Belarus, the kingdom of ruin. Arsena³ exhibition invites you to a sectional view of Belarusian art

On Saturday (April 2), artists and curators will show you about the exhibition, and several accompanying events are planned for the next few weeks.

Arsenal Showroom. Gallery (When the sun is low – the shadows are long) ARCENA Gallery Photo / Press Material

Many recipients, creators and curators have been waiting at Galeria Arsenał for a long time. First of all – the theme of the exhibition is important. Secondly – a few months after Arsenal closed (its interiors were renovated), visitors can return to the gallery. Work on the gallery ran for about a year, and the facility in Białystok is implementing it together with the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig and the Goethe Institute in Warsaw. In the exhibition you can see, among others, the works of Sergei Chapuhin, Masha Svyatogor and Ali Savashevich, who held her first solo exhibition at the Arsenal Gallery a few months ago. Also taking place on Sunday (April 3) will be family workshops related to the last exhibition.

Arsenal Showroom.  Exhibition Arsenal Showroom. Exhibition “When the sun is low – the shadows are long”, the work of Masha Svyatogor ARCENA Gallery Photo / Press Material

– the exhibition when the sun is low – the shade is long / “From the beginning it was intended as a gesture of solidarity with Belarus in the fight for freedom and democracy. The war in Ukraine, resulting from the invasion of Russia, shows how many of these values ​​are currently at risk – she says Monika Szewczyk, Director of Galeria Arsenał.

The exhibition is curated by Anna Karpenko. When creating the exhibition, I used, among other things, the texts of the Belarusian philosopher Ihar Babko, who describes Belarus as “the kingdom of ruin.”

– Bapko called Belarus in this way, referring to the phenomenon of abandonment and orphanages, and at the same time the wealth of a place often referred to in the media as “the unknown land” – Anna Karpenko explains and also explains the symbolic title of the place exhibition “When the sun is low – the shadows are long” : – “Desolation” symbolizes the limits of the kind of returning each civilization to “Nature”. Shadows become guideposts that we intend to interpret and present in a variety of ways, and we adventure with time of retreat, with a tattered and absent presence in the background. The longer the shadows, the less able we are to recognize the things they cast. The exhibition presents a picture of the historical and contemporary context of Belarusian art, revealing the complex connections between the ancient nature of man in the dimensions of social, political and cultural forms, and the timid desire to break the vicious circle of repressive regimes and related regimes – says the curator.

Arsenal Showroom. More than 20 artists

In the exhibition we will see the works and activities of artists of different eras. Some authors associated with Belarus can be born with a difference of a hundred years when it comes to their year of birth. The exhibition displays the works of artists such as: Alexander Adamov, Irina Anufrieva, Bazinato, Evelina Domnich / Dmitri Gelfand, Gazeb Drozdovich, Zhanna Gladko, Jan Hilda, Siarhi Hudlin, Zahar Kodin, Siarhij Lisnik, Masha Maroz, Alyona. , Antonas Sarokin, Olga Szykina, Sergei Chapuhin, Jura Schust, Anna Sokolova, Masha Svyatogor and Władysław Strzemiński, born in Minsk in 1893.

The gallery will open on Friday (April 1) at 18. Those who wish to hear from the artists and curators should go on Saturday (April 2) at 11 AM for an author and curator guided tour of the gallery. The meeting will be held in English and translated respectively into Polish.

The exhibition will run until May 13th; In the coming weeks, it will be accompanied by many accompanying events, incl. Workshops, tours and panel discussions, incl. On the voice of female artists from Central and Eastern Europe during war and protests (including with Lady Nakonichna, Jana Shostak and Marina Naproshkina). Some meetings will be broadcast online (Program – Below)

Entry is free to the exhibition and its accompanying events. Anna Nika Milach is responsible for the graphic design of the exhibition.

Arsenal Showroom.  Exhibition Arsenal Showroom. Exhibition “When the sun is low – the shadows are long”, Lenocot’s workshop with Alla Savashevich ARCENA Gallery Photo / Press Material

Workshops, linocuts and shades

Accompanying the exhibition are also Linocott Family Exhibitions for children (9+) and their parents. Lessons will be held on Sunday (April 3) from 11-13, and will be moderated by Belarusian plastic artist Alla Savashevich, a doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, who lives and works in Wroclaw.

The organizers invite you to the workshops: – During a short training course, we will immerse ourselves in the wonderful and diverse world of this type of typography, allowing us to develop our creativity and turn ideas into reality. We will get acquainted with special tools for creating drawings, and in the end we will make our own prints. Landscape color and lighting changes. The sun rises and fills everything with its light. When it sets, the sky turns dark, lanterns and the moon light up the streets. Each person will create his own landscape or a small part of it. The landscape is still in our memory.

Entry to the workshops is free, materials are provided by Galeria Arsenał, but reservations are required. Entries are accepted via the HERE form.

The condition to be entered in the list of participants is the receipt of a return email from the Arsenal Gallery with a confirmation of acceptance of the application. Due to the limited number of places, the order of orders is determined.

Accompanying events:

  • April 2 (Saturday), 11. Author and Curator Tour. The meeting will be conducted in English. consecutive translation into Polish;
  • April 3 (Sunday) at 11. Family workshops with Alla Savashevich at Gallery Arsina in Białystok. Entries apply;
  • April 6 (Wednesday) 18:00 Panel Discussion: Artists from Central and Eastern Europe during the War. Participants: Katarzyna Hertz, Lada Nakonichna, Marina Naproshkina, Jana Shostak. Curator: Anna Azar. The meeting will be conducted in English. Simultaneous translation into Polish. Venue: Arsenał Gallery in Białystok, A. Mickiewicza 2. Broadcast live (Facebook);
  • April 10 (Sunday) at 11. Guided tour of Belarusian, Guide: Alina Wawrzeniek;
  • April 13 – May 13 (Tuesday-Sunday) from 10-17. WY-creators, i.e. free self-serve baskets for families and friends with an array of creative assignments that deepen the gallery’s reception;
  • April 21 – May 13. Online educational game using the SEPPO platform. Entries apply;
  • April 23-24 (Saturday-Sunday). Intergenerational workshops for youth and adults with Ruvina Bazlova. Workshops in Belarusian. Entries apply;
  • April 28 (Thursday) at 18- Lecture by Olga Archipova: Gazeb Drozdovich – con artist;
  • May 7 (Saturday), 11. Participatory tours of the exhibition prepared by Olga Mezelskaya, Curator of the ARTONIST Cultural and Artistic Platform. Venue: Arsenał Gallery in Białystok, A.Mickiewicza 2;
  • May 8 (Sunday), 11. Guided tour in Polish Sign Language, Guide: Agnieszka Kołodziejczak;
  • May 11 (Wednesday), 18. Panel discussion: When the Voice Gets Stuck: Reactions of the Art Industry to War and Political Protests with the Participation of Artists, Curators, and Curators of Art from Belarus and Ukraine. Curator: Lena Prentice. The meeting was held online in English. Simultaneous translation into Polish. Live broadcast (Facebook);
  • May 13 (Friday). Bialystok: First West Station. An all-day movement consisting of a series of performances in an urban space by a public movement group. Coordinator: Katarzyna Różniak.


Entry is free to the exhibition and all accompanying events. Registration for events – on the website Participation condition is receipt of a confirmation email

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