bill Murray has been accused of “indecent conduct” on a set. Some time ago, I made a comment about the actor Lucy Liuand work with him “Charlie’s Angels”. An older female colleague had to frankly criticize her acting and make it clear that she vastly exceeds her knowledge, experience and skills.

And although reports of this conflict appeared shortly after the premiere of the picture, which aroused great interest in the media and viewers, over the years the rumors died down. But recently, the issue has been raised again thanks to producer Sean O’Banion, who tweeted that there were in fact severe tensions on the set, and made Murray Liu cry with his behavior.

At one point, Bill wanted to change part of the script, and when Lucy objected to him, he turned to her and said, ‘I have no idea what you’re really complaining about. I’ve asked you more questions. Look at who you’re standing with here. TV level, that is Premier League,” O’Banion described the situation. According to his account, Leo reacted hysteria, and Murray was told some obscene words.

The interested party also decided to refer to these discoveries. The actress who hosted the “Asian Caffe” podcast admitted that the “Groundhog” star regularly insulted her during filming. “The language he used was sometimes unforgivable. And I wouldn’t sit and listen to insults, so I defended myself. And I don’t regret it, because no matter how low you are in the hierarchy, you don’t deserve condescending and degrading treatment,” the actress said. A few years later the crew thanked me for standing up to him.”

She added that as a result of reports of their conflict emerging at the time, it was described as “difficult to cooperate”. “It’s really amazing to be called problematic,” Liu emphasized. “It’s been decades since then, and I still remember it perfectly.”

Despite such negative memories, today the actress does not hold a grudge. “I don’t have anything against Bill Murray. I met him later on Saturday Night Live. He came to me and was really nice. However, when someone attacks me, I react. And I won’t apologize for that,” said Liu.

Murray referred to the charges against him in a 2009 interview with Entertainment Weekly. “If you work with me, you must be professional. When someone is unprofessional and does not perform his tasks correctly, he may forget about the reduced price” – said the star.

Bill Murray He received an Oscar nomination for his lead role in the movie Sofia Coppola “Between the Words”. He recently starred in a critically acclaimed movie Wes Anderson ‘French Letter from Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun’as well as in “Ghostbusters. Heritage” Jason Reitman and another Coppola movie – “On Ice”.

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